The Break 2 Is Slasher Horor Film and Second Part of The Break Starring Ashley Greene,Selena Gomez,Halston Sage,Spencer Locke,Lucy Hale,Ashley Tisdale and Alexz Johnson


leighton and meg travel to Florida with her ​​new friends in a hotel for fun soon becomes your paradise hell when they learn that Somebody is killing people and wants revenge with two of them


Ashley Greene As Leighton

Selena Gomez As Meg

Halston Sage As Blaire

Spencer Locke As Veronica

Lucy Hale As Carter

Ashley Tisdale As Nikki

Alexz Johnson As Cameron

Elizabeth Gillies As Hanna

Zendaya As Astrit

Amber Tamblyn As Witnny

Miranda Crosgove As Tammy

Candice Accola As Jessy/Drake Ex-boyfriend


Hanna-she killed with an arrow in the face

Astritd-decapitated when one is listening to music

Witnny-Throat sliced ​​with a machete when swimming in this pool

Tammy-the murderer stabs her in the eyes with ice pick

Nikki-stabbed in the stomach with a machete

Cameron-pierced in the chest with an arrow

Veronica- NECK SNAP

Carter-crossed in the back with Hook

Jessy-stabbed in the stomach by balire, stabbed in back of head screwdriver meg and multiple shots with a gun by Leighton


Leighton,Meg and Blaire

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