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Opening Credits

Michael Shires Pictures 1980-1986 Logo.png

Michael Shires

Beauty and the Beast
Animation Studios

The Black Cobwebs

Music by
Randy Edelman

Film Editors:
Thomas Scott John O. Young
Jack Bachom

Produced by
Alex Lovy Alex Scott
Don Jurwich Dan Thompson

Directed by
James Phillipson

Closing Credits

Character Design:
George Kenny

Story by
Vance Gerry John Musker
Ron Clements Glen Keane
Virgil Geopper James Rogers
George Get Joe Grant
Phil Young Warren Greenwood
Keith Tucker Boyd Kirkland
Frank Paur Hank Tucker
Peter Alvarado Robert Taylor
Ralph Baskhi Glen Lovett
Keith Scoble Andy Roper

Layout Supervisor:
Ron Graham

Layout Artists:
Ralph Bruckheimer Ed Benninger
Ryan Budweiser Warren Marshall
Paul Gruwell Lew Ott
Clint Taylor Bob Singer

Background Supervisor:
Al Davidovich

Background Artists:
Stuart Thompson David McCluskey
Drew Gentle Al Gmuer
Maggie Turner Diane Turner
Diane Wilson Sarah Rogers

Supervising Animation Director:
Karen Peterson

Animation Supervisors:
Robert Alvarez James T. Walker
Frank Andrina Jim Stenstrum
Rudy Cataldi Charlie Downs
Eileen Dunn M. Flores Nichols
Stan Phillips Tom Ray

Animation Timers:
Russ Mooney Ron Myrick

Animation Producers:
Mary Tanner Ben Thomas

Glen Keane James Baxter
Mark Henn Mark Mason
Mike Ryena Mike Whaite
Mike Williams Eric Dodgers
Ken Muse Ed Barge
Kenneth Michaels Ed Beck

Assistant Animation:
David Brain Terence Harrison
Rick Leon Russ Mooney
Bob Zamboni Dale Case

Visual Effects Animation:
Don Paul Chris Jenkins
John Brown James Benedict

Paint and Trace Supervisor:
Warren Johnson

Paint and Trace Artists:
Fred Michaelson Richard Grandmain
Ray Hellmann Ray Hartshorne
Yoram Garling Art Rogers
Bill Lynn Frank Armitage
Jeff Ricahrds Mary Turner
Mary Wren Fred Warter
Wendy Carols Lisa Keane
Mary Ann Steward Nina Apel
Daniel Kerber Alexa Kreissl

Animation Camera
Errol Aurby Ted C. Bemiller
Ken Burns Mark Sutton
Peter Kidd Wendy Senior

Sound Effects Editors:
Jim Blodgett Matt Cope
Mike DePatie John Detra
Karen Doulac Ron Fedele
Leonard T. Geschke Jerry Jacobson
Nick James Warren Taylor
Michael Tomack Peter Tomaszewicz

Production Consultants:
John Tartakovsky Walt Stanchfield
Michael Stainback Roy Huckerby
Frank Hardie Graham Sharples
Phil Atack Eric Johnston
Clayton Darling Terry Wallace

Xeroxgraphy: Steven Wright

Sound Design: Gary Rydstrom

Voice Director: Susan Blu

Sound Supervisor: C.O. Stevens

Dialogue Editor: Patrick Barrett

Special Effects: Stephen Simpson

Process Effects: Don Abrams

Assistant Editor: Nibs Senior

Animation Editor: Roy Hill

Supervising Story Editor: Steven C. Brown

Supervising Editor: Zyggy Markiewicz

Music Editor: Emery Kennethson

Music Supervisor: Richard L. Wallace

Production Controller: Bob Burrows

Orchestrations: Michael Young

Post-Production Supervisor: Mike Stern

Post-Production Manager: Bob Strew

Post-Production Co-ordinator: Clayton Darling

Voice Director: Susan Blu

Production Assistant: Terri Gauskin

Production Co-ordinator: Bernard Edwards

Production Supervisor: Ken Phillipson

Production Manager: Thomas Musker

Supervising Producer: Richard Kenny

Creative Producer: Richard Celador

Speical Thanks
Bernard Matthews

Voice Recording:
Wally Burr Recording

Music Recording:
Screen Music Studios

Main and End Title Design by
Saxon/Ross Film Design

Sound Effects by
Weddington Productions

Voice Talents:
Howie Mandel Russi Taylor
Dave Coulier George Cole
Jonathan Freeman Gilbert Gottfried
Peter Ustinov Caroll Spinney
Jim Henson Frank Oz
Jerry Nelson Dave Goelz
Richard Hunt Steve Whitmire
Neil Ross Michael Bell
Alan Oppenheimer John Stephenson

Executive Producers
Michael Shires
Roy Edward Shires

Associate Producer
Chris Michaelson


"The Uptown, Uptempo Woman"
"Take My Hand"
"The Woman on Your Arm"
Music, Lyrics and Performed by
Randy Edelman

Produced in association with
Silver Studio Parents II


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