The Break 3 Is A 2016 Horror Slasher Thriller Film and Thirt part of break Starring Ashley Greene,Selena Gomez,Halston Sage,Demi Lovato,Peyton List,Amanda seyfried,Kendall Jenner,Kim Kardashian,Vanessa hudgen,Miranda Crossgove,Victoria Justice,Meahan Martin,Ariana Grande,Naya Rivera,Jamie Lynn Spears,keke Palmer and Kelly Clarkson




  • Ashley Greene As Leighton
  • Selena Gomez As Megara
  • anthony rogers as megara's boyfriend
  • Halston Sage As Blair
  • Demi Lovato As Daniela
  • Peyton List As Danna
  • Amanda seyfried As Trudie
  • Kendall Jenner As Sherrie
  • Kim Kardashian As Amber
  • Vanessa hudgen As Camila
  • Miranda Crossgove As Amanda
  • Victoria Justice As Michelle
  • Meahan Martin As Carly
  • Ariana Grande As Jamie
  • Naya Rivera As Ludwika
  • Jamie Lynn Spears As Lisa
  • keke Palmer As Kelsey
  • Kelly Clarkson As Official Summer
  • Brianna Evigan As Marissa


Trudie-she was the sister of Drake and wants revenge

Marissa-she is the ex-girlfriend of drake she wants to kill all who were involved in his death is tambies premium leighton


Kelsey-ax in the back of the head (T)

Sherrie-she is stabbed in the stomach (M)

Danna-hanged with a rope (M)

Camila-she is burned alive(T)

Lisa-hook through the mouth so it scam(M)

Carly-throat sliced ​​with electric ice pike(T)

Ludwika-she is pursued by the murderers she falls into the lake she can not swim so that maybe you will choke(M)

Amber-her face is sliced ​​with an ax(M)

Jamie-she's stabs at trudie trudie pierces with shaded back face(T)

Michelle-stabbed in the vagina with ax (T)

Daniela-stabbed in the chest with hook(M)

Blaire-she is hanged to death(T)

Trudie-stabbed in the face with the ax by Leighton and then gets shot in back by Official Summer

Official Summer-stab in back in back with a broken wooden ruler(M)

Leighton-by marissa burns to escape megara

Marissa-burned with leighton to be saved meg


Megara and magara boyfriend


missing the last installment will be starring selena gomez and pure man Killer selena gomez then I will put the reason

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