The Dark is a 2017 American horror slasher film. Starring Willa Holland, David Castro, Devon Bostick, Sarah Wayne Callies, Malese Jow, Carlson Young, KJ Apa, Jessica Sula, Dylan O'Brien, Katherine Ramdeen, Trevor Jackson, Diego Boneta, Madison Davenport, Maia Mitchell, Matt Davis, Graham Rogers, Logan Browning, Steven Krueger, Dacre Montgomery and Grace Phipps. The film's plot is about: 17 years ago, a teenage boy was murdered for brutally murdering 10 teenagers. Now, a new killer is out to kill more teenagers, starting where he left off. Remember the rules: run, don’t sleep, stay out of the dark and kill them.



  • Willa Holland as Claire Roberts
  • David Castro as Danny Martinez
  • Devon Bostick as Josh Roberts
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Trish Roberts
  • Malese Jow as Hannah Murphy
  • Carlson Young as Carly Martin
  • KJ Apa as Nathan Stewart
  • Jessica Sula as Bianca Perkins
  • Dylan O’Brien as Owen Miller aka The Redwick Slasher
  • Katherine Ramdeen as Amanda Elliott
  • Trevor Jackson as Marcus Hudson
  • Diego Boneta as Carlos Perez
  • Madison Davenport as Tracy Collins
  • Maia Mitchell as Kathy Blake
  • Matt Davis as Sheriff Kyle Blake
  • Graham Rogers as Deputy Jordan Sanders
  • Logan Browning as Lacey Smith
  • Steven Krueger as Lucas Clarkson
  • Dacre Montgomery as Nate Harris
  • Grace Phipps as Ashley Quinn



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