The Cursed House is A Horror Supernatural Slasher Film Starring:Alexander Skarsgård, ashley greene, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, charlie carver and kirsten prout with matt bomer


in 1999 a house away from civilization where she was found dead there was a family slaughter the culprit was the father of the family was possessed by a espirutu 10 years later another family cohen passed after the death of the brother of Richard and twin of Bridgete died in car accident legos but they move to get to the house will be spied upon by a espiruto the same father Possessed richard will do the same thing he'd have to kill his family but it Bridgete will stop before he kills


Alexander Skarsgård As Richard Cohem/Bridgette and Alan Brother, Vexy Husband and Dan StepFather

Ashley Greene As Bridgette "Bridg" Cohem/Richard Sister and Alan Twin

Jean-Luc Bilodeau As Dan Thorne/Vexy Son and Richard Step-Son

Lizzie Caplan As Vexy Thorne-Cohem/Richard Wife and Dan Mother

Charlie Carver As Ashton Franco/Bridg Boyfriend

Kirsten Prout As Susan Nichols/Dan Girlfriend

Matt Bomer As Jason Poots/Richard Best Friend

Jane Levy As Teresa Thorne/Vexy Sister and Dan Aunt

Haley Werbb As Bree Philips/Bridgette Best Friend

Ryan Meriman As Mike Lever/Bridgette Best Friend

Maggie Q. As Maia Wong/Jason Girlfriend

Thommas Dekker As Tommy Andley/Dan Best Friend

Kat Graham As Vera Flamingan/Susan Best Friend

Tyler Hoelich As Alan Cohem/Richard Brother and Alana Twin


Alan-collided with a light pole and dies by richard fights with protect to give

Vera-pruning claws will tear your face

Tommy-throat cut with machete

Maia-stabbed in the head with an ivory tusk

Mike-head crushed with a sledgehammer

Bree-Head slammed on tree several times

Jason-split in half head with iron

Vexy-cuts the head an ax

Ashton-for distractions so they can escape the others let you do multiple machete wound

Teresa-crashing when running I metal tube with killing himself

Susan-when it is stored in the closet finds richard's on the strip starts to hang out the window and lands on the fence of broken metal pipes

Dan-when he is escaping with bridgette tells him it was his fault that Alan died that change their papers saying she was on drugs bridgette gets upset and cuts the artery of the foot so it can not run richard no fans to give butchers and taking away the legs, arms, head

Bridgette-death:she comes to the house gets to see the corpse of susan but she walks down the strip richard hits but she begins to ration but the ghost buelve to posesionar bridgette stabs in the chest but not Meure police arrive and shoot several sometimes kill richard pole with a time bridgette after bleed to death

Richard-shot several times by police



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