The Craft is a 2013 American supernatural horror film and is a remake of 1996 supernatural teen horror film. Starring Briana Evigan, Jane Levy, Emma Roberts, and Britne Oldford as a group of teenage girls who form their Amateur Witches' Coven, using their newly found powers to strike back at their enemies, up until the point to where the Craft becomes very dangerous. The film was directed by Drew Goddard, who had also directed '"The Cabin in the Woods'. The film was a hige success at the box office, hitting theaters in America on October 21st. The film has been somewhat rejected by those of Wiccan Faith, believing it to be offensive.


After a failed suicide attempt, Sarah Bailey, a somewhat insecure girl, is moved from San Francisco by her widower father, and to LA where she meets Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle, who are rumored to be witches. As the four become friends, they delve deeper into The Craft, using it to get back at their enemies, but not without dire consequences.


The film begins with four young woman in black clothing all chanting together, practicing Witchcraft. The camera circles rounds the four girls, stopping on Nancy, who opens her eyes. The screen cuts to black and then introduces the Cast and Crew before beginning with newbie, Sarah Bailey (Brianna Evigan) moving into her new home where she is attacked by a threatening vagarant with a snake. She picks up a fire place poker and chases him away before killing the snake, and explains what happened to her Dad. The next day, Sarah, although not having a uniform, voluntarily goes to her new, Catholic, School where sge recieves strange stares for having color streaks and being new. Meanwhile, three other girls, Snappy Nancy (Jane Levy), insecure Bonnie (Emma Roberts) and the only Black at an all White School, Rochelle (Britne Oldford), meet together under the bleachers, where Bonnie prophesises the arrival of a fourth girl to complete their Circle so that they can invoke Manon, the Ultimate, Fictional, God of the film. The girls are revealed to be practing Wiccans. During Latin, Sarah is embarassed by a smart remark and plays with her ink pen, finally drilling into the desk top with, of which Bonnie witnesses. Sarah notices Bonnie and quickly snaps back to reality, dropping the pen loudly. In ELA, Bonnie joins Rochelle and Nancy, explaining that the "Fourth" has come and her prophecy was in fact correct. Sarah appears and requests to join there group for a Literature Assignment, but Nancy's Goth Look and Intimadating Attitude make Sarah uncomfortable, and she leaves with Nancy pleased. Bonnie becomes mildly upset but Rochelle shushes her. After School, Sarah, bored, watches Chris at practice with another popular girl, Laura Lizzie (Portia Doubleday). Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle show up, scaring away the Populars. Nancy apologizes for Literature Class, and asks if Sarah wants to go for Starbucks and then shopping with the three. After embarassing Chris, Sarah happily joins the Girls.

After picking up Starbucks, Nancy asks Sarah what's happened to her wrist, but Sarah says nothing. Nancy apologizes for bekng so intrusive and comforts Sarah before the four enter an Occukl Shop and Market. The girls insist on shoplifting, but Sarah politely purchases some books on the Craft, although she is somewhat unconfortable at first. The four girls then leave. As Night falls, the Girls take a shortcut down a dilapidated, and shady street, where Sarah is chased by the Snake Vagarant (Tyler Mane), who screams at her violently. Nancy, Bonnie, Rochelle, and Sarah attempt to will to hurt the Vagarant. He is struck by a car, crushed, and killed, and the girls rejoice. The ask Sarah to become the Fourth and one for Earth to add to their circle to make it complete. Sarah is made uncomfortable with Nancy's obsession with Manon, and returns home.

The next day at School, Sarah is told by Nancy and Bonnie that Chris has said that Sarah is the "Worst F***" that he's ever had and that she peed on herself. Sarah is angered by this and repeatedly made fun of throughout the day. Bonnie is checked out afterwards for a Doctor's Appointment for Burn Therapy due to the massive burns and welts she recieved from a terrible fire as a little girl. The therapy session does not work and makes the burns even worse and painful. During her Swim Try Out, Rochelle is harassed by Laura, the same girl at Football Practice, and is revealed to be a racist from North Carolina. Nancy returns home from School that Night, having walked, and is harassed by her drunk mother, Grace, who is married to an abusive man named Ray. She cries as the roof leaks and Grace and Ray scream at each other.

Following these events, Sarah joins the Coven and they ask for blessings from Manon. Sarah casts a Love Spell on Chris, Nancy asks for Power, Bonnie requests Beauty on the Inside and Out, and Rochelle seeks primarily vengeance. The spells work but it is soon discovered that they have terrible prices. Soon the Love Soell begins to affect Chris to the point to where he doesn't sleep or eat and only thinks of Sarah, while Bonnie becomes vain and narccisstic, and Laura's hair falls out, revealing she has cancer. Nancy suggests invoking Manon at a Beach, and the Ritual follows through with each girl representing their primary element, Sarah as Earth, Nancy as Fire, Bonnie as Air, and Rochelle as Water. During the Ritual, the Fire becomes more active, the Tide gets higher, and Nancy is struck by lightening. The Girls black out snd wake up the next morning, with Nancy babbling to herself about walking on water. Nancy soon appears to be irritable and sadistic. Sarah confides in Chris and later agrees to go on a dinner date with him, but he tries to rape her, and in retaliation, Nancy kills him by throwing him from a 3rd Story Balcony during a Party.

Sarah becomes fearful of Nancy after this, and tries to convince Bonnie and Rochelle to help in performing a Binding Spell on Nancy, but they refuse as they are afraid it won't work and they'll lose their powers. Nancy hears them and threatens their powers and tells Sarah to "NOT EVER FUCK WITH ME!!" Again. Sarah leaves, hurt, because she knows Nancy is losing her mind. That night, the Three Girls infiltrate Sarah's Dreams, where they beat her. Sarah later attempts to form a Binding Spell on Nancy but it doesn't work and the picture burns befor her very eyes before Nancy comes in with Bonnie and Rochelle, and threatens Sarah's life. Sarah is frightened and goes tl talk to Lirio. The Girls plague hwr with illusions that the store is on fire and of Sarah's deceased Mother burning. Sarah escapes back Home where the Girls use another illusion to make her believe that her parents have died. Then, Snakes, Rats, Spiders and Roaches crawl into the house, and Sarah hides in her closet. Nancy reaches out in the Darkness of the Closet, screaming "Gotcha" and looking wild. She slashes Sarah with a Knife and Sarah begins to bleed. Later, Nancy sends Bonnie and Rochelle upstairs to check o Sarah, but become frughtened after Bonnie appears to have been sliced, burnt, and bruised, amd Rochelle looks like a cancer patient. The run from the House. Curious, Nancy ventures upstairs and Sarah uses illusions to torture Nancy before casting a Binding Spell. Nancy ambushes Sarah and the House begins to shake with Furniture moving and stuff flying everywhere. Sarah appears to be killed by a fallen chandelier but Nancy discovers only clothes and raises her knife to stab Sarah, who usez magic to send her flyinh backwards. After this, Rochelle and Bonnie have no power, Sarah is now living a normal life and Nancy is being treated in a mental asylum.


  • Briana Evigan as Sarah Bailey
  • Jane Levy as Nancy Downs
  • Emma Roberts as Bonnie Hyper
  • Britne Oldford as Rochelle Call
  • Brant Daughtery as Chris Hooker
  • Portia Doubleday as Laura Lizzie
  • TBA as Grace Downs
  • Sigourney Weaver as Lirio
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