The Catcher is a 2018 science fiction techno-thriller film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the director of The Neon Demon and produced by Tom Rosenberg. This film stars Henry Cavill and Jennifer Lawrence with Chadwick Boseman, TBA, Rebecca Hall, Luke Evans, Virginia Gardner, TBA and TBA also stars.


A human-hybrid clone who was made by scientists goes on the run after he escape. He team up with a CIA agent who he kidnapped to take down the rich millonaire who made him the target by the CIA.



  • Henry Cavill as The Catcher, a human-hybrid clone who become the target after going on the run
    • Levi Miller as Teenage The Catcher (age 14)
    • TBA as Young The Catcher (age 6)
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Agent Alice Milton, a CIA agent who The Catcher team up after he kidnapped her
  • Chadwick Boseman as Anton TBA, a rich millonaire and a villain of the film
  • TBA as Director Vincent Sanders, the head of CIA
  • Rebecca Hall as Agent Kailee Lockett, a CIA agent 
  • Luke Evans as Frank, a human-hybrid monster who was resurrected and the CIA used him to find The Catcher
  • Virginia Gardner as Madison Milton, Alice's sister who is struggling with her drug addiction and suffering a mental disorder
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The Catcher meets and kidnapped Agent Alice Milton

  • (Clayton and Alice in the car)
  • (Clayton drive into the street)
  • Kailee (voice on phone): Where is he?
  • Clayton: We lost him.
  • Kailee (voice on phone): Shit!
  • (Scene shows Kailee talking in her phone)
  • Kailee: We need to found him alive, we couldn't lose him.
  • Alice: We try.
  • Kailee: Try hardest!
  • Clayton: He is impossible to catch, Kailee.
  • Kailee: Just found him.
  • (Kailee hung up)
  • Clayton: That son of a bitch is dangerous, tricky and not human.
  • Alice: I know.
  • Alice: We couldn't lose him, we almost had him.
  • (The Catcher breaks the window of the car)
  • (Alice scream)
  • (The Catcher grabs Clayton's head)
  • (Clayton scream and grunts)
  • (Door opens)
  • (The Catcher pulls Clayton out of the car)
  • (The Catcher push Clayton to the pavement)
  • (Thud sound)
  • (Blood come out of Clayton's head)
  • (Alice whimpers and pants)
  • (The Catcher looks at Alice in the car)
  • (Alice whimpers)
  • (The Catcher walks to the car)
  • (The Catcher get in the car)
  • (Alice opens the door of the car)
  • (The Catcher grabbed Alice in the hair)
  • (Alice scream)
  • (Alice on The Catcher's lap)
  • (The Catcher's hand puts Alice's mouth)
  • (Alice scream by her mouth coving)
  • The Catcher: SHUT UP!
  • (Alice kicking with her legs)
  • The Catcher: Stop kicking!
  • (Alice stop kicking)
  • The Catcher: If you scream or kick, I am going to kill you.
  • The Catcher: Understand?
  • (Alice shake her head)
  • The Catcher: Good.
  • (The Catcher push Alice from his lap)
  • (Alice in worried face)
  • (The Catcher handcuff Alice's right hand to the door)
  • Alice: The CIA are going to come after you, Catcher.
  • The Catcher: I like to see them try.
  • (The Catcher starts the car)
  • (The Catcher drive the car)
  • (Clayton groan, lying on pavement)
  • (Clayton tries to get up)
  • (Clayton grunts and groan)
  • (Screen shows The Catcher drive the car and holding Alice's wallet)
  • (Alice pants)
  • Alice: That is mine.
  • (Alice tries to grab her wallet with her left hand)
  • (The Catcher open Alice's wallet)
  • The Catcher (reading her credit card): Alice Milton.
  • (The Catcher looks at Alice smiling in the photo on her wallet)
  • The Catcher: Nice smile.
  • Alice: It just a photo.
  • (The Catcher found money inside Alice's wallet)
  • (Alice in shocked face)
  • Alice: Hey!
  • Alice: That is mine.
  • (The Catcher looks at Alice in serious face)
  • Alice: You can take them.
  • The Catcher: I am not a thief.
  • Alice: But why you are here?

The Catcher share his first kiss with Alice

  • (The Catcher walks to Alice)
  • (Alice drinks cocktail)
  • The Catcher: Let go.
  • Alice: I am having fun.
  • The Catcher: You are drunk.
  • Alice: Stop acting as a baby, Romeo.
  • (Alice laugh)
  • (The Catcher grab Alice in the arm)
  • (Alice drop her drink)
  • (The Catcher and Alice walks)
  • Alice: I think I dropped my drink.
  • The Catcher: I buy you an another one.
  • (The Catcher and Alice walks to the elevator)
  • (Door close)
  • (Lift goes up)
  • (The Catcher in angry face)
  • (Alice push The Catcher's arm off)
  • Alice: What the fuck is wrong with you?
  • (The Catcher grabs Alice in the neck)
  • (The Catcher push Alice to the wall)
  • (The Catcher push the stop button)
  • (Lift stop)
  • The Catcher: Are you stupid?
  • The Catcher: I am already in trouble.
  • Alice: Get off me.
  • The Catcher: I got my ass kicked by six men.
  • The Catcher: This was all set up.
  • The Catcher: The invitations, party, everything.
  • The Catcher: It is a set up.
  • (The Catcher sighs)
  • Alice: Clam down.
  • The Catcher: Clam down? Clam down?!
  • The Catcher: This is serious!
  • The Catcher: I am on the run from the CIA with a blonde idiot agent who cannot control herself.
  • (Alice slaps The Catcher in the face)
  • (The Catcher look at Alice in serious face for 20 seconds)
  • (The Catcher's hands on Alice's face)
  • (The Catcher kiss Alice for 20 seconds)
  • (The Catcher and Alice kiss for 30 seconds)
  • (The Catcher pants)
  • Alice: Do you kiss before?
  • The Catcher: To tell you the truth...
  • The Catcher: No, I never kiss.
  • (The Catcher and Alice kiss for 30 seconds)
  • (The Catcher pants)
  • (The Catcher and Alice kiss and make out)
  • (The Catcher and Alice look at each other and kiss at the same time)
  • Alice: You are a good kisser.
  • The Catcher: You are a good kisser too.
  • (Alice and The Catcher kiss)
  • (Lift goes up)



"Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Columbia Pictures presents

A Lakeshore Entertainment production

A Nicolas Winding Refn film"


  • Virginia Gardner dried her hair brown to plays Madison Milton.


  • 129 minutes long.
  • Rated PG-13 for ???.
  • It is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures and produced by Lakeshore Entertainment.
  • Notes: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer plays with the lion as the hybrid and the roar is plays differently. Columbia Pictures plays normal before cutting to Lakeshore Entertainment who plays normal and then slowly cut to black screen. The logos all play with serious music.
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