The Blood's House Is a horror-thriller film starring Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale, Alexz Johnson, Elle Wroe, Amber Riley and Emma Bell.


A group of cheerleaders are going to spend a weekend in an abandoned house but do not know that in that house thousands of people have died at the hands of a murderous madman, Jack Innards, who kills for sexual arousal. Will the friends be saved from being killed by Jack? From the creators of Hostel, Saw, Final Destination and Black Christmas.



  • Selena Gomez As Maite
  • Lucy Hale As Quinn
  • Lea Michele As Susan 
  • Taylor Swift As Alice
  • Alexz johnson As Sam
  • Elle Wroe As Marie
  • Elizabeth Gilles As Cassie
  • Amber riley As Leshawna
  • Scout Taylor-Compton As Bella
  • Victoria Justice As Clarice
  • Emma Bell As Madison
  • Julianna Guill As Bree
  • Haley Webb As Haley
  • Crystal Lowe As Maya
  • Shantel Van Saten As Stephanie
  • Nene Leakes As coach Silverman
  • Chelan Simmons As Liz
  • Miranda Cosgrove As Carly
  • Jennette McCurdy As Amy
  • Keke Palmer As Kim
  • Ariana Grande As Marnie
  • Eiza Gonzales As Maria
  • Logan Browning As Jessy
  • Jazmine Villegas As Karen
  • Isabelle Castillo As Venus
  • Glenn Jacobs As Jack Innards


  • Venus-burned alive while sleeping in bed
  • Karen-stabbed in the eyes
  • Jessy-throat slit
  • Maria-beheaded with a machete
  • Marnie-dismembered piece by piece
  • kim-while walking in the woods she falls in a bear trap, hurts her leg and falls then is cut in half by another trap
  • Amy-pinned to a wall with a spear
  • Carly-cut in half with a big ax
  • Liz-pushed through a window, lands on a broken iron splitting in half
  • Coach Silverman-Jack breaks a bottle of wine and stabs her to death
  • Danae-stabbed in the head
  • Stephany-throat cut with a broken mirror
  • Maya-stabbed in the mouth with a machete
  • Haley-slashed in the stomach and throat.
  • Bree-stabbed in the eyes
  • Madison-manages to escape but is run over by a truck
  • Clarice-decapitated with pruning shears
  • Bella-stabbed in the head with a machete
  • Cassie-split in half by throwing ax
  • Marie-head pierced with a rusty metal pipe
  • Jack Innards-stabbed in chest by Leshawna, stabbed in back by Sam, leg cut by Alice, burned by Susan, ax to the head by Quinn and decapitated by Maite


Maite, Quinn, Susan, Alice, Sam and Leshawna


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