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The Cat in the Hat Christmas
Directed by Mike Mitchell
Produced by Brian Grazer
Written by Chris McKenna
Erik Sommers
Micah Fitzerman-Blue
Starring Jack Black
Owen Laramore
Giselle Eisenberg
Idris Elba
John Goodman
Brooklynn Prince
Mary Steenburgen
Christina Hendricks
Jenna von Oÿ
Music by John Powell
Cinematography Stephen W. Childers
Edited by Vanara Taing
Peter Ettinger
Jhoanne Reyes
Warner Animation Group
Imagine Entertainment
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release date December 19, 2025
Running time 96 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $80 million
Box office $353 million

The Cat in the Hat Christmas is a 2025 American computer-animated Christmas family film produced by the Warner Animation Group and Imagine Entertainment, and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The sequel to 2023's The Cat in the Hat, the second main entry in Warner Bros.' The Cat in the Hat film series as well as its second installment overall, it was directed by Mike Mitchell and written by Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers, and Micah Fitzerman-Blue. Jack Black, Owen Laramore, Giselle Eisenberg, and Jenna von Oÿ reprise their roles from the first film, with newcomers including Idris Elba, John Goodman, Brooklynn Prince, Mary Steenburgen, Awkwafina, and Christina Hendricks. Set during the Christmas season after the events of the first film, The Cat in the Hat, Sally, and Conrad set out to help Conrad get on Santa Claus' Nice List and find a gift for Sally.

The Cat in the Hat Christmas was released theatrically in the United States on December 19, 2025. The film was a commercial success, earning over $353 million worldwide against its $80 million production budget, and received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised it as an improvement over its predecessor, as well as its animation, voice acting, and John Powell's musical score. At the 98th Academy Awards, the film was nominated for Best Animated Feature, losing to Olaramore04's New York City 2. Thing One & Thing Two was released on September 18, 2026, while The Cat in the Hat Comes Back was released on October 1, 2027.


  • Jack Black as the Cat in the Hat, a six-foot-tall anthropomorphic cat who loves to have fun.
  • Owen Laramore as Conrad Walden, a former troublemaker who is Joan's son and Sally's brother and best friend. Like with the first film, he is also the narrator.
  • Giselle Eisenberg as Sally Walden, Joan's daughter and Conrad's sister and best friend.
  • Idris Elba as Clive K. Towers, Diamond's father and Catherine's husband who is overprotective of the family and wants a quiet Christmas with them.
  • John Goodman as Santa Claus, a legendary character who lives at the North Pole.
  • Brooklynn Prince as Diamond Towers, Clive and Catherine's daughter.
  • Mary Steenburgen as Mrs. Claus, Santa's longtime wife.
  • Awkwafina as Elvinia, the de facto leader of the elves who work at Santa's workshop.
  • Christina Hendricks as Catherine, Diamond's mother and Clive's wife.
  • Jenna von Oÿ as Joan Walden, a real-estate agent and Sally and Conrad's single mother.
  • Bill Hader as the Fish and Mr. Humberfloob