The Cabin Massacre is a horror-slasher film starring Danielle Harris, Katie Cassidy, Bobby Campo, Ryan Merriman, Thomas Dekker, Danielle Panabaker, Chelan Simmons, Crystal Lowe, Matt Lanter, Julianna Guill, Travis Van Winkle, Arlen Escarpeta and Robert Englund.


When a group of teens go to a cabin in the woods, a killer is on the loose and kills them one by one. Will the teens make it out alive before they end up dead?


The film begins with a man talking to his daughter and tells her she will have to kill her friends when she brings them to the cabin and she agrees and he kisses his daughter on the forehead. Meanwhile, a group of teens drive to a cabin in the woods and they all unpack their stuff. Travis (Arlen Escarpeta) goes into the woods to see if there is any weed, he finds some but is stabbed in his back by Carl (Robert Englund).

The teens then have a party and Ben (Travis Van Winkle) and Ashley (Julianna Guill) have sex in their room and Ben is stabbed in his head. Ashley then tries to escape but is stabbed in her neck. Bobby (Bobby Campo) hears Ashley's screams and goes to their room and finds them both dead and he tells the others and they run out of the cabin.

Jenna (Danielle Panabaker) and Carly (Chelan Simmons) are seperated from the group and Jenna is attacked by Carl and she is stabbed in her head Carly screams for help and tries to escape but Carl grabs her and she is gutted. Shawn (Matt Lanter) and Maria (Danielle Harris) go into the woods to find Carly and Jenna, when they are in the woods they find them dead Shawn tells Maria they have to go back and tell the others but Maria stabs him in his chest revealing that she is Carl's daughter. Chris sees this and knocks Maria unconscious with a wooden stick and runs to tell the others.

Rachel [katie cassidy] goes to another cabin that has lights on and goes inside she goes through the stuff and finds pictures and finds out that Maria is Carl's daughter, Carl comes in and Rachel knocks Carl unconscious with a chair and runs into another room and hides. She puts her ear on the door to listen for Carl and Carl stabs a machete through the door she tries to open a window in the room but it is sealed shut. Rachel bangs on the window and screams for help. She sees Bobby, Nick (Thomas Dekker) and Shelby (Crystal Lowe) and screams for them and Bobby breaks the window and Rachel escapes while the killer gets in the room. Bobby trips on a stick and Carl comes behind him. Bobby tells Rachel, Nick and Shelby to run so Carl can kill him and Rachel, Nick and Shelby to escape and Bobby is stabbed in his stomach, Carl tries to kill Rachel but she escapes in time.

Rachel, Nick and Shelby run into Chris and tells her that Maria is the killer and Rachel tells him she knows. As the three are about to escape Chris is stabbed in his heart and Rachel knocks her unconscious with a log. Rachel, Nick and Shelby run into Carl and Carl pushes stabs Shelby in her stomach two times and pushes her down presumably dead and Rachel stabs him several times with his machete and she and Nick run. Rachel and Nick run into Maria as Maria is about to kill Rachel, Shelby shoots her in her chest (revealing that she didn't die) and she falls to the ground, Rachel pushes away Maria's axe. Maria then rises, Rachel grabs Maria's axe in time and decapitates her. Rachel, Nick and Shelby then walk away into the sunset before the end credits show.


Danielle Harris as Maria Nicastro

Katie Cassidy as Rachel Miles

Bobby Campo as Bobby Wilson

Ryan Merriman as Chris Randall

Thomas Dekker as Nick Parker

Danielle Panabaker as Jenna Summers

Chelan Simmons as Carly Hazeltine

Crystal Lowe as Shelby Montez

Matt Lanter as Shawn Thomas

Julianna Guill as Ashley Sanders

Travis Van Winkle as Ben Donaldson

Arlen Escarpeta as Travis Carson

Robert Englund as Carl Masters


Travis- Stabbed in back (Carl Masters)

Ben- Stabbed in head while having sex with Ashley (Carl Masters)

Ashley- Stabbed in neck (Carl Masters)

Jenna- Stabbed in head (Carl Masters)

Carly- Gutted (Carl Masters)

Shawn- Stabbed in chest (Maria)

Bobby- Stabbed in stomach (Carl Masters)

Chris- Stabbed in heart (Maria)

Carl Masters- Stabbed several times (Rachel)

Maria- Shot in chest and decapitated (Shelby and Rachel)


Rachel, Nick and Shelby

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