The collision of worlds is a 2021 film crossing over Star wars, indiana jones. the film is the Single most important film in the Lucasfilm Universe as it both reveals the origins of the universe, connects magic and the force, among others.


Beginning in a supernova it pans to a shadowy figure lurking in space as clips from the previous films in the universe play ending with the shadow lurking into the first order's base.



The film was Gigantically succesful to the point of being the Highest Grosing Film of all time


Space oddity

whose afrid of the Big Bad Wolf

Red Right Hand

careless whisper

What can you loose

welcome to the jungle

no suprises


Dream of Goodbye

sound of silence

The wolven storm


Careless whisper

A kind of Magic

Who wants to live forever

Princes of the Universe

Somewhere over the Rainbow

The Night has a thousand eyes

The End


This film is the longest with the original cut being around 5 hours long and the theatrical cut still being 3 hours

Many of the Gods that the council of deities fought actually came from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. making them in continuity with mythic City at least.

The speakeasy the gang goes to The Pink Cat is a reference to the character Eureka the Pink Kitten from the oz series.

The scene set in the museum of the bizzare has a anatomical dummy of E.T. which Anakin and Padme seem to recognize, this establishes E.T. as setting in the lucasfilm universe and references the scene in E.T. where He recognizes a trick or treater dressed as Yoda. 

In the crowd scenes in the back of the crowd can be seen Totoro from my neighbor totoro and noface from spirited away

The big twist and scene involving Sarah and Kylo Ren was actually taken from the biblical story of Cain and able.

This scene where dorothy sings the night has a thousand eyes is the first full length songs in a lucasfilm universe movie since Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

It's the first and maybe last time Fuck is used in a lucasfilm when sarah says "now that i think about it This whole situation sounds Fucked up beyond all belief"

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