The Cabin Is A Horror-Slasher Film Starring Chad Michael Murray, Briana Evigan, Sophia Bush, Chris Hemsworth, Thomas Dekker, Meagan Good, Derek Mears, Daniella Alonso, Chelan Simmons, Texas Battle, Arlen Escarpeta, Anna Hutchison, Crystal Lowe, Jamie Chung And Kellan Lutz.


A group of young adults decide to go to a cabin for the summer since they don't work and they discover cameras in the cabin and that someone is watching them and wants to kill them all.


A group of young adults driving to a cabin in the woods and unpack their stuff and they make smores and decide to camp in the woods and then party. Angie goes back to the cabin and trips on something she picks it up and finds a camera, she thinks that someone might be watching and goes to tell her friends. She shows them the camera and tells them that someone is watching them and Chad gets a call from an unknown number and the person says that he will kill them all and Chad hangs up the phone and the friends go back to the cabin where Tommy is. Tommy goes to the bathroom to pee, while he is peeing a man comes out and stabs him in his back 3 times and throws his body out the window, the man jumps out the window and drags his body back to his house.

The friends are in the cabin and they realize that Tommy is missing and go to look for him in two groups, Chad, Christina, Tracy, Mitch, Angie, Shawn and Danielle and Danny, Carmen, Wendy, Richie, Ashley and Elena. While Danny's group are looking for Tommy, Richie is grabbed and stabbed in his chest 7 times and the group run to tell the others. Ashley who is seperated from her group is running and grabbed by the killer and she screams. Danielle is also seperated from her group, hears Ashley's screams and goes to check on her. While she is looking for her, she sees Ashley's corpse hanging on a rope in the tree and Danielle screams and runs. She sees her group and goes to tell them but is grabbed by the killer, she screams and is choked to death by the killer.

Christina hears this and tells the others, Chad goes to check with Christina by her side and the killer throws Danielle's corpse out of the woods and they scream and run to look for the others.


Chad Michael Murray as Chad

Briana Evigan as Christina

Sophia Bush as Tracy

Chris Hemsworth as Danny

Thomas Dekker as Mitch

Meagan Good as Carmen

Derek Mears as Franklin/ The Killer

Daniella Alonso as Angie

Chelan Simmons as Wendy

Texas Battle as Shawn

Arlen Escarpeta as Richie

Anna Hutchison as Ashley

Crystal Lowe as Elena

Jamie Chung as Danielle

Kellan Lutz as Tommy


Tommy- Stabbed in back 3 times and thrown out window

Richie- Stabbed in chest 7 times

Ashley- Hanged (Offscreen)

Danielle- Choked to death








Chad, Christina, Mitch, Carmen and Angie

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