The Burning is a 2011 American Horror film remake of the original 1981 Cult Classic Slasher film of the same name.

It is written by Luke Dawson, Stephen Susco and Donna Powers and directed by Andrew Parkinson.

It stars Rachel Taylor, Mark Ruffalo, Naturi Naughton, Ryan Merriman, Maria Conchita Alonso, Reagan Dale Neis, Juliette Goglia, Penn Badgley, Sandra-Diaz Twine, Hunter Parrish, Casper Van Dien, Marshall Allman, Wesley Barker, Matt Barr, Chris Lowell, Cyril Raffaelli and Thomas Haden Church.


A Group of Male Youths at Camp Blackfoot play a prank on the Camp's lonely Janitor Mr. Cropsy and inevitably cause a large hawyire fire which engulfs him in his cabin and then sends him down into the river where he is left alive but severley burned.

From there Mr. Cropsy is taken to the local Mercer Gray General Hospital and from there escapes abducting the nurse overseeing him at the hospital and a prostitute who inevitably takes a ride from him.

Mr. Cropsy eventually murders the Mercer Gray Nurse and the hitchhiking Prostitute and incinerates their bodies in a cleansing fire.

Mr. Cropsy then proceeds back to the camp and murders all eight of the boys who set him alight and frames their killings on a friend of theirs who was merely a witness to Crospy's burning not a participant.

Eight years pass on and Camp Blackfoot remains closed due to the inexplicable murders which happened there.

However an ambitious architect re-opens the property and sells the camp rights to a completely oblivious city slicker Mr. Howard Ramsey (Thomas Haden Church) who re-opens the camp and attracts the Senior Class of Burruman High School California.

The Californian Party Hard youths are led by the responsebile yet beautiful blonde Michelle Arkanas (Rachel Taylor) who takes sense to an omninous presence surrounding the camp area.

A Pasedena family also takes up residence in a neighbouring cabin and a trio of out of luck prostitutes break down during a storm and are forced to take up the third cabin.

Soon enough one of the Prostitutes is killed by Mr. Cropsy before he fixes his attention on the family and Burruman Teenagers.

The film ends with Michelle, her friend Calli, and admirer Todd killing Mr. Cropsy via setting him alight in an old cabin he has built in the Camp Blackfoot woods where he stores the bodies of most of his victims.

Cropsy upon being set alight again does indeed run down into the river again however this time the burns are that severe and the pressure of the water either causes him to drown or just die from the burn wounds.


  • Rachel Taylor as Michelle Arkanas
  • Ryan Merriman as Todd Andrews
  • Naturi Naughton as Calli Landstrom
  • Mark Ruffalo as Andrew Carpenter
  • Hunter Parrish as Glazer Torkis
  • Penn Badgley as David "Dave" Dromkitz
  • Bradley James as Edward "Eddy" Easton
  • Kelly Stables as Sally Oswald
  • Reagan Dale Neis as Karen Kunnett
  • Sandra-Diaz Twine as Carmen Fullop
  • Laura Vandervoort as Francesca Fiore Presca'/ Prostitute 1
  • Nikki Sanderson as Lenny Symes/ Prostitute 2
  • Susannah Harker as Tess McTreile
  • Shawn Christian as David McTreile
  • Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as Sandra McTreile
  • Conner Rayburn as Daniel McTreile
  • Aishwarya Rai as Nurse Tumbli
  • Brooke Anne Smith as Julia Mccallum/ Hitchhiking Prostitute
  • Thomas Haden Church as Howard Ramsey
  • Cyril Raffaelli as Mr. Cropsy
  • Casper Van Dien as Jonah Marvette
  • Marshall Allman as Terry Doss
  • Wesley Barker as Chris Simons
  • Matt Barr as Justin-Avery Portman
  • Chris Lowell as Samuel Deglia
  • Michael Galeota as Teenage Andrew
  • Mark Rolston as Kevin Rhynett
  • Lyndsy Fonseca as Eileen Rhynett
  • Dylan Haggerty as Joshua LeNore/ Kiyaker 1
  • Sunkrish Bala as Nito Tortella/ Kiyaker 2
  • Rachael Bella as Judi Evanseron/ Kiyaker 3
  • Sandara Park as Ann-Marie Linette/ Kiyaker 4
  • Chelsea Hobbs as Rita Bennett
  • Mickey Rooney as Lance Kramer/ The Architect


First Part

  1. The Male Youths: Teenage Andrew, Samuel Deglia, Justin-Avery Portman, Chris Simons and Jonah Marvette who light Mr. Cropsy on fire and as a result are all killed as he breaks free from the hospital back to the camp. All are killed apart from Andrew who later returns in the second half of the movie as an adult
  2. The Nurse and The Hitchhiking Prostitute: Nurse Tumbli who works at Mercer Gray Hospital where Mr. Cropsy is checked in is assigned to look over for him but is instead abducted and forced to be passenger in her own car as he directs it back to Camp Blackfoot, Julia Mccallum is a hitchiking prostitute that Cropsy picks up on his way back to Camp Blackfoot.
  3. Rita Bennett: Girl camper at Camp Blackfoot who is killed whilest engaging in sexual intercourse with Samuel Deglia.

Second Part

  1. The Propietor: Howard Ramsey
  2. Burruman High Senior Class: Michelle Arkanas, Todd Andrews, Glazer Torkis, Sally Oswald, Karen Kunnett, Edward Easton, David Dromkitz and Carmen Fullop.
  3. The McTreile Family: Tess McTreile the mother, David McTreile the father and Sandra and Daniel the 11-year old children
  4. The Prostitutes: Francesca Fiore Presca the lead prostitute, and Lenny Symes.
  5. The Friends: David McTreile's best friend Kevin and his wife Eileen are invited to join them at the camp however are killed on the main highway leading out to Camp Blackfoot.
  6. Andrew Carpenter: Arrives at the camp upon discovering it has re-opened to kill Cropsy for ruining his life and taking the lives of his friends and preventing Cropsy killing those at the camp now.
  7. The Kiyakers: Canoeing Teens from Burruman High

Death Sequences

1. Julia Mccallum: Killed as Cropsy drives the car through field into fireworks cart. Her head hits windscreen.

2. Nurse Tumbli: Killed as she flees from the car as it comes to the main highway. She is killed via gun shot to head and multiple following gun shots to back

3. Justin-Avery Portman: Killed upon entering outdoor toilet multiple impalements to the face and head via spear. Outdoor toilet is then set alight

4. Samuel Deglia and Rita Bennett: Both killed by the same spear used to kill Justin.

They both impaled while making love on their cabin floor.

5. Chris Simons: Killed whilest jogging through woods is lead into old storm drain. Cropsy then runs valve and floods the storm drain which blows Chris back onto large rock spikes which impale him through chest.

6. Terry Doss: Killed via throat slit at Jonah's Cabin door whilest watching over Andrew with Pruning Shears.

7. Jonah Mayville: Killed after discovering the body placements in Cropsy's old burned down cabin runs back to his cabin with Andrew and then is killed in front of Andrew via Pruning Shears thrown at chest and shotgun blast to head

8. Kevin Rhynett: Killed after being flagged down on road by Cropsy who proceeds to gut him with pruning shears and tyre iron

9. Eileen Rhynett: Killed as Cropsy pifts a flaming Molotov Cocktail onto her car windscreen which soon then spreads to the engine and makes the car explode

10. Lance Kramer: Killed upon taking out the tree covered drive-way of Camp Blackfoot via pruning shears to mouth which then pins on his car's windscreen as the song Roll Over Beethoven plays

11. Lenny Symes: Killed the first night at Camp Blackfoot as she is trapped in the Kitchen Cabin pantry which is then ignited

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