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The Damaged is a 2012 American Dark Comedy Psychadelic Drama film written and directed by Gregory Hoblit starring Nico Tortorella, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Tucker, Ryan Kelley, Emma Stone, Colin Hanks and Julianne Moore.

The film had a limited but succesful box office run spanning from September 29th - October 18th 2012.

It was released on DVD, Blu-Ray and Ultra-Violet format on February 16th, 2013.

The film was shot almost entirely in scattered locations across Toronto, Ontario during the Canadian Winter of 2011.


The crash course of stuck in college adults who convene in each other and illegal narcotics to deal with their own individual problems:

Love and disillusionment, promiscuity and approval, a terminal condition and the death of a loved one, street life and racism, depression & anxiety, homosexuality and a sordid affair.


  • Nico Tortorella as Brett Easton/The Disillusioned Lover
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Lyra Scandinavia/ The Needy Whore
  • Chris Tucker as Jones Lincoln/ The Segregated Gambler
  • Ryan Kelley as Ivan Ritz/ The Terminal Epileptic
  • Emma Stone as Ariel Grundy/ The Depressed Academic
  • Colin Hanks as Robert Kindred/ The Bullied Homo
  • Julianne Moore as Martha Easton
  • Mackenzie Foy as Deanna Easton
  • Elizabeth Banks as Collette Scandinavia


  1. Time to Pretend- MGMT
  2. Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
  3. Young Folks- Peter, Bjorn & John
  4. You! Me! Dancing!- Los Campesinos
  5. Banquet- Bloc Party
  6. The Kill- Thirty Seconds To Mars