The Darcy

Karen Gillan


Karen Gillan

Executive producer(s)

Jeff Garlin


Tom Holland
Blake Michael
Chloë Grace Moretz
Morgan Lily
Cooper Roth
Sunny May Allison
David Tennant
Courteney Cox
Patrick Warburton
Jeff Garlin
Tim Curry

First aired

November 23rd 2018

Last aired

November 30th 2018

The Darcy is a 2018 upcoming supernatural action/adventure superhero drama miniseries directed and written by Karen Gillan. The story revolves around a predatory woman who has the ability to manipulate time to conquer the world, allowing it to exploit the phobias of her victims. She is a former police officer named Penny Williams played by Courteney Cox. The protagonists are The Darcy Kids, a group of outcast kids who discover Penny's supernatural powers and must find the way to destroy her and save the world. The series takes place over two planets, the first when the Darcy Kids first discover their powers on a deserted planet, and the second when they're engaged into the final showdown against Penny on Earth.

The Darcy  features an ensemble cast, starring Tom Holland, Blake Michael, Chloë Grace Moretz, Morgan Lily, Cooper Roth, Sunny May Allison, David Tennant, Courteney Cox, Patrick Warburton, Jeff Garlin and Tim Curry,



Two boys named Leon and Cal participate in a charity skydive for a special space adventure to Planet Magma. However, the fun end when Cal gets a call from his uncle where his parents are visiting him, and receives news that they've died in a car accident.

The Planet Adventure

The Fight for the Earth



The Darcy Kids

Color Role Actor
Cillian Darcy Leo Tom Holland
Lorcan Darcy Cal  Blake Michael
Lilly Darcy Carrie White Chloë Grace Mortez
Ellie Darcy Nancy Leigh Morgan Lily
Nightmare Darcy Gibson Cooper Roth
Kino Darcy Shelly Linker Sunny May Allison




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