Butt Shark

A drawing of the Butt Shark

"Never! I will not rest! Not until we find.. the Butt Shark." --Captain

The Butt Shark (scientifically named and less commonly known as Carcharodontus Gluteus) is a legendary creature that is very rare, and lives in the ocean. It has been spotted few times, and there has been no footage of the creature in the sea, although it is known to live all over the world.

Little is known about butt sharks, but they apparently feast on the butts of all animals, and occasionally, squids, small fish, pirate booty, and just about whatever can fit in their mouths. Butt Sharks are said to be up to 20 feet long, but records state that species are averagle up to 8 or 10 ft long, the major lengths found so far. Butt Sharks also live on coral reefs in the mating season, but they normally reside in tropical, coastal waters. They rarely live in the open ocean. 

Butt Sharks are omnivorous, occasionally eating underwater plants including sea-grass. They are said to live a little past a century.

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