The Convent is a 2015 Thriller Horror  Supernatural Mystery Film.



  • Dove Cameron As Erin Warner
  • Sasha Pieterse As Dylan Pandevorth
  • Hailee Stenfield As Sasha Disleay
  • Halston Sage As Janette Shayn
  • Samantha Boskarino As Karla Mendez
  • Abigail Breslin As Aundre Reynalds
  • Aria Wallace As Tina Wallace
  • Madison Pettis As Tanya Jones
  • Zendalla As Mercedez McCline
  • Bella Thorne As Audrina McCinnes
  • Ciara Bravo As Kelsey Underwoods
  • Miarnda Crosgove As Veronica Myers
  • Cymphonique Miller As Rosa Solis
  • China Anne McClane As Karen Voleris
  • Lorde As Charlene Roberts/Ghost Girl/The Killer
  • Lacey Chambert As Sister Zoe Crassgatz
  • Selena Gomez As Dra.Quinn Bracey
  • Dianna Agron As Dana Warner
  • Leslie Menn As Mother Anna Lioboski


  • Charlene Roberts-Hit in Head Accidental
  • Tina Wallace-
  • Karen Voleris-
  • Veronica Myers-
  • Audrina McCinnes-
  • Mercedez McCline-
  • Rosa Solis-
  • Sister Zoe Crassgats-
  • Karla Mendez-
  • Tanya Jones-
  • Kelsey Underwood-
  • Sasha Disleay-
  • Dr.Quinn Bracey-
  • Mother Anna Lioboski- gets raped and assaulted


Erin Warner,Dylan Pandervorth,Janette Shayn,Aundrew Raynald and Dana Warner

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