The Clarissa Clarke Mysteries
Genre Crime Drama
Created by Daniel Smyth

John Materson

Starring Harriet Walter
Opening Theme "The Clarissa Clarke Theme"
Location Various
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Number Of Episodes 100

(98 + 2 Television Movies)

Running Time 42 minutes (Original)

95 minutes (Television Movies)

Original Channel: Channel 4
Original Air Date September 25th 2011 - January 1st 2020
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Directed by Various

The Clarissa Clarke Mysteries is a British crime drama television series starring Harriet Walter as the titular character, an investigative journalist and amateur detective.

The series aired for 7 series and 2 TV movies between 2011 and 2020 on Channel 4, airing a total of 100 instalments.

Walter was nominated for several Golden Globe and BAFTA awards for her work on The Clarissa Clarke Mysteries, winning 4 Golden Globes in the lead actress in a drama category and winning twice in the same category at the Emmys.

The series was cancelled unexpectedly by Channel 4 at the end of it's seventh series. An opportunity to pursue the series at another channel was discussed but Walter ultimately turned down the opportunity to return as the Clarissa Clarke character full time when the opportunity arose at ITV. Instead, Channel 4 commissioned two feature-length television movies based on the series. The first aired on Christmas Day 2009 and the second on New Year's Day 2020.

In October 2021, it was announced that Harriet Walter would reprise the role of Clarissa Clarke in 13-episode straight-to-series order of a sequel, entitled The All New Clarissa Clarke Mysteries. The series is set to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2022.


Clarissa Clarke (Harriet Walter) is a widow living in the north west suburbs of London, England. She has twin sons, both of whom are grown up with their only family. She was formerly a senior staff writer at the fictional London Herald until she wrote an exposé about a politician that harmed her reputation. Since her husband's untimely death, she works freelance for various papers and magazines in the city, and when she decides to investigate the death of a prominent public figure, she soon learns she has a knack for solving murders.


Season 1

Season 1 premiered on September 25th 2011 and ran for 14 episodes.

Episode Title Synopsis
1 Pilot Returning from a visit to Chicago to see her son, freelance investigative journalist Clarissa Clarke is offered to cover the death of the London mayor, which was originally ruled a suicide. Clarke soon realises there's much more to the mayor's death than meets the eye.
2 A Murder For Lunch When a businessman drops dead over lunch at a 5-star hotel in Soho, his dinner companion becomes the prime suspect, but when Clarissa starts investigating, she soon uncovers that the victim may not have been the target of the kiler.
3 En Route to Death When the body of a hitchhiker is found on the side of the motorway, police conclude a hit and run, but after Clarissa investigates the autopsy, she suspects something more is afoot.
4 The Killing Tree When a woman is found dead in Hyde Park, Clarissa discovers that it is the latest killing by a serial killer who has so far gone undetected by the metropolitan police, and Clarissa suspects corruption is at play.
5 Killer on Campus While visiting her grandson at boarding school in Devon, Clarissa's curiosity is piqued when she learns of the sudden death of the head boy and a friend of her grandson's.
6 A Death in the Family Clarissa visits her brother-in-law, and is shocked when she arrives to find he's the prime suspect in the murder of his own wife.
7 Time for Murder When a pair of tourists turn up dead in Leicester Square in the middle of the night, Clarissa is surprised when she gets a call from her former boss at the Herald to cover the story.
8 A Christmas Killing While volunteering at a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve, Clarissa finds the place on lockdown when another volunteer is found dead in the pantry.
9 Murder on the Moor Visiting an old friend at her cottage on the Yorkshire Moors, the local town is shaken when a body of a mauled tourist is recovered. Initially dismissed as a run-in with a rogue animal, Clarissa and her friend suspect foul play.
10 The Vicar's Finger On her mother's birthday, Clarissa returns to her hometown to put flowers on her grave, but soon learns that the village she once called home is being haunted by the mysterious disappearance of the local vicar. Clarissa is drawn into investigating.
11 A Task to Kill Clarissa begins receiving letters from an anonymous taunter, teasing their kills. Recognising the handwriting, Clarissa heads back to her grandson's boarding school to investigate further, and soon learns of an emerging cult that may put her grandson at risk.
12 The Death of Mrs Vernon Clarissa must clear her name after becoming the prime suspect in a series of murders in her neighbourhood in North London. But who is framing her?
13 Death has Sprung (Part 1) The wedding of Clarissa's goddaughter is rocked by the death of the father of the bride, but with the killer on the loose and a clear vendetta against the bride's family, Clarissa and the newly weds work to find the murderer before another victim is claimed.
14 Death has Sprung (Part 2) As Clarissa finds herself trapped in the wine cellar, she relies on Sophie and Mark's wit to find the killer. Escaping in the nick of time, Clarissa witnesses the murderer at work first hand.
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