The Breed 2 is a 2013 horror film starring Odette Yustman, Shia LaBeouf, Amanda Seyfried, Chelan Simmons, Ian Somerhalder, Texas Battle, Nicholas D'Agosto, Sean Faris, Elisha Cuthbert and Crystal Lowe



Odette Yustman as Kelly

Shia LaBeouf as Jim

Amanda Seyfried as Rachel

Chelan Simmons as Rebecca

Ian Somerhalder as Nick

Texas Battle as Kevin

Nicholas D'Agosto as Shawn

Sean Faris as Owen

Elisha Cuthbert as Nicole

Crystal Lowe as Miranda


Nick- Eaten

Miranda- Slashed to death

Owen- Blows himself up with Kevin and a group of dogs

Kevin- Blows himself up with Owen and a group of dogs

Rebecca- Attacked by a group of dogs

Shawn- Eaten

Nicole- Devoured by a group of dogs

Jim- Dragged and eaten by a group of dogs

Kelly?- Dragged back into the woods

Rachel?- Attacked by a dog in the car


Kelly? and Rachel?

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