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The Chronicles of Qirsyllviar: The Silver Bat


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Adventure, Fantasy, Coming of Age, Romance


13 + Prologue & Epilogue

Followed by

The Chronicles of Qirsyllviar: The Secret of Garvis

An attempted coup resulted in the death of Waldemar III Corvinus, the pureblood vampire King of Ardeal. His son, pureblood vampire Crown Prince Victor and his formerly human wife Olivia were killed as well, leaving vampire Princess Adelaide Corvinus, Abjaksan of Eurodon, an orphan.

Less than a month later, Adelaide is forced to flee her beloved homeland when her uncle, newly crowned King Gustav IX, another pureblood and the younger brother of Victor, tries to have her killed. Saved from assassination by her vampire nursemaid, Bianca, Adelaide is brought to a headquarters of the Order of the Knights of Eden.

After being told of the struggle between the Knights of Eden and Chaos Order, and that the coup was a plot by the Chaotics to gain control over Ardeal, Adelaide vows to rid her nation of the threat of Chaos and thus begins her training. But how will she react when she learns the truth behind the death of her parents?


I have lost my family, but I have found a new one. But we are no ordinary family. "Army in the Light, Justice from the Shadows"; this is our creed, the principle we live by.

I am the abjaksan of Eurodon, reborn in the Ardealian Kingdom as a daughter of the House Corvinus and a princess of the Trandafir dynasty. I was a young woman, ignorant of the world, until I was forced to flee for my life. Now I am part of a greater purpose: preserving freedom for all.

Now, as rebellion against a tyrant sweeps across my beloved nation, I return to Ardeal. I can't imagine what plans fate has in store for me, nor the weight and responsibility I will have to bear. Will I meet them, or will I fall? My name is Adelaide Zelda Estelle Vignette Genevieve din Corvinus… this is my story.

~ from the diary of Adelaide Corvinus.


Prologue: Welcome to Qirsyllviar
Chapter 1: Evading Death
Chapter 2: The Road to Siena
Chapter 3: Edeners and Chaotics
Chapter 4: First Assignment
Chapter 5: The Montague Conspiracy
Chapter 6: Memories of Love
Chapter 7: Eden Knights of Glagolitia
Chapter 8: The Rebellion
Chapter 9: Battle of Castle Arginturn
Chapter 10: A New Era
Chapter 11: A Young Queen's Heart
Chapter 12: Blossoming Youth
Chapter 13: A Leap of Faith
Chapter 14: A Royal Family


  • The original titles of the story were: Assassin's Creed: The Vampire Princess, The Chronicles of Patria: The Vampire Princess, and The Chronicles of Patria: The Silver Bat. The first title was changed when it was decided to make the story more original and not an Assassin's Creed parody. The penultimate title was decided using Adelaide's nickname "The Silver Bat," and final title came when the author finally decided on a name to replace "Patria".