The Darcy Kids is the 2017 live action/animated film which is the reboot of The Darcy Triplets series. It takes place in the same universe with the first Stalk by My Doctor movie. The film starring Wesley MacInnes, Dacre Montgomery, Melanie Martinez in her cinematic debut, Becky G, Cooper Roth, Sunny May Allison and Eric Roberts.


It shows that Cillian hates his father, Lorcan was a failed comedian, Lilly's an outcast, Ellie was bullied, Nightmare's been trouble in law, and Kino's been blackmailed by her bully until everything's changed when they meets the mysterious villain named Dr. Immortal who's plotting to dominate the world with his iron fist.


The movie begins in the prehistoric period, The mysterious black cube appeared out of the sky while the caveman were looking at the rocks until one of them looks at the black cube and gains immortality before everythings changed. 

Years laters, in Lovemoor, in the year 1990. After a long night of partying, Max and six of his friends become drunk and drive over a bridge and crash into a truck, killing all five. Max's father's friend and the mayor of the town, Maisie Quinn, persuades the council to pass several draconian laws, including a ban on all unsupervised dancing within the city limits.

In the present, 17 years old, Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly have the bad life from their father after their moved from New York seven years ago. Cillian was forced by him to play football, Lorcan is a failed comedian who's trying to make money, and Lilly is an outcast who's trying to fit in who dyed the half of her hair. Mike forced them to get ready for school. Ellie walked out of her old lover's house who's been a pervert towards her. She was the daughter of the strict principal named Maximilian Wilson, he is very strict, rude and overprotective to his daughter. Nightmare and Kino are the Mayor's kids, Nightmare is always trouble with the law that his mother made, and Kino has an embarrassing nickname, Potty Pants because she peed and pooped her pants. 

Lorcan was working on a better joke but he has a writer's block. Cillian is looking at his father's picture in the trophy case. He reveals to himself that he doesn't want to play football. A new teacher named Professor Bruke is teaching history and the lesson is about Immortality. Nightmare thinks he sees him from somewhere and thought to himself, Where did he saw him from?.

After school, Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly found something more awesome at the old abandoned workshop in the forest. While in the forest, Lorcan sees Ellie commiting suicide by hanging to death but then, Lorcan saves her until she meets his eyes. Nightmare and Kino looked around in the forest and sees something in the old animation workshop. Kino suggest to find a way to get back at Michelle Williams, her bully and blackmailer while Nightmare sees Cillian and Lilly arrived there first. 

At the beach, Lorcan and Ellie have something in common, they both are failed comedians, they love music, and they have a same mother but a different father. Ellie has fallen in love with Lorcan. Cillian and Nightmare found something that's called the Rainbow Stones of Power, the most powerful colourful stones in the history of time. They found some explosives and uses them to get them. Lilly confront Kino that she told her about she pooped and peed her pants in school because of a huge line of the bathroom, Lilly believes her and help her get revenge on Michelle Williams for her bullying.  

Lorcan and Ellie found Cillian and Lilly who're with Nightmare and Kino, they sees the stones and discovers that they've gain power until the police arrived. Lilly discovers that Lorcan and Ellie had feeling for each other despite they are half silbing. Lorcan sees the stones and picked up the purple one while Ellie picked up the red. Nightmare picked up the green while Kino picked up the cyan. Cillian picked up the blue while Lilly picked up the pink. The police sees them and the Darcy Kids flee from Lovemoor from their abuse and torture. While escaping, the car is hit by a train. The six found themselves on the island in the next morning. Cillian discovers that he has electrokinesis and ink manipulation while Lorcan has both Telekinesis and Time Manipulation, Lilly has neon manipulation and Ellie has video manipulation, hacking intuition, entertainmant materialization. Nightmare has fire manipulation and finally Kino has Magic, Dimensional Manipulation, Power Absorbation and Healing Factor.

Lorcan has an idea and use his powers to build a house. Ellie has some video cameras to use her new powers to hack into jumbo-screen and pretend that they made their game show, The Meteor Challenge with Kino's the game show host.

At night, Cillian, Lilly, Nightmare and Kino are sleep, Lorcan and Ellie are talking about where they go which they decided to go to hawaii or florida. Lorcan decided to build the boat to venture somewhere the others want to go. Ellie plans to hide their relationship from their dads which Lorcan agreed her plan. 

In the morning, Cillian sees Lorcan build a boat and plans to sail wherever they can go. Lilly, Nightmare and Kino wanted to go to Florida which is that was Lorcan and Ellie wanted to go and they shared a laugh.

Back in Lovemoor, Mike discovers that the triplets are missing since the last two days, Mayor Quinn demand to find the Darcy Kids and punish them for a year.

In Florida, The Darcy Kids checked into a hotel and got a penthouse. While arriving to their room, Ellie almost poop herself and run to the bathroom. Lilly looks at the view of the beach, She can't wait to relax there while Cillian teaching Nightmare to surf, Kino can goes to the amusement park with Ellie, and Lorcan goes to the arcade but then she decided that they can all go to the amusement park which Cillian agree the plan.

Cillian and Lorcan are talking while the others are on the rides, Lorcan explains that he wanted to be alone with Ellie when they can get back to the hotel tonight. Cillian likes the idea because he's watching a wrestling match with Nightmare and Lilly's taking Kino to the arcades. 

At night, Lorcan and Ellie are at the swimming pool, having a nice swim together. Cillian and Nightmare were gonna watch the match but the News is on. Lorcan, Lilly, Ellie and Kino are watching the news, saying that they're wanted for a reward of 10 thousand dollars. Cillian came up a plan by venture from Florida to somewhere else. Nightmare and Kino's mother will come find them on thursday means they'll have two days and get out of Florida. 

The next day, Cillian comes an idea by traveling to Seattle. Lilly tells that it'll take fourty-five hours but they can able to get there. Lorcan will drive there and must leave at eight. When Mayor Quinn arrived to retrive the Darcy Kids, they already escaped.

While driving to Seattle, they sees an old factory and decided to go there. Cillian decided to lead the way to the factory. They sees a scientist named Dr. Brave who discovers that they have powers to fight back his ultimate enemy. Nightmare discovers who Professor Burke really is, Dr. Immortal. According to Dr. Brave, Dr. Immortal is plotting to destroy the world and the Darcy Kids are chosen to save the world from him. They must ventures in the woods to find out what's going on.

In the forest, The Darcy Kids are in the woods to find their way to take down Dr. immortal. While stopping for a night, Lorcan's looking at the stars, Ellie sees him and discovers that his father never give them enough love because he was abusing them. Ellie hugs him which leads her to her story because her father always dominating her life and always makes her decisions. Lorcan and Ellie discovers that they have in comment after all.

In the morning, they climb the mountain and sees the honest treasure called the jewel of power. Nightmare notice that Maisie's tracking Kino so looks like that they have to return to the old factory to escape. 

Back in the factory, Dr. Brave tells the Darcy Kids that the jewel of power is the most power jewel since the beginning of time, it will able to help them to take down Dr. Immortal and his army of robot-zombies. He decided to send them to New York, with Molly who's able to join them on their adventure. 

In Texas, Maisie is preparing to shoot the Darcy Kids by firing a bolt-action hunting rifle. But she thinks that they are heading to Alaska due to Ellie's hacking abilities.

In New York, Cillian's happy that the Darcy Triplets have returned to New York. He decided to settle the score with his old friend back in their old school. Cillian sees his old girlfriend kissing his old friend. When they sees him, Cillian walked away.

While having a cup of coffee at the cafe, Lilly has to go to the toilet and humming a song she's caming up. She grabbed her notebook and write the notes, the title of her song is, I'm a Sexist Clown. Ellie was talking to Lorcan before kissing him until Nightmare punched him and started a fight in the cafe. While Lilly's trying to focus to write her song while using the toilet, she keeps interupting because of the fight. 

Cillian's walking in the town and Jenny try to apologies to him but he won't forgive her and break up with her. Jenny tries to tell him but he won't listening and continue to listen.

Lilly finishes her toilet break and spanks Nightmare which Lorcan laughing. Ellie kiss Lorcan which Lilly shocks and smile. Nightmare yelled that he's gonna puke which Lorcan knocked him out and yelled, "SHUT THE FECK UP!" which makes Ellie laughs.


  • Wesley MacInnes as Cillian Darcy/The eldest of the Darcy Kids who was in a relationship with Jenny Wilson before they decided to break up.
  • Dacre Montgomery as Lorcan Darcy/The middle of the Darcy Triplets and Ellie, Nightmare and Kino's older half brother. He had feeling for Ellie despite she is his half sister.
  • Melanie Martinez as Lilly Darcy/The youngest of the Darcy Triplets and Ellie, Nightmare and Kino's older half sister. She's also a lesbian.
  • Becky G as Ellie Darcy/Cillian, Lorcan, Lilly, Nightmare and Kino's half sister who 2 years younger than the triplets, 1 year older than Nightmare and 2 years older than Kino. She's also Lorcan's girlfriend. She had feeling for Lorcan despite he is her half brother.
  • Cooper Roth as Nightmare Darcy/Cillian, Lorcan, Lilly and Ellie's younger half brother and Kino's older brother who's an emo who got in trouble by the law.
  • Sunny May Allison as Kino Darcy/The youngest of the Darcy Kids who was bullied.
  • Hugh Jackman as Dr. Brave/The Darcy Kids' mentor.
  • Maisie Williams as Molly Brave/Dr. Brave's daughter.
  • Tom Selleck as Professor Burke/Dr. Immortal/The main antagonist of the film who's immortal and once the lover of Melanie Darcy when she was in her 20s.
  • Eric Roberts as Dr. Albert Beck
  • Brianna Joy Chomer as Sophie Green
  • Claire Blackwelder as Jenny Wilson/Cillian's ex-girlfriend who broke up with him due to his bad behavior and his move.
  • Matthew Perry as Mr Michael Darcy/The Darcy Triplets' uncle who's a teacher at their old school.
  • Neil Flynn as Coach Mike Darcy/Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly's abusive father and Nightmare and Kino's biological father who encourage Cillian to play football and follow his footsteps.
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Melanie Darcy/Cillian, Lorcan and Lilly's mother and Ellie's biological mother who wants them to have a better life.
  • Mary Scheer as Mayor Maisie Quinn/Nightmare and Kino's mother and the secondary antagonist who's been abusive to her kids. She's also the mayor of the town of Lovemoor.
  • Andy Daly as Maximilian Wilson/Ellie's father who's a strict principal at the Darcy Kids' school
  • Eden Sher as Michelle Williams/Kino's bully and blackmailer.


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