Blair Witch Project
The Blair Witch Project
is a remake of the orginal one starring Jane Levy, Christian Hall, Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Ludwig, Michelle Trachtenberg, Allie Gonino, Kathryn Newton and Chris Colefer


In October of 2013, eight flimaking students disappeared in the woods in Cave City, Kentucky while shooting a documentery. One year later there footage was found in the location of where there car was.


Eight friends Heather,Micheal,Toby,Allison,Ian,Henry,Alise and Hanna are flimakers and are about to set up a documentery of the blair witch.

They live in Cave City Kentucky by Mammoth Cave and they interview locols that tells them about the blair witch who was burnt to the stake outside her house in the woods near mammoth cave.

They go into the woods and they discover an old church and a creepy cemeatary.The eight friends go in and Heather walks to a pew a man jumps out at her and severl people jump up and come in and they run out and into a cemeatary and they lose them and Micheal wants to camp out a few yards away from the cemetary after severl arguments they finally set up camp.Henry goes into the cemetary with Heather,Micheal and Alise and Ian breaks a tombstone and they find the grave of Linda Blair the witc and while there asleep the there's animal noises and little girls laughing and they eventually go away and they think it's the locals.

The next day they try to find there car but can't find it and Alise goes and looks for it and she says if im not back by nightfall the witch got me and by nightfall Alise is still not back and they camp by a brook and that night they here crackling noises and they go outside the tent and they don't see anything.The next moring Ian is missing they find rocks in a circle around the tent.

They take all there stuff and go looking for Ian and Heather relizes the map is missing and Henry says he threw it out the window on the car ferry beacuse he wanted to stay in the woods for a few days and Toby and Michel attack him and then they relize there lost and start walking again.They then find a multitude of humanoid stick figures suspended from the trees.

That night the tent starts shacking waking them up and they here little girls laughing and other strange noises and they run out of the tent and Heather turns around and see's Allison on the ground and an axe is hacking her to death and Heather runs with the others and they hide int'll dawn.

They go back to there tent and find all there stuff on the ground and the tent shreaded into the peces and there is no blood on the ground.They walk and when the sun goes down they camp and the next morning they find out that Toby is missing and they look for him but then they camp down by another brook and that night they here Hanna screaming and they try to find her but unabble too and the next morning Henry is missing and Heather finds Hanna's shirt parts of her hair,her teeth and her charm braclet.

That night Heather talks into the camera apoligizing to her family and her friends famly beacuse it was her idea to camp in the woods and she starts crying and hyperventling and then they here Alise screaming and then they here Ian screaming and then they here all of there friends screaming and Heather and Micheal follow it and finds an abandon house and Heather says it's the witches house and they run in and they here there friends screaming upstairrs but they can not find them and Micheal says he here's them downstairrs and knocks Heather down and runs into the basement and see's Henry standing in th conner and then he see's all of his friends standing in conners and his falls to the ground with the camera and goes silent.

Heather gets up and here's Micheal screaming and goes down into the basement and see's him standing in the conner and she falls to the ground and so dose her camera and it shows Heather screaming and then she dragged away and there is silence and somebody is walking up to the camera then it shows the blair witch screaming into the camera.

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