The Bug Circus is an animated short that first premiered on June 19, 1954.


Our story concerns a famous bug circus. At the center of our story are a clown beetle named Francis, and a glamorous ladybug named Fifi. Francis asks Fifi to marry him, but she refuses. One day, the performance of the circus' show-stopping dance number is interrupted by a dog, who the entire entourage takes to, leaving the owner now bankrupt and with no actors. Francis assures the owner of the circus that he will help. Trailing the dog, he finds the dog in a nearby fountain, the bugs on his back sinking into the watery depths like people on a sinking ship. Among the bugs calling for help is Fifi. Francis saves her, to which she asks him to marry her for his bravery. Soon afterward, the two marry and have a rather large number of baby bugs. Returning to the bug circus owner, he is more than happy to display Fifi, Francis and their offspring, and the circus is back in business again. Everything looks to be back to normal, when we see Francis walk into Fifi's room, and see her working away at a pair of knitting needles. Apparently, the circus is about to get a whole lot more crowded.

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  • The second Shires cartoon to be filmed and released in widescreen ShiresVision.

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