The Broken Passion is a 2016 American supernatural horror thriller film. This films stars


6 years ago, 10 years old girl was raped and was exorcism by reverend's son. 6 years later, a detective found out the truth about the exorcism but he find it hard when Alma's move is get dangerous.


The movie start and show of 10 years old, Alma Jones (Lily Mo Sheen) who was beaten up and was raped tell the everybody and also the audience, she was raped and possessed by the devil. The films fade out, hearing Alma's scream and roar, the scene to Alma looking when the film zoom out to Alma was tied.


  • Ben Foster as Kyle Anderson/A detective who found out the truth about the exorcism of Alma Jones
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Alma Jones/A 16 years old teenager who think raped and possessed by the devil
  • Lily Mo Sheen as Young Alma Jones
  • Kate Mara as Kate Anderson/Kyle's sister
  • Anna Kendrick as Cassidy Thompson/Kate's friend
  • Liana Liberato as Kirsty Patterson/Alma's childhood friend
  • Ariel Gade as Young Kirsty Patterson
  • Liev Schreiber as Robert Jones/Alma's father
  • Naomi Watts as Morgan Sheen/Alma's mother and Robert's ex-girlfriend



  • Rated R for strong violence including drug usage, a rape, disturbing images and language including sexual references.
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