The Camp (American film) neo-nior Action film.


  • Paula Swaby as Double Agent Ellen Sloane[1]; contractor of CIA Agency.
  • Liorky Aguilar as Matthias[2]; an ex-CIA agent.
  • Parker Ebanks as Agent Double Omar Irvin[3]
  • Jules Tasagling as Denny; main villain from arrested by Ellen Sloane.
  • Ericksen Brown as Oliver Sloane; Ellen's oldest close-brother.
  • Yolanda Swaby Rivers as Shannon Sloane; wife of Matthias and cousin of Ellen.
  • Maria Rivers as Mimita
  • Cleve Borden as Cody Dempsey \ Matthias; main secondary antagonist also arrested by Ellen Sloane.
  • Daniel Ebanks as Maverick (uncredited)
  • Matthias Mohammed as Judge Billy Wingham; judge of court by CIA Agency prison.

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