The Crowville Chronicles is a British animated television series (with some live-action puppetry sequences) produced by Charles Hill Films and Jim Henson Productions for Thames Television. The show originally ran from 16 September 1989 to 5 Decemeber 1992 on the ITV network.


The story focused on newspaper reporter Clarence T. Crow and his photographer, a koala named Ozzie. The newspaper editor, a curmudgeonly rabbit, sends them to find a front-page story and tells them they only have ten minutes to do it. Crow runs around the office, slapstick ensuing, looking for something to use when he finds a photograph of a rhinoceros. He makes Ozzie take a photo of him in front of the picture so he can forge a story about himself performing a jungle rescue. When he poses for the snapshot, they suddenly find themselves inside the photo and the rhinoceros starts chasing them. They eventually jump out of the picture and present the story to the editor. He doesn't believe them, and after he walks away, the rhinoceros runs through the room.

Main Characters

Live Action Characters

Recurring Characters

Other Characters

  • The Crow Brothers (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert, Neil Buchanan, Brian Trueman and Richard Waites)
  • Dudley Poyson and Mac the Fork (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert and Brian Trueman)
  • Danger Mouse (voiced by David Jason)
  • Penfold (voiced by John Kevin)
  • Count Duckula (voiced by David Jason)
  • Igor (voiced by Willie Rushton)
  • Nanny (voiced by Brian Trueman)
  • The BFG (voiced by David Jason)
  • Sophie (voiced by Amanda Root)
  • Alias (voiced by Ray Brooks)
  • Boswell (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)
  • Queen Edith (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)
  • Sir Pinkly (voiced by David Jason)
  • Princess Amaranth (voiced by Amanda Root)
  • King Arthur (voiced by Brian Trueman)
  • Meredith (voiced by Edward Kelsey)

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