The Dark Hunter: The Return for the Revenge is a 2015 science fiction adventure fantasy film, starring


With nobody here for help and refuses to accept The Dark Hunter has return. Claire, Chris and Rain must face The Dark Hunter for second time but when the spirit terrorising them. Nobody is safe



  • Dakota Fanning as Claire Chase
  • Alexandra Daddario as Rain Powell
  • Andrew Garfield as Chris Bailey
  • Autumn Shields as Eve Powell
  • Saoirse Ronan as Theresa Rivers
  • Kevin Bacon as Victor Powell
  • Mary-Louise Parker as Erin Powell
  • Michelle Trachtenberg as Raven Phillips
  • Kevin Spacey as Stephen Davenport
  • Viggo Mortensen as Spencer Chase
  • Holly Hunter as Molly Chase
  • Brooklynn Proulx as Elizabeth Chase
  • Ashley Benson as Agatha Roberts
  • TBA as Nick Foster
  • Tatum McCann as Carla Phillips
  • TBA as Justin Cox


Eve got the power in the funeral of Martin Foster

  • Eve: Oh man.
  • (Eve grunt)
  • Eva: My husband will still alive with our family.
  • (Eva cried and Eve grunt)
  • Eve (as Martin): I am still here for you.
  • (Eva scream)
  • Eva: A monster.
  • Eve (as Martin): I love you.
  • (Eve laugh)
  • (Hair fall over on Eve's arm and blood)
  • (Eve pushing Martin's body)
  • (Eva scream)
  • (People scream)
  • Rain: Eve.
  • Eve: Don't worried, guys, I am not going to hurt you.
  • (Fire come out of Eve's hand and people scream)

Victor and Erin talk with Eve

  • (Blue horse flying)
  • (Eve laugh)
  • (Blue horse make Eve laugh)
  • Eve: Stop it, stop it.
  • Erin: I am sorry, Eva.
  • Eva: She has my husband's power.
  • Erin: What his power.
  • Eva: Ice and fire.
  • Victor: I think she like it.

Claire and Rain was caught by Eve then they ask her to help us to stop The Dark Hunter

  • (Rain and Claire walk)
  • Claire: This sucks, when the Dark Hunter target us.
  • Claire: 5 people was petrified by the spirit.
  • Claire: First, Agatha.
  • Rain: Nick's secret girlfriend.
  • Claire: Then was Justin.
  • Claire: Then was Carla.
  • Rain: Then Raven.
  • Claire: And Chris.
  • (Eve look at them)
  • Claire: Is this day get worse for us.
  • (Rain saw Eve)
  • Rain: Claire.
  • Claire: What.
  • (Claire saw Eve)
  • (Eve run)
  • Claire: Eve.
  • (Claire and Rain run and found Eve)
  • Eve: Hey.
  • (Rain grab Eve)
  • Eve: Get off.
  • Rain: Little hunter.
  • Eve: What wrong with you two.
  • Claire: Who told you to follow us.
  • Eve: Nobody.
  • Eve: I am telling the truth, guys.
  • Eve: What.
  • Claire: We are take you home.
  • Eve: If you take me home, I am go to tell everbody about your little plan.
  • Claire: Damn it.
  • Rain: What.
  • Claire: Ask your stupid sister how old is she.
  • Rain: OK, how old are you.
  • Eve: I am 11 years old.
  • Claire: Same age when I got the power.
  • Rain: You got it by The Dark Hunter.
  • Rain: Eve got it in the funeral.
  • Claire: Got herself in trouble.
  • Eve: Stop it.
  • Claire: Troublemaker.
  • Eve: Can I help you.
  • Rain: No.
  • Eve: I will tell.
  • Claire: She has to.
  • Rain: What.
  • Claire: We said no, she go to tell on us.


  • 156 mins
  • 12 certificate
  • It will distributed by Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures
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