Micheal,Toby,Henry,Allison,Ian,Alice,Hanna,Bree,Jenifer,Tessa,Mya,Trevor,Jared,Shawn and Collin are at Heather's house and the news is on and it says that eight people named Mia,Olivia,Natalie,Elizabeth,David,Erick,Luke and Ben went into the Blair Witch Woods and never came back.

They all decide to go back into the woods and find them and they go on the same ferry and park in the same parking lot. Mya notices blood on the ground and Heather finds the video camera and they a
The blair witch project
ll watch it and they watch all of it even the part of Mia getting dragged away.

Heather suggsets that she know's where her house and is and can get there easisly and stay there instead of camping in the woods.

They take a diffrent path and they find the house in five minuents and all of them are suprised to see that the house is now a regular house and they set there bags down. Michael and Jared put video cameras in every room in case they catch anything.

Bree,Allison,Toby,Ian and Jenifer wants to go see the church and they all decide to go.While there gone the video camera that is on a tripod in the living room falls over and You can see someone running away.

When they go to the church they see an old man run out of the church and get in his car and drive off almost hitting Ian and Shawn.

The old man ses the witch and crashes into a tree.

Jennifer invistagates the porty potty and finds the sign of the Blair Witch Project and when they go in the church.

That night Bree go's out into the woods and the witch jumps at her which causes Bree to run and the witch chases her and Bree falls down a hill and get's trapped in thorn bushes and snakes comes out of thw witch's mouth and go into Bree's mouth.

They relize that Bree has been gone a long time and Heather,Michael,Trevor and Jared go outside and they find Bree by the thorn bush and they take her back to the house and Bree takes a shower but falls to the ground.

Jared go's into the bathroom to check on her and Bree screams and growls at him which causes Jared to run out and into the living room with Bree behind him.

Jenifer comes down the steps and Bree grabs her and throws her on the ground and barfs blood in her face and throws her into the basement and Michael locks the door.

Jenifer changes her clothes and looks at herself in the mirror and the witch is behind her and she quickly turns around and then when she looks at herself in the miorror again the witch is in the mioror and she grabs Jenifer and pulls her into the miororr.

The group decides to go outside and see if they find the kids in the prevouis flim and Allison stays behind.

Allison go's into the bathroom and she notices that the shower curtain is closed and she opens and finds a demonized Jenifer and she has a knife in her hand and she jumps out of the tub causing Allison to go flying into the cabnet.

Jenifer crawls to her and Allison quickly runs out.

Allison is wondering why its so quiet and she go's downstairrs and Bree jumps on her and Allison runs out the celler but Bree grabs her leg and drags her back in with the door shutting and locking.

While the others are looking for the kids they decide it's to cold and they go back to the house just as a demonized Allsion runs past and Henry and Toby chase her along with Heather and Trevor.

They cacth up with her by the old church and Toby puts a bag over her head and Henry starts beating her with a stick and she calms down and they lock her in the church.

Henry stands by the porty potty only for the witch to drag him in and Toby, Trevor and Heather run but Toby and Trevor gets dragged away and Heather runs back to the house and tells them what happend and Jared go's outisde only for the door locking behind him and when they open it back it up he's gone.

Alice,Hanna and Ian decide that they can get the car and bring it here but Heather tells them not too but they do anyway.

When they get to the fork in the road. Ian see's the witch and he and Alice runs and Hanna runs the other way. The witch chases them to the old church and Alice and Ian hide in the church and Ian is standing by thw window when it breaks and something grabs him and pulls him out.

Alice hides by a pew just as the door opens and something grabs her leg and pulls her.

Hanna makes it to the parking lot but the witch is standing on the car and she hides in the bathhouse.

Hanna turns around and the witch is standing there.

Jane,Tessa,Shawn and Collin go outside to see if they can kil the witch an dthey go running in the woods.They here Shawn screaming and they turn around and see him being lifted up on a noose.They run and Tessa and Collin find a musleam and Jane finds the statue and hides behind it.

Tessa hides in the coffin and Collin hides downstairrs and the witch opens the coffin up and Collin trys to leave but the witch blocks his way. Jane is hidding behind the stsue when the witch stands there and Jane eventully runs and she runs down hill and trips and knocks her self out.

At the house Mya and Michael here a creaking noise and they go upstairr sto check and Jane is coming in and she says to be quiet the witch is out there and Michael is suddenly pulle dout of the house and is locked out and he runs onnly to fall into a huge dug up hole and the witch stands there and jumps on him. Mya gets scared and she locks herself in her room. Jane steys in the living room and Mya dosen't know that the witch is crawling to her and Jane here's her screaming. Jane is then thrown threw a window and the witch stands there and Jane throws a lighter at her and the house explodes.

Jane slowly walks away from the house thinking it's over but runs into a demonized Mia,Olivia,Natalie,Elizabeth, David,Erick,Luke and Ben and she runs.

Jane runs and finds the old man's car and gets in and drives but the witch blocks her path and the ca go's into a pool of blood and Jane get's out and turns around and the witch come sout of the water and the flim ends with Jane screaming

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