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The CEO Dogfield.png
The CEO (Dogfield)
Background information
Feature films Dogfield 2
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Alec Baldwin
Portrayed by
Voice Alec Baldwin
Performance model
Inspiration Donald Trump
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Carl
Other names Carl
Personality Greedy, cruel, pompous, arrogant, evil, ruthless, delusional, sinister
Appearance TBA
Occupation CEO of his own tower.
Alignment Good, later Bad
Goal To put the Canine Cookies' factory out of business (in process; succeeded)
Take over the world thanks to the mind eraser (failed)
Home TBA
Relatives Darren (nephew)
Pets Goldie (goldfish)
Allies Darren, Goldie
Enemies Ben, Angela, the Cable Guy, Tom, Barbie, Hank, Paulie
Likes TBA
Dislikes Dogs (especially Ben)
Powers and abilities Intelligence
Weapons Mind Eraser
Fate Arrested for his crimes and thrown into jail.
Quote " Ugh! Who cares? Nobody’s even running against me, probably cause they are afraid of my success. I will become mayor, and on day one I shall put the factory of dog cookies out of business forever!"

Carl (also known as The CEO) is the main antagonist of the 2018 animated film, Dogfield 2.

He’s a greedy businessman who wants to put the Canine Cookies' factory out of business as revenge on Ben, for ruining his plan to rule the entire world, for ruining his plan to rule the entire world. He is also Darren's uncle, and Ben's mortal enemy.


The CEO (who's given name is Carl) has been given so much in his life he became a billionaire. He loves his pet goldfish more than anything in the world, except maybe his nephews Darren and Erick, and himself.

His nephew is Darren, which makes sense because of how spoiled Darren is.


While he acts like a polite and charming gentleman when people first see him, the CEO is actually a ruthless, evil, failure-intolerant, arrogant and corrupt businessman. This is represented where his animated counterpart who will stop nothing to put the Canine Cookies' factory out of business and get revenge on Ben in order to rule the entire world, but his ego leads to his downfall.


The CEO first appears in the beginning, where he makes a funny talent show and invites Erick and Barbie, but unaware that Erick is still in prison. The CEO steels is device wondering what does it do, then he uses electricity against him, and Barbie and Ben escape.

That night, the CEO planned to get the secrets from Ben to get a memory-erasing device that would wipe everyone on the planet. But Elizabeth kept on figuring out the CEO's scheme and he wiped all of their memories 93 times. The Cable Guy managed to foil his plan by stealing the mind eraser, but after they mind-wiped his pet goldfish, Goldie, he vowed revenge against them.

As Erick talks to the CEO on his phone, he says his excuse and the CEO disapproves him of the plan to get rid of the coat factory.

When playing with his pet goldfish, Goldie, the CEO confronts Ben and the other dogs, revealing he had the mind eraser all along and erasing Barbie's memories, After Ben telling the information about a mind erasing device, the CEO reveals his true plan to put the cookies factory out of business, so he could memory erase the gang and take over the world, and congrulates Erick to have him reverted back to his plan to kill the dogs, but became furious that the dogs take on human characteristics. Ben tugs the mind eraser out of the CEO's hands which ends up in the fish tank and memory-erasing Goldie.

It is presumed that the CEO is arrested for conspiracy to commit fraud, animal abuse, embezzlement, crimes against humanity and verbal assault.





  • The CEO was one of the few antagonists of Dogfield to not be redeemed, alongside Marge Browne, Erick, and Jeremy in the first film.
  • Before Alec Baldwin was cast as Carl Browne, Chris Pratt was initially cast as Carl Browne, but had to drop out, due to scheduling conflicts with the another animated film, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part.
  • The CEO's real name is Carl.
  • He looks like Donald Trump.