The Chronicles of Grimmwood is an American adult animated television miniseries that premiered on HBO. The series follows a group of strangers who


  • This world is rotten and cruel
  • In order to fight monsters, you have to become the monster you are fighting.
  • You have your demons and she have hers.


The series is set in Onorath, a medieval Europe-inspired dark fantasy world where its living consists of Elves, Demons, and Monsters,

Voice Cast

Olivia Wilde as Circe Grimmwood -a young woman and one of the main protagonists of the series who is one of the last living descendants of the Grimmwood family or " the cursed bloodline", an ancient lineage of powerful demon-witch hybrids whom were violently persecuted to the brink of extinction and is feared by the inhabitants of Onorath since ancient times due of their demonic heritage and powers.

Chris Hemsworth as Derek Reinhardt- the last surviving member of the Reinhardt family, a bloodline of nobles who hunts monsters and demons.

Ashley Greene as Alessandra- a ranger who is fiercely skilled in archery and swordsmanship. She was born as an only child to a human father and an elf mother and had lived peacefully with her parents in the mountain side of Onorath until her parents were brutally slaughtered by bandits and was forced to watch as the men gang raped her mother's corpse in front of her before killing them as a form of revenge.

Hafbor Julius Bjornsson as Vadim- an orc who is the only member of his tribe to escaped a massacre lead by rangers.

Simon Pegg as Bromley Thunder Strike- an amnesiac dwarf tinkerer who is caught up in his own viewpoints and contraptions.

as Isabel - an orphaned girl who once lived in on a small and remote but very religious village, where she was a pariah on her village. Isabel was ostracized by the people who mistakingly believed her to be a witch because of her green eyes (which are often considered to be a sign of magic, evil, and/or witchcraft during the middle ages). She was saved by Circe when her village was horrifyingly attacked by demonic creatures, leaving her as its lone survivor.

Mila Jovovich as Andras Grimwood- the mother of Circe and wife as Nubius who was one of the last surviving Grimmwood in existence.

Norman Reedus as Nubius- the bloodthirsty vampiric father of Circe and the husband of Andras who loves killing, and enjoys having sex with Andras.

Billy Bob Thornton as Ferron- A blacksmith who kindly allows Circe to stay with him and his daughter for the night.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Lord Satan- the main antagonist and the demon lord of Onorath who summons an army of monsters to destroy the residents and take over Onorath.

Angelina Jolie as Valarie Grimmwood - The leader of a coven of witches. She is Lord Satan's concubine and is a distant relative of Circe


Season 1-

The Grimm Reaper- a mysterious scythe wielder enters a small village where she is then hunted down by a group of bandits when she killed several of their men in a tavern.

1.The Girl from Another Dimension-

2. A World Unknown -After Cindy gets teleported to another dimension, she soon realizes that she isn't on modern day Earth anymore.

3.The Fire in the Eyes of a Blacksmith-After leaving the Moon Wind Tribe, Cindy is eventually taken in by a kindly blacksmith and meets a caged fox who is more than meets the eye.

4.The Grimmwood and The Reinhardt-Cindy and Alex drifts into a small town where they encounter a wandering vagrant.

5. The Dance of the Devil- A month has passed after she received her scythe,

6. The Witch of the Plague- Cindy and Derek must save a girl who is falsely accused of being a witch and being responsible of a deadly plague that is infecting the residents of Messina.

7.Hell Hath No Fury-


10.The Fury of a Demon-

11. The Birth of the Cambion-

12. Of Stars and Stones- Cindy and Derek enters the city of Sindara where they come across three unlikely strangers who would soon join them.

13. The Hanged Tree- The tragic story of how Circe's parents met and the life of Circe's mother before she met her fate under a hanged tree.

14. Stories of a Past Long Forgotten-




18. Blood and Iron


20. Regards-












The Chronicles of Grimmwood explores the themes of loneliness, isolation, camaraderie, abuse, prejudice, religion, sexuality, an experience or period in a person's life that leads to a greater awareness of evil, pain, and/or suffering in the world around them, and the various ways that people cope with living in a cruel world.


  • Circe Grimmwood: And what do you know about the Grimmwoods?

Everything about it. But i must warn you though... What you about to hear may be very disturbing.

Circe Grimmwood:Which it is...

The most darkest of origin are often that the most truths.

Circe Grimmwood:Alright, i'm listening.

Thousands of years ago, thee was a teenage girl with beautiful purple eyes and a white cloak, who is the ancestor of all of the Grimmwoods.

  • Alessandra:Those beads on your hairs...why do orcs have them?

Vadik:Our hair beads have a deeper meaning than just an ornament. Just like dwarves, Orcs have beads that are given by parents on special occasions like birthdays, by friends as tokens of comeradeship, after a battle to commermorate their bravery, and private beads given as a sign of affection.

Alessandra:So...since i gave you a hair tie with beads after redoing your braid...what does that mean?

Vadik: Courtship.

Alessandra: Vadik, I...i had no idea. I just fixed your braid without knowing it had such a meaning.

  • Alessandra:So i see that you must have been awfully busy, taking part in all those battles.

Vadik: We orcs are the best. We never lost a battle no matter the cost and circumstances we've faced.

Alessandra:I take it that you orcs are indeed brave.

Vadik: Indeed we are.

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