The Cabin Massacre 2 is a Horror Slasher Film and is the sequel to The Cabin Massacre.


A Year After The Last Massacre, Rachel, Chris, Shelby And Their New Friends Return To The Camping Ground To Have Fun, But Then Their New Friends Start To Get Killed One By One. Can Rachel, Chris And Shelby Stop The New Killer Before They All Die?


  • Katie Cassidy as Rachel Miles
  • Thomas Dekker as Chris Randall
  • Crystal Lowe as Shelby Montez
  • Jessica Stroup as Wendy Green aka Wendy Masters
  • Devon Bostick as Eric Olsen
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Brian Moyer
  • Chris Evans as Owen Sanders
  • Texas Battle as Greg Benson
  • Johanna Braddy as Heather Martin
  • Britt Robertson as Chrissy Campbell
  • Chris Pine as Matt Jackson
  • Ashley Greene as Maya Henderson
  • Nico Tortorella as Jake Samuels


  • Chrissy Campbell- Stabbed In Stomach Multiple Times With A Butcher Knife
  • Jake Samuels- Gutted With A Butcher Knife
  • Greg Benson- Decapitated With An Axe
  • Owen Sanders- Stabbed In The Heart And Chest 8 Times
  • Maya Henderson- Stabbed In The Eye
  • Heather Martin- Axe Thrown In Head
  • Matt Jackson- Stabbed In Back 4 Times
  • Shelby Montez- Throat Slit
  • Eric Olsen- Stabbed Multiple Times
  • Wendy Masters- Shot In Chest With A .357 Magnum


  • Rachel Miles
  • Chris Randall
  • Brian Moyer
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