The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair is a 2013 fantasy-adventure film based on The Silver Chair, the third novel in C.S. Lewis's epic fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia. It is the third installment in The Chronicles of Narnia film series from Walden Media. Unlike the first two films, which were distributed by The Walt Disney Company, this and The Voyage of the  Dawn Treader was distributed by 20th Century Fox.


Thirty- eight Narnian years after the events of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Narnia is still ruled by King Caspian X, but he is now old. On the day of a stroll in the woods with her son, Lilliandil, the wife of Caspian and Queen of Narnia, is murdered by a serpent. From then on the son of Caspian and Lilliandil, Rilian, continuously returns there, hoping to avenge his mother's death. Some time later, Rilian disappears as do many knights that Caspian sends to search for him.

Back on Earth, in which only four years have passed, Eustace Scrubb is trying to adapt to life in England. After being sent to boarding school by his parents after the war, Eustace gets involved in fights with the school bullies. Eustace finds his old friend, Jill Pole, who tells him the bullies are after her. Eustace attempts to cheer her up by telling her about Narnia and his desire to return. 

They then call to Aslan, before they are interrupted by the bullies, who chase them into the woods. There, they find a wall. In the wall is a door and is an old wise tale of the school, which says that the door is always locked and no-one dears try to open it. Being their last chance, they attempt to open it. It opens and they finds themselves on a large, tall cliff.

Jill gets too close to the edge, but is stopped by Eustace, but he falls off the edge. Aslan quickly appears and with his breath, blows Eustace to Narnia. Jill then meets Aslan, who tells her they have been called into Narnia to find the lost prince. Aslan tells Jill four signs that she will need to find him.

After memorising the signs, Aslan blows Jill into Narnia. Upon arrival, she finds Eustace and asks him if he recognised a former friend, as this is the first sign, but he failed to do so, seeing only a crowd surrounding an old king. After talking with Trumpkin, Eustace is s shocked to hear that Caspian is the old king, and is traveling to Aslan's Country to seek help from the Great Lion, to learn who should be king after him.

Eustace and Jill then meet an Owl named Glimfeather, and after being welcomed by the Narnian court, Glimfeather takes the two of them to the Parliment of Owls, where it is decided that someone has to be sent with them, to help. A Marsh-wiggle iss chosen, by the name of Puddleglum. The Owls fly the children to the Marshlands to see him, and the three of them set off the next day.

They travel north, and soon find themselves in Ettinsmoor. As they travel, they encounter giants, who did not seem to notice them at all. Days later, they come across a Giants' Bridge. After they cross it, they meet a beautiful woman, who introduces herself as the Lady of the Green Kirtle. A Knight who wears dark armor is with her, though he does not speak at all. The Lady tells them of a castle not far ahead where some friendly giants live, and that they would love to have guests for their Autumn Feast that is not far off. The children are so desperate for beds and hot baths that they do exactly what the Lady says, and Jill gives up repeating the signs she had gotten from Aslan.

Once they are inside the castle Harfang, they realize just how difficult it is going to be to get out. They figure out the sign that they had missed, and begin investigating a way to get out of the castle and on with their task. In the process, Jill discovers a giant's cookbook that is open to a page labeled "Man". There is a page for Marshwiggle as well, and they immediately escape the castle - only to find themselves lost in Underland.

The Earthmen who live in Underland take Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum on a long journey across the Sunless Sea to the Dark Castle where they would wait for their Queen. A man is there to keep them company while they wait, and they learn that he was the silent Knight who had ridden with the Lady of the Green Kirtle, who happened to be Queen of Underland. After a time, Earthmen come and bind the knight into a silver chair, where they are told to leave him no matter what he says, or he will kill them. But as they watch, the Knight speaks the words of the last sign to them, and they have no choice but to free him, for fear of muffing this sign like the first three. Upon being cut loose, the knight takes his sword and destroys the silver chair, before introducing himself to them as Prince Rilian of Narnia.

When the Queen arrives, she begins to enchant them. The children, the Prince and the Marsh-wiggle talk to her about the Overworld, mainly about the sun and Aslan, while trying to fight off the enchantment. Though they were about to completely succumb to it, Puddleglum fights against it. This makes the others' heads clear, and the witch-queen angry. She then turns into a giant poison-coloured serpent, and attacks. Though it coiles around Rilian, they kill it, and when the Queen dies, a chasm opens in the earth, leading to the fiery world of Bism. The Earthmen, now disenchanted as well, jumped down into it, for it was their home. Soon the chasm was sealed. The three travelers escape with Prince Rilian through a tunnel the Queen was having dug in order to conquer the land that lay above it. That land is Narnia, and Rilian idreturned to the castle to see his father Caspian X before his death, and take his place as King of Narnia.

When Caspian died Aslan appears to the children, and blows, but everything seems to be blown away this time. Then the children see that they are back on the mountain, with the body of the dead King. Aslan tells Eustace to get a thorn and drive it into his paw. Eustace obeys, and with Aslan's blood splashed all over Caspian, he is brought back alive again as a young man. The boys then get swords, and Jill gets a riding crop.

Aslan leads them to the wall, roars, so the wall collapses, and they frighten the bullies away. Eustace and Jill then travel back home, with the knowledge that Narnia is now safe again. 


  • Will Poulter as Eustace Scrubb
  • Eleanor Tomlinson as Jill Pole
  • Ben Barnes as King Caspian X
  • Jamie Campbell Bower as Prince Rilian
  • Andy Serkis as Puddleglum
  • Carice van Houten as The Lady of the Green Kirtle
  • Liam Neeson as Aslan (voice)
  • Laura Brent as Lilliandil
  • Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin
  • Nick Frost as Glimfeather (voice)
  • Francis Magee as King of Harfang
  • Elizabeth Webster as Queen of Harfang
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