The Break Is A 2014 Horror Slasher Film Starring Ashley Greene,Selena Gomez,Emma Roberts,Georgie Henley,Shantel Vansanten,Janel Parish,Aly Michalka,Danielle Panabaker,Bobby Campo and Kat Graham



A group of girls spend a weekend in a house in the woods are soon disturbed by anonymous calls about a man soon discover that it is the ex-boyfriend uan them not surpass his break and he wants revenge


  • Ashley Greene As Leighton
  • Selena Gomez As Megara "Meg"
  • Emma Roberts As Melissa
  • Georgie Henley As Candice
  • Shantel Vansanten As Bonnie
  • Janel Parish As Miranda
  • Aly Michalka As Dylan
  • Danielle Panabaker As Lucy
  • Kat Graham As Iris
  • Bobby Campo As Drake/The Killer/leighton ex-boyfriend


Lucy-she broke her neck when she went for a walk by the murderer

Bonnie-when she goes to look for lucy meets the murderer she is stabbed in face to death

Dylan-the ax murderer stabs him in the face

Iris-the murderer's surprise she and the other let her escape her friend fight with the murderer beheads iris

Miranda-she is hanged offscreen

Candice-she is gutted when the murderer surprises hidden in a bush

Melissa-ax in the head when the murderer was surprised

Drake-beaten with bat by leighton, stabbed in chest with a machete by meg and hit on the head by leighton


Leighton and Meg


leighton and meg are in the hospital leighton sleep but meg is called by one of the cops about the murderer she appears scared and goes to find leighton leigh wakes up and sees that the window is open you vanta depronto drake you stabs in stomach but before he kills leighton meg shoots him in the head with the shotgun at the end the two girls become happy scorch her ​​leave the hospital direct them to their homes eventually are starting the car and Somebody's watching from the out of the hospital so not to slaughter over a

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