The Dark Knight chronicles continues....After the battle with Bane Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) settles down with his newly wife Selina Kyle Wayne (Anne Hathaway) and teenage daughter Helena Wayne (Nina Doberv) in Metropolis but.....a new enemy has risen to threaten Gotham once more....Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke (Tom Jane) leads an army into Gotham along with a creature known as Man-Bat (Johnathan Break) wreaks havoc around the city as the Joker (Scott Speedman) returns with a newly accomplice and love interest Harley Quinn (Eva Green) with the help of his old allies Alfred (Michael Cain) Commsinor Gordon (Gary Oldman) Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and newest allies Robin (Joesph Gordon-Levitt) and Barbara Gordon the Oracle (Haliee Steinfield) Batman will face the ultimate final showdown to save all of Gotham once more

This fandom is PG-13 and Arkham games and Batman movie scenes are refered in this along with a few others

Main Cast

Batman / Bruce Wayne - Christian Bale

Alfred - Michael Caine

Deathstroke / Slade Wilson - Tom Jane

Comissioner Jim Gordon - Gary Oldman

Catwoman / Selina Kyle - Anne Hathaway

Helena Wayne - Nina Doberv

The Joker - Scott Speedman

Harley Quinn / Dr. Harleen Quinzel - Eva Green

Robin / John Blake - Joesph Gordon-Levitt

Detective Henry Bullock - JK Simmons

Oracle / Barbara Gordon - Hailee Steinfield

Lucius Fox - Morgan Freeman


We cut to a faded screen that soon became clear where dark and ominous music plays and cuts to somewhere in South Africa where smugglers were loading crates on a cargo ship

Smuggler # 1: I can't help but to feel like we're part of some terrorist opperation with all these bombs and weapons we're loading on to the ship.

Smuggler # 2: We have our orders, from the higher guy himself.

Smuggler # 1: Who? Bane?

Smuggler # 2: Nah, Bane's toast. Got hit by the Bat himself years ago. He has nothing to do with this.

Smuggler # 3: So who we talking about?

Smuggler # 2: I don't know. Somebody new. Goes by the name....Stroke.

Smuggler # 4: Deahtstroke.

They eventually got all the crates loaded up into the ship.

Smuggler # 1: Alright, it's all yours.

Soon enough they got on board the ship and slowly the cargo ship sailed off where exactly where it was going the crew didn't know except the boss man himself

One of them was already talking to him on his cell

Smuggler # 4: Yo, boss. The craters are all present and accounted for. We're on our way to....wherever you're leading us.

Unknown's voice: Excellent. Your progress is acceptable. But it wouldn't be wise to slack of because of that, right?

Smuggler # 4: Y-Yes, sir. (Lol)

He hung up and then.......and goofed around with the other smugglers, playing poker

But little did they know someone.....or something.....was watching them from above the ship.....It was a mysterous hooded figure sneaked around, treading softly with each step until he reached the drivers compartment the figure brought out a staff and knocked out the driver with it

The figure then puts it on auto-drive then heads to the lower levels to the ship

Just later some of the smugglers continued their poker game and the figure stalked them from the shadows and then......

He threw a smoke bomb causing a diversion

Smuggler # 4: Ahh I can't see!

They all got beat down by the figure till the smoke cleared and there was one left

Robin appeared before him

Smuggler # 4 YOU!

He pointed his gun, but Robin knocked it out of his hands with his staff then pulled the smuggler to him

Robin: Who are you scum working for?! Where did you get all these weapons?!

Smuggler # 4: I can't tell ya, man. He'd kill me.

Robin: Kill you?! What sounds worse to you? Death or broken bones?!

Smuggler # 4: Brake all you want! I'm not talking! He's horrible! He's worse than Bane!

Robin: I won't ask again....

Smuggler # 4: GOOD! Cause I ain't costing my life to be a snitch!

Then Robin brakes his arm then.....

Unknown: Impressive.

Robin looked over to see the big boss himself on a flat screen.....


Robin: Y-you.....are you the one behind all this?

Deathstroke: Very interesting. You're tenacity impresses me. However, that only boils over to who the last man standing will be. It'll only make fighting you that much more enjoyable. 

Robin: Only depends on what you're planning with these damn crates. Because I'm the one who's gonna put you in cancellation.

Deathstroke: No explanations are necessary. I'll be seeing you, soon.

The connection on the screen cuts out to static as Robin pulls off his hood and turns over to the storage unit room

He quickly and stealthly (In that case there was more enemies around) heads in the storage unit and doesn't take long to find the crates

Robin: What'd you snuck in here?

A couple of seconds later, he pulls out a Snap-Flash and snaps it on top of a crate and backs up as it sets off....


The crate explodes open and Robin moves foward and pulls off a sheet covering the items and what he saw STUNS him

The crate contianed illegal materialized and man-made weapons, one of which was the Remote Electrical Charge. He picks it up and analyzes it, then takes it apart and looked deep inside the barrel....

Robin: Hmm.....If only HE was here.....

(Main title: The Dark Knight Reborn) 

The very next day after somewhere of the coast of Metropolis (Just a little Superman easter egg) Bruce Wayne was driving home from his office in his van wearing his sun glasses with a dressc in a bag in the back seat

Selina saw him pulling up through the window while she was doing dishes and grinned miledly

He came in carrying the dress bag pulling off his shades and exhausted

Selina: Another tiring day?

Bruce: Ah just the usual. Had to pick up Helena's dress for her homecoming dance. And besides that, I'm in the mood for stress relief. *Kisses her*

Selina: *Kisses and giggles* Helena's gonna be home soon.

Bruce chuckled as Selina went back to the dishes

Selina:'ll never believe who called.

Bruce: Who?

Selina: Your friend Alfred.

Bruce: Alfred?

That name had Bruce stund for he had not heard that name in years

Bruce: I hadn't seen him since Florence.

Selina: You ok?

Bruce: Oh yeah. Just.....Alfred's always been more considerate than he was suppose to be back in the day.

Selina: I mean about that fight you two had. I mean that was the last time you ever talked to him.

Bruce: *Sighs* During the battle with Bane, it wasn't easy on him. Not when it came to my life.

Bruce laid the dress down and sighed heavily as he sat down

Bruce: It's kinda ironic....I never really saw it coming. The demise of the Batman.

Selina: Aww come on, handsome. He's still real to me. And pretty much alive as well. It just took awhile to grow out of the shell. You had already given Gotham everything. As both Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Bruce: *Chuckles mildly* I never use to think of it that way. But after Harvey and the Joker.....I'll admit that thought pleauged me for the longest time.

He finally got back up and went downstairs to the basement in one of his boxes he had a pack of his previous trinkets and gadgets and latest Wayntech

Selina had fallowed him down as he dug through the box and found one of his old video footages of the events with Two-Face and displayed it on the wall

Selina: Wow.

Bruce: Yeah got a lot of homework back then.

Selina: How do you know you still don't have some now?

Bruce: Hey, play nice.

Selina: You're not playing at all.

Bruce: I wasn't even then and I'm definitely not now. Right now, I can imagine the people in Gotham wondering: "Will we see the Batman again?" My answer: "I don't think no one will."

Selina: Bruce?

Bruce: It's really for the best. Right now, Gotham needs something more....something worse to defend her. She needs a new myth.....something more powerful....a legend that can only rise from the ashes of the Batman.

Selina walked up to him placing her palm on his cheek looking up at him

Selina: There are some things, you can't do alone Bruce. *Kisses him*

Bruce: *Chuckles softly* I know....but there are some things you have to.

Selina: I know. I just wanted to say it.

Bruce: Say no more.

He then kissed her she then wrapped her arms around his neck then.....the make out got more fiery when Bruce pinned Selina to the wall with her legs around him and she pulled off his shirt

(Lets cut back)

An hour later Helena their daughter came home from school and saw the dress Bruce bought for her on the coffee table

Helena: Oh thank you dad.

She heard a door open and looked back and saw her parents coming out of the basement with Selina pulling down her shirt over her and Bruce still shirtless but pants on

Helena: Did I miss anything?

Selina: Nothing worth talking about infront of your child.

Helena: I didn't think it was.

Helena chuckled then turned to Bruce

Helena: Oh hey dad, thanks for the dress.

Bruce turned to Helena while putting his shirt back on

Bruce: *Chuckles* Anything for you, Helena.

Helena: Could I try it on?

Bruce: There's no need to hurry....but you can if you want.

Selina: Picked the perfect size.

Helena smiled as she saw her parents walk into the kitchen as she walked up stairs into her room and looked at her dress and smiled

We cut to Arkham Asylum where we resolve over outside of the prison and then zoom inside past officers high securty gaurds and high tech defense system until we cut to the cell of one of the Batman's greatest nemises.....

The Joker

What does he do

He laughs manically until the Alpha gaurd banged on the door and he and some other gaurds have stormed in

Alpha gaurd: You. Get your ass up. C'mon, man.

Joker: Ahhhh.....WHY SO SERIOUS?

The alpha gaurd grabbed him then later just sat him down at a table in the interrogation room where a female comes in from the other side (I'm sure you can all guess who it is)

Joker: Well hello beautiful.

Doctor: Hello Mr.....Joker. I'm Doctor Cassidy's replacement for this session

Joker: Looking foward to it. Hmhmhmhmhm.....

Doctor: want me to start from the beginning? What was your child like?

Joker: A damn mess. I HATED my father.

Doctor: Why is that?

Joker: Because one night he went crazier than usual. My mother had to take a kitchen to defend me and herself. And he did not like it, Not. One. BIT. watching from the bedroom he sliced out her throat and laughed about it. He came at me and he says "Why so serious?" (Lol LOVE that line!) and he stook the knife in my mouth and he DID this to my face.

Doctor: That's....terrible.

Joker: He got his later. But my life....was one tragedy after another.....until one encounter....changed my entire life. At first I wanted to kill him, but then.....that's when I realized....he was my other half. He COMPLETED me through the worst. It felt like we were destin to battle for Gotham forever. 

Doctor: *Giggles* does this person make you feel?

Joker: Like I'm free. Free falling and free to step out into the light. I mean....26 years ago Gotham was nothing more than mob city. Wasn't it such a hard time living here back then?

Doctor: Yes. It was very hard wasn't it?

Joker: And you would understand, during then.....the things that happened then....was the most hardest way to live. Until one man changed it all. He changed everything around me, and he had a non stop habit of impressing me every now and then.

Doctor: *Giggles* And....who is this person you're talking about?

Joker: Oh someone VERY special but who's real name I don't even know yet.

Doctor: name's Harleen. Harleen Quinzel.

Joker: What a...beautiful name. And do your friends call you....Harley?

Harleen: Oh I....I don't have a lot of friends.

Joker: Well, Harley. You got one now.

That's when Harleen started touching his hand and Joker looked up to the screen making a creepy grin

Back at the Wayne residents Bruce was shaking in his sleep with Joker's laughter in his head flash backing to their fights the murders he caused and imaging his parents murder with Joker's laugh echoing

Bruce gasped out of his sleep panting and sweating

Selina: Bruce? Honey what is it?

Bruce: N-nothing. Just a bad dream. *Kisses her shoulder*

Selina: Mm. *Falls back asleep*

As Bruce laid back down with that dream in his head he started having a sinking feeling he turns on the light in the bathroom staring at himself in the mirror and that's when he heard.....the squeaking down hall

He came out of the bathrom strolled down the hall putting on his robe and.....saw a bat flapping around the cealing leaving Bruce in thought

Could this be a calling for the return of The Batman?

We cut to the next day at the GCPD where Commissioner James Gordon was running files in his office while talking on his phone with.....his first ex wife, before Barbara

Gordon: Helen I'm not saying I'm not able to look out for our daughter for a month. It's just with these new cases popping up it's been diffitculty after another. Yeah well.....

That's when his door opened and Gordon's new partner Harvey Bullock came in

Bullock: Hey Jim. Your daughter's here.

Gordon: Ok Helen. I got to go. She just came in. *Hangs up* She downstairs?

Bullock: Yeah. Down on the bench.

It slowly cuts to downstairs near the entranceway of the building where Barbara Gordon twirling her thumbs for she was anxious and that's when she started thinking....

Barabara: *Thinks* Idk what's going on with him these days. Is it just his work keeping busy, or just trying to avoid me? Ugh.....why am I even thinking about this? I know he'll have SOME time for me. 

Gordon: Hey....

The voice suddenly snapped her out of her thoughts as she turned to see her dad from the bridge of the stairs

Barbara: Hey, you been?

Gordon: It's complicated.

Barbara: What is?

Gordon: Everything. These cases have been digesting me from the inside out for the last three or four months. I'll tell ya if the Batman knew about this we probably wouldn't have to--

Barbara: *Snickers* The Batman? You're kidding right.

Gordon: I wish I was, Barbara.

Barbara: Then where's he been all this time?

Gordon: Well.....he went off out to ocean to stop a bomb from blowing up the city. It was 17 years ago. A Masked Mercenary named Bane took over the city and nearly destroyed it. The Batman saved us all.

Barbara: Didn't you tell me when I was 10, that he killed some people along with that Dent guy?

Gordon: That was um.....a cover up to lift the city's hope when another criminal tried to destroy it.

Barbara: Hmm....well where we gonna spend time tonight?

Gordon: Uhh....sorry, honey not tonight. I'm in the middle of case. But I'll tell you what, tomorrow I can take you down to the major crime's unit, for a quick tour. Sounds fun?

(Man that never ends)

Barbara was a little down as Gordon rushed back up to his office leaving her disapointed.....or was she?

She picked up her phone and speed dialed holding it up to her ear

Barbara: Hey, Tell Blake I'm on my way to the cave.


Later that night Robin was one of his nightly patrols looking for more info on Deathstroke till his police dispatch made a report

Dispatch: All units we have a prison riot at Arkham Asylum. Repeat: Riot at Arkham Asylum. Over.

Robin: That could be Deatstroke's doing. Alfred? Could you patch in the G.P.S. Alfred: I find it hard to explain why one is required.

Robin: I'll take my chances. Patch me in.

After a couple of seconds a Waynetech G.P.S. map showed up and it displayed the entire city he quickly points out where Arkham Asylum is and then quickly Robin disapeared into the night 

Later he stands outside the Asylum and realizes the facility was kept on under lockdown prior to the riot so basically goes through the roof

Once inside he see's the chaos blood spilled dismemberments just all around encompassing madness

Robin: God....this...defenitely Deathstroke had in mind.

Upon saying that he hears a chatter on the floor ahead of him and what he see's.....

is a jack in the box

Robin: What the--

It exploded but luckily Robin ducked in time but felt dimmed and his vision faded

Alfred: Master Blake? Are you there? Come in Master Blake!

He totally faded till later he slowly awoken with Dr. Quinzil approaching him and reached for his mask

Joker: Get BACK here, Harley.

Harleen: But I want to know who he is, puddin.

(*Snickers* Puddin.)

Joker: No one's ever who you think they are my dear. Why spoil the fun?

Robin found himself tied on a wheel chair and looked over and saw the Joker himself

Robin: way....I heard the stories about you but.....they also said you were dead.

Joker: What?!?! Hahahahaha! Course I'm not dead. Who said I was dead? Was it Bats?

Robin: That's just what I heard. What's all this about?

Joker: I'm glad you asked my young friend. My new sweet friend here that the Batman has gone A-wall. You wouldn't happen to know why that is don't you?

Robin: The Batman's dead. He---

Joker: Haaaaaahahahahahahaha!! Dead? I highly doubt it. After I drove poor Harvey, Harvey, Harvey Dent to the deep end, he happen to disapear then too. I highly suspect he'll return again. And....since YOU my boy wonder friend resemble him abit I'd like you to find him.

Robin: I already told you. He's dead!

Joker: Then FIND his corpse. Find it in a week or the bombs I planted all over the city for years will send Gotham back to the stone age from within.....a week! Hahahahaha!

Robin: Bombs?! Deathstroke's men were smuggling bombs and weapons into the city. Are you working for him too?

Joker: Deathstroke? *Gasps* Never heard of him. Hold. Tight.

Joker kicks the wheel chair Robin's tied too out the window


He fell from a great height until it blacked out the screen

The screen cuts slowy back up with Robin on the ground but he slowly got back up and tapped on his ear

Robin: Alfred? Yeah, I'm fine. Just....tell me. And be honest about this Bruce really dead?

We cut to where there was a knock on the door while Bruce and Selina were still in bed

But the door kept knocking

Helena: Dad?

Bruce: Hmm?

Helena: Somebody's knocking.

Bruce: Ugh....Alright. I got it. Hold on.

Bruce struggled to get out bed as Selina made a soft moan in her sleep and Bruce soon was up and came down to the door and once he opened it who he saw old friend

Bruce: Lucius?

Lucius: Morning Mr. Wayne. I haven't distrubed you in anyway have I?

Bruce: No....actually I was just getting up.

Helena: Dad, who is that?

He looks over standing behind him

Bruce: Oh. He's an old friend of mine. Matter of fact, he's an old friend of your grandfather Thomas Wayne.

Cuts later when Selina already awake was brewing coffee and Bruce and Lucius were sitting in the living room and Lucius told him everything

Lucius: So since you left Blake has been filling in your spot as a new alter ego known as Robin. He's also tracking a masked terrorist known as Deathstroke.

Bruce: Who is he?

Lucius: Another mercenary. But nothing like our old friend Bane. Blake prediticted he's been illegally smuggling weapons into the city. And also.....there was a riot at Arkham Asylum, caused by our old friend....the Joker.

That name had Bruce strucked for he hadn't heard that name in years this however had Helena in a world of confusion for she sneaked out of the room (Let's just say she doesn't know her parents least not yet)

Selina then comes in with coffee handing them theirs and she sat next to Bruce holding hers

Selina: Who is this Joker?

Bruce: A mad man I stopped before. He almost turned the city upside down when he twisted Harvey Dent.

Lucius: It gets worse. Blake says he's looking for you. As the Batman.

Bruce and Seline both gasped and looked at each other

Lucius: He say's the Joker will set bombs off in the city in a week. Unless the Batman makes an appearance.

Bruce: *Sighs* Do we still have applied sciences up and running?

Lucius: Yes. Our new head of research Dr. Kirk Langstrom has new things set for field work. He's actually someone you should get to know. He too has a things for bats.

Bruce: Hmm...

Selina: Bruce? What are we suppose to tell Helena? She doesn't know of....

Bruce: Oh....I totally forgot.

Selina: Really?

Lucius: I see....I'll give you and the Mrs. a moment to talk this over. Just remember....dozens will be killed if the Batman does not appear.

He walked out of the living room to a near by guest room as Bruce finished his coffee

Bruce: Brraggh.....I was so not ready for this.

Selina: Didn't think you were.

Bruce: Ok....*Sighs*......

He once again tries to clear his head but the memories came running back almost immediately from Ra's Al Ghul to the Joker Rachel's death Harvey's madness then death Bane and everything else in between it became apparent that he became his own prisoner

But at that moment it became clear that.....this was his last chance

Bruce: A week huh? I think that's about all I need.

Selina: Hmm...what about Helena?

Bruce: There's time. Homecoming isn't till next week. Besides Joker's been itching for another shot at the Bat. He wants it? I'll make him regret it.

A bit of doubt was creeping in Selina's head but the other side of her (Maybe the Catwoman in her) loved it 

So she went along

Selina: Well.....*Wraps her arms around his neck* Does that mean I get to see my Dark Knight in shinning armor again?

Bruce: Trust me: With the Joker you're not safe. No one is. 

Selina: Nine lives.....remember?

Bruce: Sounds like the Cat is in the brink of return. You're not gonna go off stealing jewels again are you?

Selina: Only from other criminals. That's the work of a master thief. You steal stolen property from other thieves.

Bruce: Just as long as you return them from their rightful places.

Selina smirked and kissed Bruce softly as for Helena she was down in the basement going through her father's boxes and.....found some of the Waynetech gear along with some....batter rangs that's when.....she figured it out

Helena narrating: Dear Diary. I heard the stories. The rumors. Everything that happened in this city called Gotham. But I was never a believer. I thought it was just a bed time story. But how can I deny something that was right infront of me, my whole life? Is it really true? Am I the child....of the Batman. 

At that progress we cut to Robin making an entrance down to the batcave and eventually went through this cool sequence of him coming down into it

As soon he was patced in he pulled off his mask and blurted out....

Blake:Alfred? Alfred?!

Alfred: Master Blake, is there any reason behind this behaiver?

Blake: Sudden be--*Sighs* since you never answered my question last night I'll take this one step at a time. I ran into the Joker at Arkham.

Alfred: That crazed madman? That very much explains the riot. I bet he also left you a message.

Blake: Exactly that. He made it simple: Bring him the Batman, dead or alive. Or bombs will go off murdering innocents.

Alfred: Dead? Why would he want the Batman, out of all people be found dead?

Blake: You tell me you told me that yourself. You said he sacerficed himself to save Gotham by getting rid of a bomb Bane planted himself which I saw him do from the bridge.

From that point Alfred took off his glasses and confess....

Alfred: I lied.

Blake: Wait...what??

Alfred: I assure you.....the Batman IS very much alive. I actually requested the assistance of an old friend. Lucius Fox to come and "collect" him. But haven't heard a bloody word since.

At that point his phone rang

Alfred: Speak of the devil.

He reaches down in his pocket pulling out his cell with Blake just giving him the dumbfounded look

Alfred: Lucius?

Lucius: Alfred, I think it's safe to say Mr. Wayne is coming home.

Alfred: That's the first good news I've heard in years. Has he been well?

Lucius: Better yet than ever.

Soon as they hung up Blake could not help but to stare at Alfred with a since of seriousness

Blake: I was shocked when I learned the Dent act was based on a lie. But this....this is beyond all lies. Wayne had been alive this whole time, and you knew. Why keep me in the dark?

Alfred: I wanted Master Wayne to have a chance to live a long and happy life after everything that's happened to him here. After his parents murder, Rachel leaving him, being Batman had cost him so much. But now that he has everything I did not want it to go into dust like the others. Now....Gotham needs Batman now more than ever.

Blake felt an understanding of what Alfred told him made him think of what Bruce told him before about you don't know how your loved ones mean to you until they're gone.

Meanwhile in one of the Wayne Enterprises research labs a man named Kirk Langstrom was getting a camera up to present his newest project

Langstrom: Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Time is....10:39PM. *Sits down* genetic resources is to be tested to treat deafism. With the DNA of a vampire bat shall allow a man to hear better for the good of mankind. I-I know there maybe some risks. But if the unthinkable happens, please see that my wife Francine gets this letter. *Injects himself* Oww! Stings more than I expected. Uhh....I-I....feel something....happening....AAAAAAAAHHHH!!

He knocks the camera aside and the last thing we hear is giant bat shrieks

Unfortunitly that wasn't a very good time for that to happen because Bruce Selina and Helena were now re-entering Gotham after all these years Bruce had never thought of ever returning after his battle with Bane

By the time they arrived at the same facility where Langstrom performed his human trial was too quite and since they were back they for sure knew every criminal was itching to get another shot at them so they had to move softly

They went inside the elevater down to the lab only to see it was in shambles

Selina: Jesus. Somebody needed some R&R.

Bruce: Doubt. He had any time for that.

Helena: What happened in here?

Bruce: Dr. Langstrom? This is Bruce Wayne. Are you in here?

At that point he looked all over the place till he spotted Langstrom's computer on his left and found something on it that did not seemed good he saw on a few of Dr. Langstrom's notes that he was planning to combinde his DNA with a vampire bat's in hopes to cure deafism but appearantly after what happened earlier it didn't go so well

Selina: Method or madness? I think we know which one.

Bruce: Transfusing his DNA with a vampire bat? That was never gonna end well.

Selina: Wait a second. What'd you doing?

Bruce: I'm descrambling his DNA to sentinsize an antidote

He got halfway through the process but stopped for he felt....something was off

Selina: What now?

Bruce: Don't move.

But unfortunitely Selina moved an inch and something moved on the ceiling where Bruce looked above her a giant winged creature on the ceiling


She looked up and saw the Man-Bat fully emerged from the ceiling as she flipped away from it

Man-Bat: *Screeches*

Helena screamed

Bruce: Helena! Run!

She did as the two were left to confront the giant creature themselves

Bruce: Dammit Selina.

Selina: Oops.

It came at them again and pinned them both down

Selina: Ugh! Get off you freak!

Bruce saw a near by glass chip and grabbed it and stabbed the creature in the shoulder

It shrieked in agony and flew right out the window

Bruce: You ok?

Selina: I've been worse. Dated worse.

Bruce: Was there a part of don't move you didn't understand.

Selina: Course it did. But was never got an A at still class (Lol) further more what was that thing?

Bruce then stepped near Langstrom's camera and picks it up

Bruce: This camera, might hold the answer.

Bruce played the video and he and Selina saw what happen to Kirk on it

Bruce: I'm gonna continue that DNA mixing cure.

Selina: I'm gonna check on Helena.

Outside Helena stood by the car horrorfied of the Man-Bat and still trying to absorb of what she learned but suddenly

A shadowy figure appeared out of no where and grabbed her

She muffeled in the hand on her mouth then is pulled away

Selina came out just to see her daugheter was gone

Selina: Helena? Honey?

That's when she saw a calling card on the car sticked on with knife.....with Deathstroke's mask on it

Selina ripped the calling card off the hood and what she read admittedly frighten her

"Batman. The Caped Cruisader. The Dark Knight. The world's greatest detective you used to put up a fight. But he sends his scrawney sidekick to apprehend me? Unacceptible. You've underestimated me. And now you'll see first hand what happens to people who underestimate me. Face me by this address I have left on the the bottom part of the note WITHOUT your boy wonder's help or your daughter's never coming home. Yours truely DS"

Selina: Jesus Christ....BRUCE!

We then cut back to Arkham where Joker had his list of mercenaries and henchmen behind him along with Harleen

Joker: Ahh....this may just turn out to be my FINEST work yet. The REAL dynamic duo will soon be at hand. That is if we even both turn up. And from now on, Arkham Asylum is known as......the Madhouse! And as for you my would you like to Harley Quinn?

Harleen: Call me whatever you want Mr. Jay.

Joker laughed and gave Harleen a deep kiss making her giggle and chuckle sinisterly

We cut to where she changes (More like she looked like in Arkham City) Then on....Harleen Quinzel became.....Harley Quinn!!

Joker gasped and chuckled mildly

Harley: Barbie, eat your heart out.

He smirked

Later Helena was being dragged into a milita workshop tanks weapons ever armory then....she came across with....Deathstroke himself

Deathstroke: What have we here?

Man: The Wayne's daughter sir. Just as you requested. She so happen to turn out in the open.

Deathstroke: Very good.

Helena: Who are you?

Deathstroke: I'm a dear friend of your father. At least....I was the Batman before him. (Yes he knows who he is)

Helena: What??

Deathstroke: I was once a mercenary in south africa. Until....a certian of fate took my eye, and my entire forces. I was left to die.....until I was recruited by Ra's Al Ghul. And I trained under the leauge of shadows. I attended to prove myself as my masters successor. Until he became aware of your father. And chose him to lead the leauge of shadows. But.....when HE defied my master destroyed our temple I wondered the world to build my own forces to exact my vengeance and finish what my master started. Fullfilling his destiny to destroy Gotham.

Helena: You''re INSANE!

Deathstroke: Insane?

He turns away and pulls off his mask revealing himself as Slade Wilson

Slade: Insane? I'm. Just. Focused.

Helena: Son of a--Let me go!

She struggled to release herself from the henchmen but they hit her again to make sure she least in the meantime

Slade: Now......*Pulls out his sword* I want you to answer one simple question for me.

He helds it up to her neck

Slade: Where. Is. The Batman.

Helena: G-go to hell.

Slade backed up a little bit with little to no reaction to what she said and before he can do anything the roof from above SHATTERS and a mysterous figure hovers down and causes a shockwave knocking most of the milita out

Who was it....??

The BATMAN himself

Slade: Finally. You've given in.

Batman: Let her go.

Helena: D-dad??

The remaining henchman charged into attack but Batman fought them all off as for Slade he pulled his mask back on as Helena watched in shock 

Batman continued to beat the milita down till the last one was down for the count but then.....a grapple was shot at him tying the Dark Knight upside down Slade approached and was about to swing his sword but Bats kicked him and got free and glided down to a hatch looking up as Deathstroke jumped down

Batman and Deathstroke circuled each other staring face to face in their first confrontation

Deathstroke: It appears the game is over before it's begun.

Batman: I'm not playing games, Slade.

And then they post in combat and Deathstroke took out his stick and swings but Batman catched it and pushes him off and throws punches but Deatstroke counters every blow

Helena watched from above she was mesmerized by the fight and couldn't help but to notice a mysterious hooded figure popping from behind her

It placed it's hand on her shoulder and Helena got in defence mode but......

Robin: Hey, hey, hey. Relax. It's ok. I'm here to help.

Helena: Wha--who are you?

Robin: The guy who's gonna get you out of here. C'mon.

Since Helena didn't know what else to do or who to trust she reluctantly agreed and went with Robin but unfortunitly he senced something was heading their way and dodged a pair of Bolas coming at him

Catwoman: My, my, my......

She pulls out a whip she recently made and cracks it but Robin dodges half of them before the last crack paints brushes Robin across the face knocking off his hood she then pulls him to her then grabs him by the neck

Catwoman: Hehehehe.....Big bad birdie back in it's cage.

Robin: Get your paws off me lady.

He tries to back up about to pull his staff out just to realize it was missing

Catwoman: Looking for something?

She twirls his staff around in the air and throws it on the far side of the tunnel at that point Robin looked back at her as she smirked Helena was just staring at them in confusion

Robin: *To Helena* Get down.

She did as he said and soon Robin and Catwoman get into a fight

Meanwhile Batman and Deathstroke were still evenelly matched as each blow became more agressive than the other and less held back eventually Batman counters and brakes Deathstroke's sword and knocks him off his feet and eventually see's Catwoman and Robin's duel

Batman: Selina....Blake....

He then turns back around just when Deathstroke was about to attack but Batman grabbed him only to get kicked by both of Slade's feet which knocked him down to his knees

Deathstroke: Focus is essential, Batman. You shouldn't have lost it.

Deathstroke was about to strike at him again but Batman kicks him away and hops back up to curl back up to Catwoman and Robin's brawl


They backed away as they heard Batman's growling yell and the "Name" Selina struck Helena

Helena: *To Catwoman* Mom??

Catwoman looked at her in silent then she turn to Batman

Helena: Dad??

He too was silent and he turned to Cat and Robin

Batman: I need you two to get Helena back to the cave. She's not safe here, and this pointless brawl will put her in more danger.

Catwoman: *Sighs* You're right.

Robin: There's no way I'm trusting her. She's a criminal.

Batman: THAT'S an order.

Robin just stared at him not knowing what to say and they both escorted Helena out then Batman went after Deathstroke again who was escaping on his milita van then Batman went on his bat pod

Batman: I sure missed this thing.

He rode off to track down Slade and it wasn't long till this was caught on the evening news

Bullock: Hey, Jim. You better take a look at this.

Gordon came by Bullock and saw on the news report: "The return of the Batman!"

Gordon: I'll. Be Damned.

Even at Arkham (The Madhouse) Joker and Harley saw it too

Joker: Hehehehehehe......Hahahahahahaha! At last! He has returned! Oooooohoohoohoohoohoo....I GOT to get a good look at this.

At that point he went deep into the asylum and went up that looked like a vechile covered in bed sheets

Joker: Buddy, ol've seen the opening get ready for the encore.......Hehehehehe......Hahahahahaha.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

He pulled the sheets off (Guess what it is) We cut back to the streets Batman was fallowing Deathstroke to wherever they were going then The Dark Knight made a call

Batman: Alfred.

Alfred: Master Bruce? Is that you?

Batman: Undoubtedly.

Alfred: Oh thank God. I'd doubt Gotham would ever see the Batman again. And it's safe to say you got company.

He looked on his viewer seeing GCPD police cars tailing behind him in support.

Batman: I'd knew he'd have my back soon enough. Deathstroke, where is he heading?

Alfred: Funny you should ask that, sir. He's heading somewhere rather familiar.

Batman: How familiar?

Alfred: Familiar with......clinically insane inmates.

Batman: Arkham.

Alfred: That's not all sir, Arkham has just been taken another old friend.

Batman: The Joker.

Alfred: I'm afraid so sir. If you fallow this Deathsroke fellow to the asylum, this might be a well oppertunity to apprehend them both.

Batman: Won't be that easy. With the Joker it never is.

Alfred: You haven't changed one bit, sir.

Batman: Neither have you. I.....I missed you, Alfred.

Alfred: Me too, sir. Welcome home.

Batman: Thanks.

He kept on Deathsroke's tail and soon came across the Madhouse (Arkham Asylum) noticing all the dead bodies spray paints and blood everywhere

Batman: Bodies everywhere. The Joker must be here somewhere.

Soon as Deathstroke got out of the van and approached the building till....

Batman blocked his path by standing between him and the building

Batman: It's over, Slade. There's no where to go.

Deathstroke: On the contrary, I hoped you would fallow me here. Cause I'm here.....*Points his gun* I'm here to deliver

Batman: Deliver?

Slade shot a stunning dart at Batman hitting him in right in the center where his armor was the weakest and passes out

He woke up later in the interrigation room where Joker stood by the doorway

Batman: Joker.

Joker: Surprised! Did you miss me, Bats? I sure missed you.

Batman: Hmph.

Joker: Aww come on, why the long face? This is gold! It's been next to forever since we both seen eye to eye, am I right? 

Batman: We were never acquainted.

Joker: *Laughs maniacally* Nonsense. There's no point in denying it, ol' boy. *Grabs his face* I'M A PART OF YOU. Which.....which makes me question.....this wasn't on my mind for a LOOOOONG time. Who's really behind that mask? I mean REALLY?

Joker took a good look into his eyes and it looked like he was about to rip the mask off but......

Joker: Nah.....It's too soon. Too simple. As a matter of fact, you know what?

At that point, he actually cut him loose from his shackle and Batman caught himself landing

Joker: Maybe it's only best if.....I teach you some respect.

Batman: There's nothing you can teach me, Joker.

Joker: Aww come on, there's always something to learn, Bats. Let's start with.....getting your ass kicked 101.....seconds out.

But Batman grabbed the Joker and strained him to a wall

Batman: The only thing I missed about you was braking your teeth.

Joker: Oh Bats......this brings back so many memories. Remember the time when Harvey Dent use to run things around here? Fighting the mob one block at a time. He was so determine as you were when he was Gotham's White Knight.

Batman: Till YOU corrupted him.

Joker: Ugh! You should thank me for that. He was stealing your job. Stealing your fans. Everyone favored him more than you. Even your buddy Gordon. He even stole your girl Rachel from you.

Batman: Then YOU killed her.

Joker: THAT was just to teach Harvey he couldn't just TAKE what he wanted. Even things that belong to others. Besides in a way I really did you favor. She was more inspired with him more than she was with you. You should thank me for that as well.

Batman got angry he slammed the Joker down on the flour then.....

Harley: Hey, Bat-Brain!

Batman looked over and she slammed a blunt bat at him and he fell

Joker: *Gets up* Bats? I like you to meet my Harley Quinn. She was once my thearapist thing lead to, she's my peach.

Batman: *Stands up* Still corrupting, Joker? I'll insure you never leave Arkham again.

Joker: Look around you, Bats. Arkham is mine now.

Both Joker and Harley laughed and Batman was about to chase after them till they SEALED him in there

Harley on speaker: How'd you like that B-man?! You're trapped in there till me and Mr. Jay are ready for you. Ha! Ha! Ha! 

When a hatch above opened Gordon held out his hand

Batman: Jim.

Gordon: Give me your hand.

Batman grabbed his hand and he pulls him out

Gordon: By the name of God...I knew you were alive.

Batman: It's good to see you too, Jim.

Gordon: It's been too long.

Batman: Indeed it has. I have to go after the Joker.

Gordon: Wait. No one can get in the Asylum, now. It's completely lock down.Joker changed all the codes. The place is under a real massive locked code. No one's getting in and out till we crack the unlocked code.

Batman: I'll find that code. And I'll bring him and Deatstroke to justice.

Gordon: Deathstroke?

Batman: A new player.

Gordon: *Looks back* God. It's one after another. Just when things.....

Gordon turned back and Batman was gone AGAIN (Lol)

Gordon: I can see not has changed.

Bats later rode down back into the batcave where Selina Alfred Helena and Blake

Alfred: Master Bruce.

Batman: *Pulls off his mask* Alfred.

They approached each other and gave a mild hug

Helena: Um...can you I....HEY!

Her voice didn't really startle them but Bruce did turn to face her and Blake

Blake: Hello, Bruce.

He nodded and he cautionuly made his way to his daughter who stared at him almost in utter shock that's when he knelt down

Bruce: I wanted to tell you. Trust me when I say that. This was all I wanted: Safe heavens for Gotham and everything else inbetween. But I had to make sacrifices.....more than one to be insure Gotham's future was secure. Mine, your mother's......*Places hand on her shoulder*.....and yours.

Barbara: And now, you got another calling card to make.

They all looked over to see Barbara stepping out of the shadows as bats screetched from above

Bruce: Wh-who are you?

Barbara: Barbara Gordon. I'm the comissioner's daughter. Oldest one. From his first marriage.

Blake: Barb, here is a source of mine. We met in Bludhavin during a case. She's a computer hacking genius that's fed me emails and stuff over the years. She's been helping me track Deathstroke for a while.

Barbara: And codename's.....Oracle.

Bruce: Does your father know what you do?

Barbara: As if. Most likely he just thinks I sit in his office texting and watching tv. I came to Gotham to help Blake find you since he told me this Joker guy was back in town. And I figure I back you up with these cases since my dad's even too busy to spend any time with me, as always. 

Helena: I know what you mean.

Bruce: Helena.

Helena: Well, it's true. You and mom had the nerve to keep ALL of this a secret from me.

Selina: We never mentioned this because we wanted a chance with you.

Helena: And mom? You were a criminal?!

Selina: That was a long time ago. Back then I had nothing to begin with. I changed. For you and your father.

Helena: Well, next time....I need more of a back ground story than that. *Runs*

Bruce: Wait, Helena.

Alfred: Sir, maybe we should let the young miss Helena breath for a minute.

Barbara: I'll keep an eye on her. Maybe someone her age can help her through it.

Selina: Thank you.

By the time Barbara caught up with her she saw Helena desprately trying to get out of the Batcave

Sadly she didn't have access to get out

Helena: Come on, open!

Bat-computer: Access: Denied.

Helena: Open!

Bat-computer: Access: Denied.

Helena: ARGH! *Kicks*

Barbara: You know it's voice activated, right?

Helena: I'm aware of that. I can see my enviroments. But it still won't let me out!

She bangs on the door till she sloches down on her kneed

Barbara: You know something......I thought the same as you. Took me awhile to realize I had a higher purpose.

Helena: Wha-what purpose could ther-

Barbara: Without my father, I probably wouldn't be here. Same thing with Bruce....I can tell he cares.

Helena: What about Mom?

Barbara: Now that I'm not gonna....go too deep there. But I know she loves you too.

Helena: Well, they still didn't have to keep this from me.

Barbara: I think they wanted to keep it from themselves, too.

Helena: What the hell's THAT suppose to mean?

Barbara: Think about it. Being the Batman and Catwoman isn't an easy life. I mean....Blake told me they had to face so much tragedy during then....and were....worried you'd experience it yourself.

Helena: It's no excuse for them lying.

Barbara: *Huffs* Come on, look Ik you don't know me. But your parents some slack. They did pull you out of the clutches of Deathstroke. one wants a life of tragedy that's why you got make for the best. No parent is perfect. I mom sucks as ass. She's always goofing off with her boyfriend, getting into so much crap. And my dad's more married to his job than he was to his two ex wives. His second had the same name as me. But....the point is....parents aren't perfect. But they won't be around forever. Don't waste these years fighting cause one silly thing they left out.

Helena just looked at her not knowing what to say.

On the bat-computer, Bruce only found ONE small yet crucial detail on Deathstroke.

Bruce: It's just as I thought. Slade Wilson is just another Merc.

Alfred: There is more info on Mr. Wilson. He was once a respected military leader.....till the loss of his eye. He was ashamed of his scars he wondered to world to die. But then....that was until....he was later trained by Ra's Al Ghul. Your mentor

Bruce: Slade was another member of the league of shadows?

Alfred: Not only that. He was tempted to be Ra's Al Ghul's successor. Until he became aware of you. Slade disapeared after the temple was destroyed and he formed his own secret society.

Bruce: Then that explains the milita.

Blake: Those were the smugglers I took out in the ship. They kept saying this guy is worse than Bane.

Selina: Impossible. I saw him break Bruce's back.

Bruce: Took me weeks, maybe months to even get it back up and running. Slade's nothing I can't handle. But Joker.....he's a loose end I need to tie up.

Selina: Meaning?

He turned away when she asked that and thought back to his nightmare he had before then cuts to a flashback resigning back to when both his parents were killed seeing them shot and remembering.....a second prepetrator just happend to peak out of the shadows.......and then it cuts back to reality.

Bruce: He was there was his doing too.

Selina: Bruce?

Blake: Hello. You still there?

Alfred: Sir?

Bruce: Joker......he.....he killed my parents.

Blake: What?!

Selina: Bruce, that's impossible. You said Joker didn't appear till a year after you became Batman.

Alfred: Sir, don't you remember? It was Joe Chill who killed them.

Bruce: He had an accomplice.

They all looked at him as Helena and Barbara listened in

Bruce: When my father lead us out to the allyway, there were two men on the other side. One disapeared when we turned our backs and then another came at us. After Chill shot them both and ran.....I saw the other one walk out the shadows. And he had the same scars as the Joker.

Alfred: Sir? Why didn't you say anything before?

Bruce: I forgot all about it when I was at the GCPD. I thought his scars were familiar but couldn't place it.....till now. Joker may not have laid his hands on my parents......but he's one of the reasons why they're dead.

Selina: That's horrible. What'd you gonna do?

Bruce: I.....*Clutches his fist* I don't know......

Helena: *From behind* You're gonna kill him......aren't you, Dad?

He looked down at his daughter from behind him

Bruce: Batman doesn't kill.

Selina: Well, there's no question whether or not that'll change. Even if you don't, somebody might.

Bruce: Hmm.....and somebody's itching to get her hands on him.

Selina: You know me too well. I think I chipped a nail back there.

Blake: Hey, watch it.

Bruce: Not now.

Alfred: There's no doubt Joker will remember none of what you remember, But Deathstroke's still at large. What will you do?

Bruce: Gotham will still need Batman. Until they both been brought to trial, we must proceed.

Alfred: And when it's all said and done?

Bruce: Prepair for the "Beyond" project. 

Alfred: Sir.....are you positive? Whatever or whoever accepts this project....there maybe no coming back.

Selina: Wait what the hell's the "Beyond" project?

Bruce: To insure Gotham has a brighter future. And our only chance to be free later. Where we don't have to continue the legacy of Batman when we're older. The new symbol that I told you before that can rise from the ashes of the Batman.

Selina: And why do I get the feeling there's more to it than that?

Bruce: *Sighs* Ok. This is something the three of us should discuss. Alone.

And later on it cuts to where Bruce told both Selina and Helena about the "Beyond" project and were both shocked

Selina: Bruce......this sounds delicate.

Helena: Why should we do this anyway?

Bruce: Batman was supposed to be dead after the battle with Bane.....but now that new threats have appeared in Gotham? there's no doubt they may happen in the future. Which is why......we must prepare the Project: Beyond to insure everything for us.

Selina:'s not like the whole world knows who you are.

Bruce: But a handful know enough. And it's to insure for all of us to have a future. And the legacy of Batman will live on, from another to secure the future of Gotham.

Helena: Dad.....

That's when they heard screeching above them and looked up Selina shinned a flashlight up there then......

Man-bat: *SHRIEKS*

Selina: Son of a--

Bruce: Get down!

The Man-bat strikes yet again and all three them roll out of the way and of course they all had to get into character good thing they were all just in their costumes while unmasked and rushed them back on

Helena: How did it get in here?

Barbara: It's a giant bat. And this is a bat cave.

Helena: Dad?

Batman: You got me confused over someone else. *Reveals his mask on*

He pushes the Man-Bat back and jumps and jumps up and grabs the device he had from earlier and puts three containers inside and gives it to Helena 

Batman: Wait until I say "Now". Mom will lead you.

Helena looks over at Catwoman and she nods at her

Helena:....Alright, Batman.

Soon as the giant bat recovered it stared dead at them with Helena shaky with fear

Batman: Wait....

It slowly approached them.....

Batman: Wait.....

It opened it's wings screeching

Batman: NOW!

Catwoman and Helena shot at it with the device he gave them The Man-Bat shriekded in agony and then it flew through the waterfall

Catwoman: It's getting away.

Batman: Let it. That little toy I gave you was a tracker. It'll lead us right to him.

It cuts to the Man-Bat flying above the city where it was unaware.....

Deathstroke was stalking it on binoculars

Deathstroke: Fascinating.

That very next day at the GCPD in Gordon's office he was again was aruging with his ex wife on the phone (Barbara's mom)

Gordon: Look Helen, I'm gonna be spending time with Barbara as much as I can. But I'm in the middle of several cases. I....*Beeps* Ugh! Hold on Helen, I--No hold on! I got another call. I'll be right back! *Beeps over* What?! Batman?

Bruce: *Batman's voice* I have some info on our new friend Deathstroke.

Gordon: Go on. Uh huh. What, what? You sure? Ugh....dammit.

Unfortunately amidst the conversation an explosion rocked the bottom level as it shook the floor down in the bottom level goons in masks and face paint on were shooting up every gaurd down there

Gordon: Guns up! Lockdown!

In a matter of moments before the entire station could go under Lockdown a teddy bear was the room and then it exploded it was then filled with tear gas and it gassed up the whole room

At that point Harley makes her entrance while wearing protective gear


Harley: Ooooooh, we got a live on here.

She then sets off another jack-in-the-box and kills more of the guards Gordon covers his mouth and tries to reach for his gun but Harley grabs him and shoves her OWN gun up to his chin

Harley: Na na na na na.....Someone's awfully being naughty. Momma spank.

Gordon: S-screw you...

Harley: Get the old man up. Mr. Jay has big plans for him.

We cut to Wayne tower where Bruce and Lucius came into applied sciences

Bruce: It's been awhile since I been here. Not much has changed.

Lucius: Well most of everything hasn't changed. But over the years I devolped new tumbler designs. And they do come in black just as you like it. (Lol that gets me all the time) I even took time to design more armoring for your suit. This however.....

He presses a button opening a hatch that leads to downstairs to a dock where in water showed......a sub with heavy equitment

Lucius: The army had design this for sneak attacks from inside.....a sub packed with armored aquit and protien weapons and agility.

Bruce: What'd you call it?

Lucius: They have some kind of....filename for it but.....I thought it sound better with.....the shoveller. (The Bat-Sub) And this too comes in black in case you were wondering (Lol)

Bruce: I can't use it for long afterwards. Depending whenever we need to process Project: Beyond. But it'll do.

Lucius: Glad you approve.

Bruce: And....just out of curiousity what did you mean by "New armoring" on the suit? Hi-tech?

Lucius: *Smirks* Just fallow me.

So Bruce ended up fallowing back up to applied sciences and unlocked a new panel with his I-pad.....and a pod popped out

Bruce immediately saw the handprint scanner on the front he didn't even need a reminder what to do so....he pressed his hand down on it and the scanner was confirmed

Computer: Identity: Confirmed. Welcome back Mr. Wayne.

Bruce: Hey, did you--?

Lucius: Always coming up with new surprises for you, sir.

Bruce then smirked as the door open up to reveal....

the new Bat-Suit version V8.03.

(The suit from Arkham Knight)

Bruce: Whoa.....

Lucius: Well Mr. Wayne let me walk you through it. The inner and outer layers of the bodysuit are made of a titanium tri-weave. It's between those layers where things get intresting. That's where Waynetech MR hardens the response to impact.

Bruce: With that kind of shock absorpition, I'd be able to put more force into my normal strikes?

Lucius: That's right. And of course counter attacks. Cause this also has liquid armor invaded. It's more felixible than what you're accustomed to as well. You'd use that increased manuverability to take out your foes in quick succession.

Bruce: How bout the batmobile?

Lucius: This suit compatible with electromagnetic tech mechanism too. Incase you don't feel like using the tumbler, you'll fly out of that thing like a bullet from a rail gun.

Bruce just took another mere second to look at the suit and he smiled yet again

Bruce: Is it ready for a test run?

Lucius: Fully decoded. I'd recommend on armed enemies. You'll be impressed on how fast you can be.

Later in the Batcave Bruce wearing just the armor of the new suit stood in the training facility as Alfred and Barbara activated holographic targets

Barbara: Begin.

Bruce launched his speed attacks wiping out six enemies all at once

Blake: Damn. I got to get me one of those. (Lol)

The simulation cut out as Bruce walked out to the main part of the batcave

Bruce: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Selina: Nice moves handsome. I think you should cancel this "Beyond" project thing and keep the suit. Just to show a girl a good time.

Bruce: No promises.

Barbara: Well before you two start planning out for future. Might want to look at this. I been running the tracers on the tracker on that bat creature from last night. And I think I triangulated his postion: Here at Amusement Church. Guess he's a bat of faith.

Blake: Or maybe a bat in a bell free.

They all laughed as Bruce suited up in the rest of his new suit and everyone took a good look at him


Alfred: Impressive sir.

Batman: Time to put this suit to the test.

Blake: Care for some back up? I thought maybe Batman could use some help from the newest protecor of Gotham: Robin.

Batman: Batman and Robin. I like the sound of that.

Alfred: As do I.

Selina: Got a nice ring to it.

Barbara: Hollywood might make a movie of that.

Helena: Yeah, a real franchise.

Later just as Selina and Blake got into charecter

Robin stood beside Batman as they made eye contact

Batman: A man's got to go his own way. A friend taught me that.

Robin: Not just a friend. *Holds out his hand*

Batman: A partner.

They shaked hands

And so they all shift off to their objectives Batman took the batwing to head for Arkham Asylum to apprehend the Joker and Harley Robin on his motercycle to track down Slade at Aces Chemicals and Catwoman on the Bat-Pod to hunt for Man-Bat at the Amuesment church

But then Batman had a beep in from Alfred

Alfred: Sorry to interupt sir. But I'm resiving word that....dear God....

Batman: What is it?

Alfred: I-it's the commisnor, sir.

Batman: Jim??

From the batcave Barbara heard she took the speaker and spoke into it

Barbara: Dad?!

Gordon: Hey, sweetheart....guess I'm in a......

Harley: Shaddup!

Joker: C'mon, c'mon, Harley. Let the poor man speak.

Batman: Joker.

Joker: You were expecting maybe Two-Face?

Barbara: Where's my dad, you creep?!

Gordon: Batman....whatever happens to me.....take care of my daughter.

Barbara: Daddy....

Joker: We got a special surprise for you Bats. And your friend Gordon is EAGER that you get it. So don't worry we'll open the gates of Arkham to you ONLY. So you can resieve your package. But if you're not here before midnight, then the old man dies. Harley's looking foward to it. Maybe I'll film it and post it on the internet. Hahahahaha!

He cuts off

Barbara: Dad....

Batman: Don't worry. I'm getting him back.

Barabara: Ok, I know but....

Batman: Oracle, I'm getting him back. Joker will not win. I won't let him.

Alfred: Sir, this has "Trap" written all over it. How will you.....

Batman: That's why I got extra hands.

The camera rotates to the back with Helena in a purple bat like costume taking the mantale: The Huntress!!

Meanwhile as the milita approached A.C.E. chemicals Deathstroke stepped out of his tank fallowed by his men

Deathstroke: I want the whole place heavy with century guns! He'll try and get a head start on us, depending if the clown didn't kill him yet. I'll want him pinned down.

Luckily from where he was standing Robin heard what Slade was saying so he used his disrupter to disable the century guns and those goons were in for a surprise

At the Amusement Church Catwoman tracked the Man-Bat's where abouts and looked around feeling chills

Catwoman: If this thing likes hiding in bell rings, consider me praying at my own private church.

She went up stares and spots the Man-Bat hanging upside down asleep

Catwoman: Phew.

And then she INJECTED the antidote in him waking him up and shrieking knocks her off and flies out the window

Catwoman: Ah damn. He should have changed back instantly. Bruce did say I might have to inject him twice. Better check the tracer and see where he's heading

She took out the tracker to the tracer on the creature and saw it was heading for....ARKHAM!!

Catwoman: No.....

It finally cuts to later where Slade was sharpening his swords in his tank and stares at his refelection from the shine of the blade at that point he heard knocks from outside his tank

Deathsroke: *Opens hatch* What?

Milita commander: We have something approaching our location, sir. It's moving fast from the east side.

Deathstroke: He's here....have your men deploy the century guns the rest of us will move out.

Milita Commander: What??

Deathstroke: Move out dammit. We'll lead him right to us.

Within the moment, Deathstroke and his goons tailed each other in a packed sequential order. When the century guns were deploied they exploded knocking out each milita goon that set them

On the rooftop aside front them Robin landed and tracked their destination

Robin: A.C.E. Chemicals? Damn it!

Oracle: What's wrong.....oh s**t.

Alfred: What is it?

Oracle: Slade's heading for A.C.E. Chemicals. He's placed century guns around each area he's based at and Idk what he's up to. But I don't have a good feeling about it.

Alfred: Well afraid it gets worse. Miss Selina just messeged me. That dredful creature is heading for Master Bruce's location.

Oracle: No.....

In the skies in the Bat Batman and Huntress made their way to Arkham flying above the carnival

Huntress: Reminds me when you and mom took me out to the rides and for ice-cream when I was seven.

Batman: My parents done the same for me, when I was that age too. Dad, use to take me out for ball games before a day in the carnival.

Huntress: Guess history repeats itself after all. Dad? Why must we still leave Gotham after this...."Beyond" thing?

Batman: *Sighs* I don't think now's the best time to talk about it.

Huntress: What if now maybe the only time?

Batman: *Sighs* I came to realize....the future of Gotham may need a Batman too. And lately the world not just Gotham always needed a Batman. So....I came to figure out that Batman had to be immortal. But Bruce Wayne isn't. So....when the time comes to initiate Project: Beyond it'll be time to pass the mantle of Batman to someone else. I'm getting old for this Helena. I mean.....I'm barely out of my fourties yeah but.....I will have to pass it to someone else one day.

Huntress: And why'd you quit before. Mom told me what you were like when she met you. You hung up your cape and cowl before why was that?

Batman: Because.....being Batman may have made Gotham safer than it was in a long time cost me so much. It left me to wallow in pain and tragedy for so many years. And....I hate for that to happen to you and your mom. Which is why Gotham maybe not be safe for us.

Huntress: Maybe.....but think about how many people are alive because of you. I mean the stories you and mom told me as a kid and I had no idea it was you until now.'re a hero.

Batman: Not everyone looked at me as a hero.

Huntress: You're MY hero.

Batman grinned mildly then soon....came across to Arkham Asylum....or the Madness if you call it

As soon as Batman got out of the Batwing he looked up and realize the Asylum was taken over that's when the Huntress came up from behind him

Huntress: So, this is the Asylum?

Batman: Not anymore.

Huntress: How exactly are we gonna get in?

Batman: Entrance appears to be shut. So we'll have to go up high. Hang on. 

She hanged on to him as he launched his grappling hook and they zoomed up top

Huntress: Whoa.

Batman: Careful. Huntress: I'm good.

They were in the clear for the moment as they scaled the rooftop but they didn't stay clear for long The Man-Bat once again found them above and screetched it caught both of their attentions

Without even thinking it attacked and this time Batman jumped on it's back as it struggled to shake him off

Batman: Argh!

Huntress standing by knew she had to make a move so she got out the remote electrical charge and aimed at the Man-Bat but it kept squirming around so much that she didn't get a clear shot

Huntress: Come on, come on.....

Eventually it squirmed up to the sky and Huntress finally shot it it screeched in pain as it altitude and fell through the roof of the Madhouse (The Asylum) freaking out some of the Joker goons

Joker goon: Holy--

2nd Joker goon: It's Batman!

3rd Joker goon: But I thought he was dead!

1st Joker goon: Who care?! Get him!

With Man-Bat out cold Batman fought off the goons as Huntress later came down and joined the brawl she tasered some of the thugs but little did they know.....

Joker and Harley were watching them out the window

Harley: Here he comes puddin.

Joker: Excellent. I'll leave it to you then my dear. And set the bombs we planted in the city to 30 minutes.

Harley: You got it sweetie. *Kisses his cheek* (Jeez....)

Meanwhile Man-Bat began to regain consciousness and squeked softly....

But....luckily Catwoman arrived on the Bat-Pod but dropped the antidote

Catwoman: Sh**!

It shrieked and flew towards her but Batman heard the shriek and looked back

Batman: CAT!

He grabbed her pulling her down to duck and Man-Bat flew over them

Catwoman: Ahh...brings back memories. If you know what I mean.

Batman: Save your energy. Do you got the anitdote

Catwoman: *Points* There.

He see's it by the Bat-Pod

Batman: Go help Helena. I'll take care of Langstrom.

Harley: *Appears* Oh yeah, Bats? Then go ahead. I dare ya!

Batman: Harley!

Catwoman: You're crazier than the clown.

At then began a heavy cat fight

As for Batman he stood on a roof top waiting for Man-Bat to strike and once it did he jumped up forming his cape into bat winged shapes gliding towards the creature and GRABBED it

Man-Bat screeched as they were falling then he pinned it down then Bats injects it with a second doze then this time....

Man-Bat falls out cold

Batman: *Taps on his ear* Alfred. I've captured Dr. Langstrom. I've ministured the cure. Send in a support team to assist him to a medical bay.

Alfred: Understood.

He picked him up and carried him off

We cut back to A.C.E. chemicals where Robin stalks Deathstroke from above till he jump down behind him

(Revenge of the sith reference)

Robin: Hello there.

The goons turned and pointed their guns at him as Slade slowly turned towards him

Deathstroke: Young Robin. *Chuckles* You are a bold one. All though I was expecting Batman but I'm not complaining. Kill him.

The milita fired but Robin threw down a smoke pellet and in the confusion Robin beated down all the goons one by one then approached Slade

Deathstroke: Back away! I will deal with this boy wonder slim....myself.

Robin: You're move.

Deathstroke: You're more foolish than the Bat. I been trained in your Ra's Al Ghul.

He took out his sword as Robin took his staff then they began to fight

But back at the Madhouse (Arkham) Batman left Dr. Langstrome who was turned back somewhere safe for the police and medics to find and rejoined the fight where Catwoman and Harley were still fighting and he knocked Harley off her

Batman: Langstrome's taken care of. 

Catwoman: What about the clown?

At that point a pop was heard from behind and thanks to Catwoman seances she and Bats dodges it as it inadvertently kills one of the goons

Harley: Dammit!

Batman: Too slow.

Harley: Shaddup, Batsy! You're ruining date night!

She once again points her gun at him but just before she could fire Huntress quickly takes a grenade from a knocked out goon and it throws infront of the fired bullet causing it to explode

It knocked Harley aside as she laid there woozy but still conscious

Catwoman: Go get Joker, I got this, handsome. Just come back to me.

Batman: Again no promises.

Catwoman: Then for luck.

She pulled him for a kiss which lasted a moment then Bats went off to find Joker while Catwoman and Huntress stayed behind

Harley picked herself up but when she opened her eyes Catwoman strained her to a wall with her foot like she did Dagget

Huntress: Whoa mom....

Catwoman: Cat got your tounge?

Harley: Ugh, look who it is. What'd you want Cat Lady? Come to stick the knife in it some more? Well go on then do it! I'm not telling you nothin'!

Catwoman: Oh no no no no. Just one question, that's all: Where's the clown? Better tell me, or I'll slice you apart. Piece by piece.

Harley: You'll never find him dumbass!

Catwoman: Hmph. Is that so? Too bad.

She slowly moves her foot away from the wall and goes for another strike but Harley dodges and grabs her baseball bat from aside her and CLOCKS aside the head


Harley: What? That's all you got? C'mon, get up, you. I've just given you a one way ticket to the funhouse. Batter up. She posed herself with the bat again and clocks Catwoman again and lays there knocked out

Huntress witnessed her mother getting pounded before her very eyes and....she gets really PISSED off

Huntress charged at her and tasered Harley she squeled and fell

Huntress: Mom?!

Catwoman: dear Helena.....

Huntress: It's ok, it's just a scratch. I'll get you out of here. *To herself* Dad, I'm beginning to think you're about this Beyond thing. Not sure if any of us are cut out for this. God help whoever will be in the future.

Later Batman came into a main hall where Joker sat in some thrown with a puppet (Scarface) and Gordon tied up next to him

Joker: Why didn't you STOP BATMAN?!?!?!

Scarface (Voiced by Mark Hamill) (Really, really): Me?! It was your plan you goofy clown!

Joker: Bah! I'm sending you back to the tranquillitin where you belong! *Throws the puppet down* You had to spoil everything. Beating up Man-Bat. And Sabotage Deathstroke's milita.

Batman: It's over Joker.

Joker: Over? Why my dear diluted Dark Knight. It hasn't even begun.

Out of no where.....Robin was kicked into the room rolling towards Bats

Batman: Robin!

He aided him and was more injured than Catwoman was then....Slade walks in the room confronting the Dark Knight

Batman: Slade.

Deathstroke: Codname's: Deathstroke. It's time I took my rightful place at my master's side.

Batman: Ra's Al Ghul was a mad man. As are you.

Joker: Maybe I should explain the punch line, Bats. I invited Deathstroke for the party and he told me some secrets. Secrets of this Al Ghul guy yall are talking about. And how he trained the two of you....Bruce. (Yep.)

Batman frowned

Joker: It's true Batsy. I know everything. About Alfred. About Cat lady wifey Selina. And sweet little Helena. And it had me thinking....I remember seeing my old partner Chill shooting down a couple amateurs with names Wayne. And...I never would accuered that my greatest rival was that same little boy kneeing down at his dead mother and father. It would be funny if it weren't so pathatic. Ah what the hell, I'll laugh anyway! Hahahahaha!!

Batman was about to charge at him but Slade Knocks him down

Joker: Oh I forgot to mention. Idk if you're little sidekick there told ya. I spent the last 17 years planting bombs all around the city. And he had to find you in a week but....I didn't tell him I WOULDN'T set them off if he did. And the only way you can stop the bombs is if you get this little trigger from my little hand. Brings back memories of Bane, doesn't it? And the only way you can get it is if you beat Deathstroke. And you got....20 minutes to do it.

Deathstroke: Fair's fair, Wayne. Now it's time for a little one on one.

Batman: The game ends here, Slade.

And they post in battle face to face for the FINAL battle

The two men were however evenly matched

Attacks were dodged there was near misses and all around in comming chaos ensued

Gordon: Come on, whoop his ass, Batman!

At that point Batman blocked one of Deathstroke's sword attacks and KNEE'S him in the face pushing him back

It knocks off Slade's mask and realizes that one of his swords were dropped and Batman picked it up and Slade un shieved his other sword thus begun their sword duel

At that point the Joker see's the Huntress from the back corner of the room he gets impatiant and starts shooting at her but she ducks to dodge the bullets

Joker: Argh! Stay still!

He then shoots rapidly at Huntress as she avoids the shots and shoots back with her taser but it got over charged so much it exploded in her hands

Huntress: Aah! *Falls*

Batman: *Looks up* NO!!

She fell beside Robin and Batman kicked Slade off and hits the wall

Batman: It's over, Slade.

Slade: What....are you?

He then threw the sword he had by his head then Batman slammed him to the wall knocking Deathstroke out

But suddeny.....

Harley: Batter up....

She swings her bat clocking him like Selina

Gordon: No, Batman!

Joker: *Approaches* Nicely done my dear. You know, Bat's years ago when you and I tangled during Dent's crusade it was loads of laugh. Just like now but the sad fact is fact is....none of us are getting any younger. But when I said you and I are destin to do this forever I meant we'd do it over and over again until we're both dead. So age matters not. We would even tangle in heaven or hell.

Batman: You....killed my parents.

Joker: What?

Harley: What's he talking about puddin'?

Joker: Oh just some past history thing. Let's just say my partner had the balls to point a gun and shoot the Waynes for stupid jewlrey. I was only there for the thrill. But I had no idea that one little boy would become something that could change your life forever. So you could say....Bats and I had a deeper history than before even before masks and make up. Ain't that right Batsy?

Batman: I made you....but you made me first.

He then immediiately grabbed him and head butted him as he threw him over to Robin

Robin stumbling back on his feet whooped him with his staff and before loosing balance and falling back down As he was dazed Batman shot his bat-grip at him at him pulling Joker towards him and lifted him up and and slamming him back down and inadvertently making him drop the bomb trigger in his hand

As for Joker.....he look dead

(Although we know he wasn't)

Huntress: Ow.

Harley: No!

She immediately went down to his aid to comfort him not fazed at Batman's sheer appearance behind her

(Arkham city reference)

Harley: YOU!

Batman: Get out of my way Quinn.

Harley: Leave us alone, B-man! Just-just leave me with him.

Batman: I said MOVE!

He pulled her out of the way rather forcefully but then he finds himself in a.....


He blows up a stuffed teddy bear in his face (Harley placed it with him when she was on him) and it knocs Batman back long enough for Joker to get up and hit him

But it barely fazed him

(Age of Ultron reference)

(I know I use a bunch of this stuff but it's really fun)

Batman slowly stares back at the Joker and spits out a tooth as he gave him a VERY sterm look

Joker: Um-I'm sorry??

He then hits Batman in the area where the sun don't shine (Which once again has no effect on him) and that's when Robin Huntress even Catwoman get involved but unfortunately they didn't have a chance cause both Joker and Harley scurried up to the throne

Joker: Whoo!! So long Bats, helluva a ride, but I'm getting off!

Harley: Bye bye Bat-brain! *Shows she has the trigger*

Joker then pressed a button calling in....


They jumped in and they took off

Batman see's them go

Alfred: Sir that tank is too fast. You'll never catch them.

Batman: That's why I got this.

He pressed on his belt and out of the water near Arkham island (Madhouse island) the Bat-Sub rises and docks on auto pilot

Batman: Robin, Get Helena and Selina back to the cave for medical attention. And get Slade over to the GCPD. I'm finishing this now. Time to put Lucius's toy to the test.

He took off into the water as the other three saw him go feeling proud

Huntress: That's my dad.

Catwoman: He's so amazing.

Robin: Good luck Bruce.

The Dark Knight speeds around founders island to track the Joker mobile

Oracle: Batman, they're heading for heading for the old Harvey Dent memorial bridge.

Batman: That bridge has been abandon for years no one will be on it. So I'll take it out.

He speeds over to the bridge as Joker and Harley were lauging in the jokermobile till.....

The bridge was blown apart by the Bat-sub's missles and Joker pounded on the break

Joker: Whoo....for a second there I thought that was it for us.

Harley: Let me finish him for you Mr. Jay.

That's when the hatch was torn off and Harley and Joker looked up seeing Batman in the shadows with his eyes glowing white

(Arkham knight reference)

Batman: You're afraid of being ashes. You're afraid of being forgotten. And you will be forgotten, Joker. Because of me! *Grabs him by the neck* I am Vengeance. *Holds him up* I am the Night! I. Am. BATMAN!

Batman threw the Joker out and he knocked out Harley and he continued to beat the ever-loving s**t out of him in the blink of an eye

He then dragged him to the broken part of the bridge as he threaten to drop him below the water to avenge his parents But.....he knew he couldn't or to violate his code

He just tossed him aside and grabs the trigger from Harley's pocket

Batman: Today was not a good day to push me, Joker.

Joker: No, Bruce. Wait!

He drops the trigger into the water aybiss and Joker just stares blinkly at the splash

Batman then called the Batwing to drag both Joker and Harley to the lock up

But.....Joker had his pocket knife in his hand and STABBED Bats in the shoulder

Batman: AAH!!

Joker: Sorry Bats. But I'm not going down that easily this time. Besides even though I was there when your parents died killed your ex corrupted Dent and almost killed your family and nearly blew Gotham to hell, even so....we both know you'll never kill me when you should have.

Batman: Every decion you made always ends in death and misery. People die. I stop you. You'll just brake out and do it over again.

Joker: Hehehehe....think of it as a running.....GAG!

Joker launched himself swinging his knife but Batman dodged it this time but......

Joker fell off the edge of the blown bridge


He laughed on as he SLASHED into the ocean where Harley woke up just to see her "Puddin" fall

Harley: NO!! PUDDIN!! *Sobs*

Batman just stared down where Joker made his splash suspecting Joker met his demise

Later we cut at the GCPD lock up where Batman brought in Harley where Gordon in a wheal chair and Bullock stood in the lobby

Gordon: Ah Batman. Thank God you're alive. And got the jester

Harley: You'll pay for what you did to my Puddin' BATS!

Bullock: Where's the other one?

Batman: He's--he's gone.

Gordon: You...don't sound entirely sure. Well....good work. And thanks. For everything.

Batman: Goodbye, Jim.

As he was outside on the roof of the GCPD he took one last glance as the Bat-signal removing his mask and dropping it

Bruce: Alfred, Harley and Slade are custedy. It's time. Till we need to inisiate Project: Beyond.

Alfred: Everything's ready sir. Miss Selina and Helena are waiting for you outside the cave.

Bruce: Shut it all down till it's time for Project Beyond to commence. Goodbye Alfred.

Alfred: Goodbye, sir. Your parents would be very proud.

Soon he flew off in the batwing and later met with Selina and Helena all hugged

Lucius narrating: There came a time when this city fell into ruins. Crime, murder, violation. Till one man turned that around.

The Waynes waved at Alfred at the airport before boarding and flying back to metroplis

Lucius narrating: And he was no mere man. He was a myth. A symbol. He was.....The Batman.

With a sad look Alfred shut down all power to the Batcave and left not looking back

Lucius narrating: And he gave the scum something to fear. Which gave the people hope for a better future. There were flaws...but in the end Batman always indured.

As for Blake he left Gotham and moved to Bludhavin taking on a NEW mantle: Nightwing!

Lucius narrating: All though there had to come time of a hard choice. Batman had to be immortal. But Bruce Wayne was not.

The Waynes returned home and happily lived on

Lucius narrating: So we began a new project to insure the legacy of Batman will live on.

Helena later was at her homecoming dance dancing with her boyfriend as Bruce and Selina celeberated their 18th anniversery with wine and.....whatever

Lucius narrating: A project called.....

At Wayne tower Lucius opened new secret facility

Lucius: Batman Beyond.

The screen zooms at a new Batman suit with a red bat symbol and inner bat cape

(End Credits)

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