The flim starts off with a girl named Sara Bailey(Jane Levy) is standing in her bathroom and she is looking at herself in the miorror snd then she pulls a knife out and cut her wrist.

A week later when Sara gets to her new home a homless guy scares her and asks for money and her Dad scraes him off.The next day Sara attends her new school and at lunch a boy named Chris Hooker(Christian Hall)asks Sara out on a date and Sara says yes and Chris tells her to stay away from a a group of girls who are witches.In class Sara makes her notebook rise and only Bonnie can see this

After school Sara is walking through town and Nancy(Jenifer Lawrence),Bonnie(Diana Argona),Roshelle(Jenna Ushkwotz) walks with her an dthey tallk and then they eat at Subway and then they go to a store called Only For Witches and when Sara gets seperated from the group the same homeless guy chases Sara and she finds Nancy,Bonnie and Roshelle and they all think about that guy getting hit with a car and he dose.

While there walking they talk about Sara joining there coven making them very powerful and Manon a powerful deity and then Sara mets Chris at the cliff a popular place for highschool students and they kis.The next day at school Chris starts a rumor saying that he and Sara had sex and a rasist bully naed Laura Lizzie(Leven Ramblin) makes a raisst comment at Roshelle.

The next day Sara,Nancy,Bonnie and Roshelle go to a feild and they cast spells.Sara casts a love spell on Chris,Bonnie casts a spell on Beauty,Roshelle casts a hate spell on Laura Lizze and Nancy for power.That night they all go to Bonnie'shouse where they play light as a feather stiff as a board causing Roshelle to levate in the air.

The next day Chris becomes infatued with Sara and dose whatever Sara tells him to do. In the bathroom Roshelle finds Laura Lizze and her hair is falling out.At the hospoitol they experment with Bonnie casing her scars to go away and that night Nancy's mom(Neve Campball)is yelled at abd almost gets punched by Nancy's stepfather(Alexander Ludwig)and she causes him to have a heartattck and die.

Nancy and her Mom get's 10,000 dollars since the stepdad died and Nancy invites them to her new mansion and Sara shows them a trick where you can change an image and Nancy tasks them if they can go down to the beach with her so they can invocation the sprit an dthey do and Nancy get's struck by lighting and they all pass out and wake up the next morning to find Nancy has lack of empahaty.

That night Chris trys to rape Sara and Sara runs to Roshelle's house and she tells them what happend and Nancy leaves and goes to a party where she thinks Chris is at and she finds him and they go into a bedroom.Nancy trys to seduse Chris but Chris rejects her and so Nancy turns into Sara and Sara interupts them and Chris makes Nancy mad and Nancy uses her power and makes Chris fall out a window and he dies and while Sara is sleeping she has a awful dream of the witches.

The next day at school Nancy,Bonnie and Roshelle find Laura Lizze in the bathroom and she is bald and she is crying an dthey laugh at her and she runns out of the bathroom and they use there power to open the stall Sara has locked herself in.

They than say stuff to her and Sara relizes that Bonnie and Roshelle are diffrent and when Nancy leaves she says bye,Roshelle says sweet dreams and Bonnie says how have you been sleeping and then they leave.When Sara gets to her house that night her parents are gone and on the news it shows that her parents were killed in a car accident and Sara relizes it's not real.

Sara trys to leave bbut there's snakes and incests everyehere and Nancy finally stops and she trys to perade her to cut her wrists and Sara dosen't and Nancy dose it herself and Sara runs upstairrs and when Bonnie and Roshelle go up there they see themselves in the miorror.Bonnie has her scars again and Roshelle has no hair and they run out of the house and Sara calls Monan.

Sara and Nancy fight and Sara binds Nancy's power and it's gone and she get's emitted into a mental hosiptial.Sara is then walking away from her house and a strom is going on and lighting hits the ground behind her,

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