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Patria Book cover
The Chronicles of Qirsyllviar: The Secret of Soleil


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Adventure, Romance, Warfare, Friendship, Tragedy, Fantasy



Preceded by

The Chronicles of Qirsyllviar: The Silver Bat


Despite so many hopeful negotiations and compromises, war breaks out in northern Aquilonis. Many nations fall to Umdar while others claim neutrality, and Soleil's ally, Yamatai, was powerless to do anything. Six years later, Yamatai is struggling to gather allies to defeat Umdar and bring peace back to the land. But all is not what it seems;

The Chaos Order is controlling the war from the shadows, and the leaders of the Order of Eden sense it. But something else is amiss too. One-by-one, some strange twist of fate is bringing the abjaksan together for the first time in five hundred years. Could some manipulative force, other than the Chaotics, be at work behind the scenes of this devastating war?


Note: Chapter names and order are subject to change.

Prologue: Princess of the Elements
Chapter 1: Peace Before War
Chapter 2: The Little Mermaid of Hawaiki
Chapter 3: Welcome to Markaydia
Chapter 4: Allies & Enemies
Chapter 5: The Invasion
Chapter 6: The Battle of Montrebeau, Day 1
Chapter 7: The Battle of Montrebeau, Day 3
Chapter 8: Girl from Another World
Chapter 9: The People of Soleil
Chapter 10: The Town of St. Croix
Chapter 11: A Sovereign Falls
Chapter 12: Grief, Despair, & Rage
Chapter 13: Incident at Mount St. Fleur
Chapter 14: New Feelings in the Desert
Chapter 15: Widening Perspectives
Chapter 16: Proving One's Worth
Chapter 17: Enlightenment
Chapter 18: Winter in Soleil
Chapter 19: The Garvis Campaign
Chapter 20: Taking Garvis
Chapter 21: History Lesson
Chapter 22: Critical Situation
Chapter 23: Ancient Awakening
Chapter 24: Victory, Miracles, & Chaos
Chapter 25: War for the Light
Chapter 26: The Final Battle
Chapter 27: Separate Ways
Epilogue: After all These Years


Ignite; 2nd Verse:

♫ It cries at last, that relentless sound I know so well ♫
♫ Always deafening but I can never pull away ♫
♫ The die is cast and you can't restart or change the past ♫
♫ But if given only one more chance could you carve the way? ♫

♫ I can feel it waste away inside ♫
♫ But the fire in me hasn't died ♫
♫ And I would rather sell my soul ♫
♫ Than watch it all slowly fade away ♫

♫ I'm sick of being afraid ♫
♫ And living by the mistakes that I have made ♫
♫ But I'll change that with these hands of mine ♫
♫ Believing in something more ♫
♫ I'll carve a path through that rusted doorway ♫
♫ There's still more that's still worth fighting for ♫

♫ Our battle cry is rising higher ♫
♫ As raw emotion fuels the fire, piercing through the night sky ♫


  • This story's original titles were, in order: Assassin's Creed: The Secret of the First Seven, The Chronicles of Patria: The Secret of the First Seven, The Chronicles of Patria: The Secret of Soleil and The Chronicles of Patria: The Secret of Garvis. The penultimate title came when the climax of the plot was worked out, and the final title came when the author finally decided on a name to replace "Patria".
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