The Craft: The Next Generation is a 2018 supernatural horror film film loosely based on the Craft.


25 years after the remake, Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle became the witches in this town.



  • TBA as Sarah Bailey
  • TBA as Nancy Downs
  • TBA as Bonnie
  • TBA as Rochelle, a witch and one of Sarah's friends.
  • TBA as Chris Hooker
  • TBA as Addie Hooker-Bailey, the daughter of Chris and Sarah
  • TBA as Laurie Downs, the daughter of Nancy Downs
  • TBA as Phoebe Downs, the other daughter of Nancy Downs
  • TBA as Carrie, the daughter of Bonnie
  • TBA as Delia, the daughter of Rochelle
  • TBA as Ryan Hooker-Bailey, the son of Chris and Sarah
  • TBA as Joseph, the son of Bonnie
  • Melissa Joan Hart as Laura Lizzie, another student from St. Benedict's Catholic School
  • Nathan Kress as Trey (archive footage)
  • Jordana Brewster as Grace Downs, Nancy's mother (archive footage)
  • Dove Cameron as Jenny (archive footage)

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  • This film is 119 minutes long.
  • It will be distributed by Universal Pictures with Village Roadshow Pictures.
  • Both John C. Reilly and Katie Lowes appear on Wreck-It Ralph.
  • Both Lauren Boles and Dianna Agron appear on Glee.
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