The Blonde Squad is a 2018 action comedy film, starring Emma Bell, Jennifer Lawrence, Katie Cassidy, Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale,


Three best friends are assinged a mission to stop a man from taking over the world.



  • Emma Bell as Alice Lloyd/The smart member of the Blonde Squad who is the leader
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Roxy Vega/The pretty member of the Blonde Squad and Alice's best friend
  • Katie Cassidy as Diana Keller/The dumb member of the Blonde Squad and Alice's best friend
  • Mark Wahlberg as Commander Harrison Walkerman/The antagonist who wants to take over the world
  • Kate Beckinsale as Agent Emily Pearison/An FBI agent hunting down Walkerman
  • Demi Lovato as Carly Hooper/Diana's cousin
  • TBA as Derek Mallory/
  • TBA as Steve Harper/
  • TBA as Lucas Barnes
  • TBA as Dan Cotton
  • Eliza Bennett as Starla Geen


The Opening Scene

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