The Borester Hotel is an American-British Animated Series that is a spin-off to Corporation Street.


During the summer, Edmond helps his Aunt Bettina, Uncle Rocky, and Cousin Jiji with their hotel alongside Cupcake Monster and several new characters including Mr. Null, The Dinnertime Dogs, and Gongo.



  • Edmond Borester (voiced by Eric Bauza)
  • Bettina Borester (voiced by Louise Gold)
  • Rocky Furris (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)
  • Jiji Borester-Ferris (voiced by Katherine Dillon)
  • Cupcake Monster (voiced by Phil LaMarr)
  • Mr. Null (voiced by Jeff Bennett)
  • The Dinnertime Dogs
    • Hot Dog (voiced by Dave Foley)
    • Cream (voiced by Jennifer Hale)
    • Ella (voiced by Katie Leigh)
    • Beau (voiced by Andrea Baker)
    • Larry (voiced by Kevin McDonald)
  • Gongo (voiced by Keith Freguson)



  1. Welcome to the Borester

Broadcasters Around the World

  • Africa: Sunset Network
  • Asia: Shires Junior Asia
  • Arabia: Laraem
  • Australia: ABS Kids
  • Britain: NBeebies
  • Canada: Shires Junior Canada
  • China: Kids Channel
  • Denmark: Falidon Jr. Denmark
  • France: France 6
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