The Cheerleader Massacre is a 2013 horror film and a remake of the 2003 low-budget film on the tenth anniversary of the release.


A group of cheerleaders from West High School are on their way to support their school team in a state championship game. However, tensions are high in the group due to the recent death of one of their own in a car accident. Also along for the ride are two guys, Ryan and Mark, bus driver 'Buzzy,' and team coach Ms. Slater. The cheerleader group itself consists of team captain Charity, slutty girl Samantha, gothic Angela and sweet Claire.

Meanwhile, a maniac named Thomas MacDonagh escapes from prison and Sheriff Matthews is informed. He visits the home of the sheriff who arrested MacDonagh, Tom Crenshaw, and tells him tio watch his back, and also visits the only person to survive an attack by him. Shortly after they leave her, MacDonagh appears and chases her across a rope bridge. He then cuts the rope with a knife and she falls to her death.

The snow gets heavy along the mountain road and with Buzzy's engine on it's last legs, the group decide to stop of at a large house in the woods. They determine that there is nobody home and decide to spent the night but leave as soon as they can in the morning.

Matthews sends two officers out to search the area, but MacDonagh jumps and kills them before stealing their squad car. At the house, Sam and mark have sex while Buzzy watches through a window. An unseen person then approachs him from behind and murders him with a hatchet. MacDonagh arrives at Crenshaw's house and a shootout begins, during which Crenshaw is injured. They chase each other deeper into the woods.

Claire gets Slater out of the shower and explains that they heard a gunshot. When they think they spot a figure outside, they decide to split up and take a look around. Ryan goes to search for Buzzy and Mark and Angela sweep the trees. They become briefly seperated and finds only Angela's scarf. Believing her dead, he hangs it on a tree and tries to compose himself. Suddenly the killer wraps the scarf around his neck and strangles him to death.

Slater, Sam and Charity hear a knock at the door and open it to find Ryan with his throat cut. Suddenly the power goes down. Slater and Charity arm themselves and they all go outside. Claire inspects the fuse box, but it electrocuted to death while the killer stabs Sam to death. The girls spot MacDonagh arriving in the police car, but then witness him being shot dead by Crenshaw. They sneak up on Crenshaw, believing him to be the murderer, and beat him to death with a fire poker. 

Suddenly, Angela appears holding his service revolver, which he kept after retirement, and reveals that she is the killer. She explains she is doing it for Jessica, who was the girl who died in the car accident prior to the events of the film. Angela chases Slater and Charity who hide inside the house. Meanwhile, Matthews and his deputy, Officer Phillips, set out to find Crenshaw and MacDonagh.

Inside of the house, Charity reveals to Slater that the night Jessica died, they were all at a party, during which they all discovered that Jessica and Angela where in a lesbian relationship. Jessica reacted badly drove off, despite being incredibly drunk, and subsequently veered off of a bridge. The two then hatch a plan to stop Angela.

Angela enters the house and they put their into action. She is lured into the kitchen but manages to jump Slater and stab her. Charity escapes outside with a molotov and throws it through the window, just as Angela notices the gas has been left on. As Phillips and Matthews arrive at the scene, they witness the house exploding and then find Charity crying alone. 


The film was followed by Cheerleader Camp and Bloody Pom Poms.


Lily Collins - Charity

Jenny McCarthy - Ms. Slater

Elizabeth Gillies - Angela

Anna Hutchison - Samantha

Emma Watson - Claire

Sterling Beaumon - Mark

Callan McAuliffe - Ryan

Bruce Willis - Buzzy

Kurtwood Smith - Sheriff Matthews

Bryce Dallas Howard - Deputy Phillips

Annasophia Robb - Jessica

Michael Emerson - Thomas MacDonagh

Death Scenes

Jessica - Drunkenly drives car over bridge

Linda - Falls from rope bridge into ravine

Officer #1 - Killed offscreen

Officer #2 - Neck snapped

Buzzy - Struck with hatchet

Mark - Strangled with scarf

Ryan - Throat cut

Claire - Electrocuted

Samantha - Stabbed

Thomas MacDonagh - Shot with a rifle

Tom Crenshaw - Beaten to death with a fire poker

Ms. Slater - Stabbed

Angela - Blown up

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