The Cinderella Killers Is A american Horror Thriller Slasher Film Starring Chloe Moretz,Sasha Pieterse,Amber Heard,Briana Evigan,Leah Pipes and Haylie Duff


A group of friends are killed by a girl who was humiliated and hurt 10 years ago now they are going to pay for what they did previous students


Chloe Morentz As Terry Boberry

Sasha Pieterse As Ashley Simons

Amber Heard As Quinn Salomone

Briana Evigan As Miss Diana Bronsor

Leah Pipes As Miss Kirby West

Haylie Duff As Miss Tasha Diamons/Cinderella

Selena Gomez As Miss Diora Wolf

Josh Hutcherson As Max Andrews

Elizabeth Gilles As Marrie Fronsis

Halston sage As Vivian Taylor

Noah Cranwford As Logan Matthews

Max Schneider As travis Hutchinson

Zendaya Coleman As Akela Watson

Bella Thorne As Cece Pierce

Ross Lynch As Paul Dalley

Laura Marano As Tammy Wolf

Leo Howard As Andrew Oliver

Olivia holt As Nancy Drew

Nikki Reed As Official Veronica Jones

Tony Todd As Director franklin


Andrew Oliver-halved with ax

Nancy Drew-Knife in  stomach,throat sliced and hung from tree

Travis hutchinson-Gutted by knife

Paul Dalley-when this tammy waiting to get hit in the head sudden veses to death with ax

Akela Watson-when attacked is trying to escape through a window but Cinderella stabs in the back and then decapitated

Cece pierce-stabbed in the back with a cutter then shoots thousands of nails with a nail gun

Tammy Wof-tammy sleeping in his room after hearing screams and cece akela she wakes from her sister that tells who will review the cries of winged tammy cusine goes to get something to take when you are drinking cinderella short neck with a knife

Marrie Fortis-Stabbed in face 7 times by ax

Miss kirby West-ax in chest

Director franklin-Gutted Off screen

Logan Matthew-Decapitated by Machete

Quinn Salomon-stained face with broken glass from the disco ball

Miss Tasha Diamond/Cinderella-Stabbed in chest by Terry,shot in back by Miss diana , ax in back by vivian and Ashley shot in legs by Miss Diora and Official Varonica Jones and Decapitated by terry


terry Bobery,Miss Diana Bronsor,Ashley Simmons,Max Andrew,Miss Diora Wiolf,Vivan Taylor and Official Veronica Jones

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there will be another films as nikki-garcia-bitch who will be starring Shantel Van satin, Lucy Hale and Gina Holden with Sara paxton

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