The Dark House (known as Sean S. Cunningham's The Dark House) is a 2016 supernatural horror film directed by Sean S. Cunningham. This films stars Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and Keira Knightley


A family moved into a new house with some weird results. There are 2 psychics who said that the house was haunted by the ghosts who died here. As soon they enter, their children began to see ghosts and Jacqueline Willows, the white lady begins haunting them.



  • Sandra Bullock as Christina Harding, the mother of the family.
  • Ryan Reynolds as Eddie Harding, the father of the family.
  • Keira Knightley as Jacqueline Willows/The White Lady, a ghost of a former member of the house.
    • Isabelle Allen as Young Jacqueline Willows
  • Hayley McFarland as Lorraine Harding, the 17-year-old daughter of Christina and Eddie.
  • Zach Callison as John Harding, the 13-year-old son of Christina and Eddie.
  • Meyrick Murphy as Ellie Harding, the 10-year-old daughter of Christina and Eddie.
  • Ben Aldridge as Mr. Willows, Jacqueline's husband.
  • Julianne Moore as Nora, the psychic medium.
  • Donnabella Mortel as Alisha, Nora's assistant.
  • Greg Cipes as Officer Richards
  • J.G. Quintel as Officer Logan
  • Annalise Basso as the Ghost in the Straitjacket #1
  • Hunter Wilichoski as the Ghost in the Straitjacket #2
  • Kaelynn Wright as Addie Willows/The Ghost Girl, the daughter of Jacqueline Willows and Mr. Willows.
  • Max Charles as the Cowboy Ghost
  • John C. Reilly as the Ghost in Chains
  • Ariana Grande as Psychic #1
  • Taylar Hender as Psychic #2
  • Natalie Alyn Lind as the Ghost Child #1
  • Tate Berney as the Ghost Child #2
  • Sidney Fullmer as the Ghost Child #3

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  • Both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds appear on The Proposal.


The 13th Hour Track 23 Gruesome Discovery

The 13th Hour Track 23 Gruesome Discovery

The movie's main theme.


  1. Midnight Syndicate - Gruesome Discovery (the main theme)
  2. Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road
  3. Darling Violetta - The Sanctuary
  4. John The Conqueror - Lucille
  5. Soundgarden - Fell On Black Days
  6. Midnight Syndicate - Grisly Reminder (end credits)


  1. "The House" - 1:28
  2. "Where Did She Go?" - 1:00
  3. "They're Dead!" - 0:50
  4. "Scaredy John" - 1:63
  5. "Ghosts" - 2:10
  6. "The Death of Lorraine and John" - 2:16


Christina wakes up to found her children's body but only Ellie survived

  • (Morning)
  • (Christina walks downstairs)
  • Christina: Lorraine? Ellie? John?
  • Christina: Anybody?
  • (Christina saws a door to living room)
  • (Christina walks to the door)
  • Christina: Will you three stop making jokes on me?
  • (Christina open the door and serious music plays)
  • (Lorraine's body with blood)
  • (Christine runs to Lorranie's body)
  • Christina: Lorraine?! Lorraine?!! LORRIANE?!!!
  • (Christina pants)
  • Christina: Lorraine, please, wake up, please!
  • Christina: Wake up for Mommy!
  • (Christina hugged Lorriane's dead body)
  • (Eddie walks in)
  • Christina: Call the ambulance!
  • Christina: We need help!
  • Eddie: Lorriane.
  • Christina: Stay with her, I am going to find John and Ellie.
  • (Christine walk away to found John and Ellie)
  • (Eddie walk to Lorriane's body)
  • (Eddie hold Lorriane's body)
  • Eddie: Daddy is here for you.
  • (Eddie cries)
  • Eddie: Please! Stay strong for your daddy!
  • (Eddie find a phone on the floor)
  • (Eddie calling the ambulance)
  • Eddie: We need help! Please?!
  • (Christine walking upstairs)
  • Christine: Ellie?! John?!
  • Christine: Ellie?!
  • (Blood on Ellie's door)
  • (Serious music plays)
  • Christine: ELLIE!!!
  • (Christine run to the door)
  • Christine: ELLIE!!!!!
  • (Christine open the door)
  • (Christine screams)
  • (John lying down dead on the floor)
  • (Ellie on the bed bleeding)
  • (Christine runs to John's body)
  • Christine: NO! John? JOHN?!!!
  • (Christine hugs John's body)
  • Christine: Oh my god!
  • Christine: This cannot be real!
  • (Christine cried)
  • (Ellie breaths)
  • Ellie: Mummy?
  • (Christine looks at Ellie)
  • Christine: Ellie, are you OK?
  • Ellie: My stomach's hurt.
  • (Christine's hand with blood)
  • (Christine hugs Ellie)
  • Christine: Everything will OK.
  • (Christine cried)
  • Christine: We are going to get some help.
  • (Blood drops on the floor)

At the hospital, Christine told Ellie about Lorraine and John's death

  • (Beeps 3 time)
  • (Ellie sleep on the hospital bed)
  • (Christine sleep on the chair for 3 minutes)
  • Ellie: Mommy?
  • (Christine wake up)
  • (Christine look at Ellie)
  • Ellie: Why we are in the hospital?
  • Christine: Ellie...
  • Ellie: What happened to me?
  • Christine: It was an attack last night. Somebody broke in and start to attack you, Lorraine and John.
  • Ellie: What happened to you and Dad?
  • Christine: We are okay but I think somebody lock us in our room to not hear our children screaming for help.
  • Ellie: Where are they?
  • Christine: Who?
  • Ellie: Lorraine and John.
  • Christine: They did not make it.
  • (Christine cries)
  • Christine: Lorraine and John are dead.
  • Ellie: They already crossoed over
  • Christine: Your brother and sister are dead. They had been murdered! If we know somebody broke in the house and trying to attack us. Lorraine and John should be alive if they did not died in horrible attack. And we could be waken and help them.
  • (Ellie cried)
  • (Christine gets up and hugs Ellie)
  • Ellie: I am scared.
  • Christine: You got me and your dad.
  • Ellie: I wanted my siblings back!
  • (Ellie shudders and tries not to cry)
  • (Crying Eddie watch Christine and Ellie hugging)
  • (Sad music)
  • Ellie (crying): Mommy, I am scared.
  • Christine: Ellie, Me and your Daddy will protect you everyday.
  • Ellie: I wanted Lorraine!
  • Christine: She is in heaven with John.
  • Ellie: I wants Lorraine!!
  • (Ellie is in tears)
  • (Ghost of Jacqueline watches Christine and Ellie in the window)
  • (Jacqueline turns around and walks away)


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A sequel, titled The Dark House: White Nightmare, is scheduled to be released in October 19, 2018. Only Sandra Bullock as Christina and Julianne Moore as Nora returned.

Follow Up/Prequel

Main article: The Dark House: The Haunting

A follow up, called The Dark House: The Haunting, is scheduled to be released in June 19, 2016. It does not follow the haunting of Christina Harding, it follows a married couple (Justin Long and Amanda Seyfried) trying to save the town before its too late. Julianne Moore reprises her role as Nora and Matthew Broderick with Francesca Capaldi make cameos as Hannah and Thomas Sterling.

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