The Bitter End Part 1 is the episode of the second season of The Phoenix Defenders.


Tired of the Phoenix Defenders' determination to protect her from Celia, Berna decides to confront her alone, only to discover a disturbing secret.


Berna Manchester: Lyn, you don't know Celia like i do, she used to be a kind person but now she's more ruthless than Macy. She's out for my blood and she won't stop until she gets it.

Lyn Manchester: Berna...I don't give a damn about whether i'll live or die...what matters is that i'm trying to keep you safe!

Berna Manchester:(shouted) You know what, i'm just tired of everyone thinking that i'm weak. You're just like everyone else! You don't know a thing about me!

Lyn Manchester: Berna, that's not...

Berna Manchester:(shouted)No! You don't know anything about me! You don't know what i've been through! You don't get viciously bullied and harassed at school because you are not a teenaged outcast! You weren't there when that car accident happened! You get perfect grades! You have lots of friends! You're one of the most popular kids in Lakewood High! You can manipulate magic and have superhuman strength that could possibly surpass Clark! You're the powerful one in the group! You're Bruce's favorite! You're Sunny's favorite relative! You have a "strong" magical aura! You're the team leader! YOU'RE THE FIRST BORN SIBLING AND I HAVE TO BE THE ONE WHO LIVES IN YOUR OWN SHADOW!

Lyn Manchester:(angrily shouted)That's enough, sis!

Berna Manchester:(shouted)You just think i'm weak because i can't protect myself against Celia! But i can!



Lyn Manchester: I'm worried about you, Berna. Look, I know that you're afraid but...

Berna Manchester: You're accusing me of being afraid, are you?

Lyn Manchester: Yes, i am. And that's exactly why Celia's gonna beat you. Because you're afraid of admitting you're afraid! You're just too stubborn to even realizing it.

Berna Manchester;(yells)SHUT UP!

Berna suddenly holds her hand out and uses telekinesis on Lyn, sending her flying across the room. She smashed into a wall and slumped down to the floor. The action made covered her mouth in shock of what she did. Lyn, who hadn't been knocked out, looked at her the same way but she managed to get back on her feet as she brushed it off like it was nothing.

Berna Manchester: Lyn, I...I didn't meant to...

Lyn Manchester:(angrily)You know what?! Fine. If you don't want to face the truth and you wanna act like a stubborn brat?! Go on ahead then, be my guest!

Tears of anger ran down Berna's face.

Berna Manchester:(angrily)I wish you weren't my sister!

Lyn stepped back in shock and Julie sobbed as she dashed towards the stairs.

Lyn Manchester: Berna, wait!

But Berna didn't stop. She ran up the stairs and into her room.

Lyn Manchester: Oh Crap!

Berna Manchester:(whispers)How could i let this happen? What am i going to do?

Berna Manchester:(mentally)It's my fault you've been through so much pain. Celia wants me so badly, there isn't a limit to what she'll do to achieve her goals. This is my fault.

Berna took her phone away from her pocket and threw it on the bed.

Berna Manchester: I won't let my problems hurt you guys anymore. I'll keep you safe.

Berna turned on her heel and walked towards the window.

Berna Manchester: (thinking)Sitting back and doing nothing while everyone else suffers because of me...Typical Crasherna. I can't live like this anymore.

Celia:You came after all. I started to think that you've chickened out. You know, typical Crashlie behavior. Where are your friends? Did they finally get tired of you?

Berna Manchester: I came alone.

Celia:(snorts) How stupid can you get?

Berna Manchester: Please Celia, you have to listen to me. This isn't the real you. Look, whoever or whatever corrupted you and turned you into this, just stop.

Celia:And who was it that caused me to be like this?

Berna Manchester: I know...I'm sorry. I never wanted this to happen. But if you let me. i can return you back to Macy and the others.

Celia:And why would i do that? The old me was too boring for my taste. I prefer the new me. What better way to exact revenge than in life.

Berna Manchester: Stop it, Celia! You've got to snap out of it! Why are you doing this?!

Celia: Hm... I have a better idea. (leaped off the fountain and detached the block from her hip. It transformed into her scythe) I think i'll kill you now so i can get your stupid, nagging voice out of my head.

In a flash, Celia was in front of her. Berna gasped and jumped away, coming to a stumbling stop. Celia craned her head in Berna's direction with a sadistic grin. Berna's eyes widened, and her hands glowed pink, forming an mana sword and brought it up as Celia swung. The tip of the scythe's blade hovered dangerously close to her torso. With a grunt, Berna shoved her back and swung. Celia leaped away, landing on the fountain. Celia circled around the fountain, dragging her scythe against the ground. The metal screamed against the concrete.

Celia:(darkly) It was stupid to come alone. We both know that you can't outmatched me and did you actually think this would be easy? Just call those Phoenix Dweebs and your hot headed excuse of a sister already so i can have a real challenge.As for why i'm doing this? Well...(her expression darkened) I think it's time you got a taste of your own medicine. You and your sister took away my family and what was left of it. Now it's time i take something from you...your life!

Berna Manchester: Celia, look, i'm sorry about your mom's jacket. It was an accident! I would never do something like that on purpose.

Celia:(growled) No Berna, Do you and your sister know anything about Manny Tennyson? What really happened in that car accident?

Berna Manchester:No...? I don't understand. What did Dad do?

Celia:You don't know? Well, i'm not surprised Beatrice and those Tennysons didn't say anything. Let's just say your dad is a little more...bad than you think he is.

Berna Manchester:...What? I don't-

Celia: Berna, you idiot! That stupid car accident that happened four years ago. Your dad died, right? Well... there was another woman involved...she died too. And she mother.

Berna gasped in shock.

Celia:That's right, Once you learn about your dad's...little secret, you'll see why we bullied you for more than that car accident.

Berna Manchester: I...I always knew deep inside that it was unsettling to tease me about me being in that terrible car accident- that it was more than that. But what did it have to do with Dad? I didn't think he was anything bad. Quite the opposite, frankly. His death had affected me and my whole family from both sides greatly- if he hadn't died, i wouldn't have let myself bullied. It was because we had such a good relationship. It felt like a betrayal to know there was something he didn't tell me and Hunter.

Celia: Berna... it's complicated.After my mom was killed, I found out that you and Lyn were Manny's daughters and that your were involved in the incident that killed my mother; and it was your father's fault for her demise. I told Macy and her groupies and they were disgusted. that's when they start picking on you. Everybody, including Macy and her groupies, could've done the same thing to your sister... but... let's just say... every student in the school is secretly afraid of her. I could've been mean to you myself but I wasn't capable of doing so because I had a crush on you.

Berna Manchester: You like me?! I mean, I don't have any problem with that, but... I didn't know that you liked me that way.

Celia: (sighs) Yes, I'm a lesbian and I'm in love with you. That's why I was so nice to you. But a part of me still hated you after what happened to the person who had raised me since I was younger before my aunt decided to take me in. That's why I had asked Macy and her gang to bully you. They were taking my anger out on you.

Berna Manchester: So... Macy and her friends were bullying me on your behalf? There's so much I don't know! What happened to your dad?

Celia grits her teeth.

Celia:He left before i was born. We're not talking about him. I've been wasting my time talking when i should be killing you! So now die!

Berna Manchester:(holding her hands in front of her) Wait! Celia... you really don't have to... do this. When... Dad died, it took a lot out of me... if he hadn't died, i would've stuck up for myself. I turned to my sister and she was my solace., i slowly got my confidence back.

Celia: Nice story. (glared) But i'm not showing any mercy!

Berna Manchester:(shouted)Wait! Celia...I'm sorry about what happened to your parents... but you hang onto the event and turned evil. You can't hurt everyone like this. I hurt myself and a few others when Dad died. But i'm learning... that you have to let go. I get that you're upset... but this isn't right. And it's not just for me- it's for everyone.


Berna Manchester: Celia! You can't keep doing this! You've hurt so many people!

Celia:(growled)You can't convince me, Crasherna.

Berna broke into a sprint and stabbed her mana sword. Celia backflipped off he fountain. Berna's blade dug into the stone. Celia turned and ran into an abandoned building. Berna yanked her sword out and absorbs them back into her body. Thunder crashed from the clouds, and raindrops began pouring as Berna ran into the building. The area was dark. Berna stepped further inside. Metal groaned in the background and she faced the direction of the noise. Suddenly, Celia appeared in a flash in front of Berna causing her to yelp and stumbled back towards the doors. Her hands glowed pink and creates a mana pistol, she then aimed her pistol and shot rapidly. Celia dodged the mana lasers and swiped he scythe. The blade tore through Julie's shirt and sliced her skin. Berna screamed, dropped her pistol and clutched her bicep. Celia reeled back a fist and launched it into Berna's cheek, followed immediately by shoving her foot into Berna's stomach. Berna rocketed backwards and through the glass doors, shattering them into pieces. She tumbled down the stairs and to the ground. Berna panted heavily as a pool of blood formed under her from the deep cut on her bicep. Celia emerged from the dark building and walked down the stairs.

Celia:How pathetic. For a moment there, i actually thought you would put up a fight. (placed her foot on Berna's head) No wonder you came alone. Those Phoenix Defenders you called friends don't care at all what happens to you. They're off having fun somewhere in Goldmoor while you writhe like a worm, It was all a ruse to make you feel better. (grounded her foot into Berna's head. Berna whimpered in pain) You're all alone, Crasherna, you always were and always will be.

Celia lifted her foot off and walked away. Berna remained in her puny ball. Julie squeezed her eyes shut as tears steamed down her face. Her muscled trembled in pain.

Berna Manchester:(thinking)I wanted so badly to believe it wasn't true... I just wanted to fit in. I just wanted to find someone, anyone, who would understand me and what i've been through... but... there's no place for Crasherna... I am just a big fat failure of a person...

Gwen fell to her knees and pulled Julie into her arms.

Julie Jonas: Why did you...?

Gwen Tennyson: I will not let any harm come to you.

Tears fell down Julie's face as she began to sob. She grabbed onto Gwen, her arms around her neck, as she wept into her shoulder.

Hunter Jonas/Cursechanter: Stay with her, Hyrr. (she, Kevin, Velocity, Whirlpool, Venus, Ben, Electrisha, Sandstorm, Elastic Amigo, LightMan, Zephyr, StormWind, Beam Boy, Oz and StoneSun turned to Celia, who watched from afar) Take her down.

Gwen pulled away from the embrace. She reached up and wiped Julie's cheeks as Julie continued to cry. Maya knelt next to Julie. Julie opened her eyes and looked at Plasma Girl as she examined her body. Gwen rested both hands on her shoulders.

Gwen Tennyson: I shall now heal this wound and improve her own mood. Close up now, Stop bleeding then soon happy she'll be feeling.

Her hands glowed pink and the pink energy traveled to Julie's body, consuming it and her wounds disappeared. Julie kept her eyes on the others as they fought Celia.

Julie Jonas: (whispers) I'm sorry. I thought i could take care of this by myself.

Hyrr roughly grabbed her chin and forced Julie to look at her. She had tears pooling in her eyes.

Maya Martinez/Hyrr:(shouted; sobs)Don't ever do that again? How many times are we going to pound it into that stubborn head of yours? You matter in this world. How do you think we would have felt if we came not a moment too soon. If you die, i will never forgive you. You hear me!

Hyrr pulled Julie into a hug. Gwen stood up and disappeared from their side. Lazor threw a punch at Celia, but she flipped over him, using her scythe as a pole vault. She snagged Lazor's torso with the blade of her scythe and threw him at Kevin. Cursechanter leaped over the two, her hands glowed pink, forming a mana bo-staff and thrust it into Celia's abdomen, followed by a strike to her cheek. Celia brought up her scythe and redirected the bo staff as Cursechanter swung again and slammed her fist into Cursechanter's cheek. She shoved her foot into her chest and knocked her to the ground. Zephyr sliced a gust of wind at Celia, but Celia flipped over it and kicked Zephyr in the face. StormWind raised her hands and a lightning bolt hit the ground in front of Celia, causing her to fly back but she managed to land on her feet and start charging towards her and swing her scythe. StormWind ducked and then Electrisha shocked Celia from behind. Celia groaned but quickly recovered. Velocity ran towards Celia, only to get punched in the face. Phantom appeared from thin air behind Celia and try to punch her from behind, but Celia reacts and kicks her in the abdomen, causing her to kneel in pain.

Julie Jonas: She's too strong.

Maya Martinez/Plasma Girl:She might be but we're a lot stronger than her.

Ha! Ha! Missed me! Missed me again! Missed me! Missed me! Now you gotta kiss me!

Celia grinned sadistically.


Wait, what?!

Suddenly, Celia grabbed the sides of Saya's head and roughly kissed her.


Julie Jonas: I'm taking you back to Macy, Celia. I came here to save you and i won't fail. I can't return home knowing that you'll be like this forever.

Celia:Save your heroic speech. I'm not interested. You thought life was harsh? You thought you could escape reality by being a superhero? Just accept it, Crashlie: you're pathetic, incompetent, weak and worthless!

Julie Jonas: You and everybody in school had made my life a living nightmare. Every day, i woke up so terrified to step outside my door and into the world because i knew that you, Macy, her groupies and everyone else were waiting for me. I always believed that it was my punishment for being alive. Nearly for the past 4 years, I've heard those words. I've been nothing but a victim who refused to do anything about it. I'm sick and tired of people's lies! My name is Julianna Verdona Jonas, a member of the wealthy Jonas family, the second born and youngest daughter of Trixie Jonas and Manny Tennyson and a proud member of the Star Guardians!

Celia:Are you done yet? One more word and you'll put me to sleep.

Julie Jonas: Yes, I'm done. And so are you. Now!

Can someone go find Saya please?

We'll go find her.

I guess she really would feel like crying after that.

Even i would cry if that happened to me.

Skye Rowan:Yes, don't worry about it Saya. It's not that bad.

Saya Sato:Cut the crap.

Skye Rowan:Or maybe it's that bad, but don't worry about it.

Devanie Black: Like Skye said, don't worry about it. If it was a boy then it really doesn't count.

Now if it had been your first kiss, that would have been a tragedy! But that's certainly not the case, is it Saya? Saya?

There you are Saya! I've been looking for you everywhere. Can i sit next to you?

Saya blankly stares at her.

I'll take that as a yes. (sits down next to Say in the air vent)

Saya Sato: You can start laughing anytime now.

Mallory Black:Was that really your first kiss?

Saya Sato:Does it really matter?

Mallory Black:Of course it doesn't.

Lyn is sitting in a chair inside Berna's room, nervously tapping her feet; unfortunately, she wasn't paying attention to how much force was going into those taps, and the floor now had a small crater in it.

Kevin Levin: Wow! (Lyn turned to see Kevin, Gwen and Ben standing next to her)What did that floor do to you?

Lyn stopped her foot.

Lyn Manchester: Sorry. I'm just worried.

Gwen squatted next to her and patted her shoulder.

Gwen Tennyson: Don't worry, The doctor says that she'll wake up soon eventually.

Lyn Manchester: Thanks for that.

Gwen Tennyson: No problem. What are cousins for.

Don't you ever do that again! Do you here me? You could've been killed!


Still, don't do that again. (turns to Lyn) Look after your sister for me.

Will do.


Young Lyn Manchester: Dad... Cousin Max says that being a hero is dangerous. She says that i should be a scientist.

Manny laughed, ruffing her hair.

Manny Manchester: Don't listen to what my cousin says, Lyn. He's just worried 'bout you, that's all. i love him, but... he can be so anxious. He needs to take a chill pill sometimes. (sighs) Don't let him or anyone stop you, Firecracker.

Lyn Manchester: But what if i do fail?

Manny Manchester:(chuckles) Sometimes things go wrong and we can't do anything about it. So we just carry on and try again. Success isn't easy, y'know.

Lyn Manchester:(with a small grin)Okay. I understand, Dad.

Manny Jonas:(grinned)...Because they can help you prevail.

End Flashback


At the Wayne Mansion, 13 year old Lyn is grinning as she held out a camera and pointed it at a younger Berna. Bruce Wayne is standing next to Lyn.

Lyn Manchester: Happy Birthday, sis! Smile! (Berna did not smile. Lyn raised her brow) Come on Berna, it's your birthday! Twelve years old! Isn't that exciting?

Berna Manchester:(sighs)Yeah, Growing up. Stress. Very exciting.

Bruce Wayne:Don't be so negative! You'll be fine. Everyone's been... or will be... like this.

Berna Manchester:(grumbles)Fine. Yeah, things are gonna go great. Probably gonna flunk everything. (sighs unhappily) Lyn, why would ever think about being a hero? Max was right. Being a hero is stupid. It's for dreamers. Unlike you, i wanna be a scientist. I wanna see the real world, not some world that may never exist.

Bruce and Lyn looked at each other before looking back at Berna.

Lyn Manchester:(sighs)A-alright, Berna. If you say so.

End Flashback


Manny is outside in the backyard, with a 5 year old Berna sitting on his lap and a 6 year old Lyn sitting next to him.

Manny Manchester: You see the stars, girls?

Lyn Manchester:Yeah... We see them.

Berna Manchester:They're pretty.

Manny Manchester: Back in the day, sailors and heroes used them as guides. (puts his arm around Lyn, pulling her closer to him) These days, people use Google Maps and the Internet. But i say the stars are still one heck of a guide if you want to use them. Maybe even better you both know where to go.

Lyn Manchester:Especially when i'm a hero?

Berna Manchester: Would the stars guide me too, daddy?

Manny grinned and ruffled their hair.

Manny Manchester: Of course. The stars will always be your guide, kids. May the stars guide you. You both gonna need it.

End Flashback


10 year old Lyn is in her bedroom, talking to Manny.

Lyn Manchester: Dad, why do you want me to be a hero? Like Hercules?

Manny Manchester: Oh, Heavens no, Firecracker! Heroes aren't about saving the world and all that. Heroes come in all different shapes and forms. I think you can be a hero that inspires people and teach them about whatever is right and wrong. That's heroism. I think you can do that. Be much better than me. Do it for me, Berna, your mom and everybody around you. It's in your blood, because you're a Tennyson!

Lyn Manchester: Really, Dad? Like Max, Cousin Ben and Gwen?

Manny Manchester: Really, Lyn. I believe in you. Julie and your mom believe in you. The Tennyson family believe in you.

End Flashback


Berna Manchester: Mom, why did Dad lie to me?

Beatrix Manchester: Dad didn't lie, sweetheart. He... just wanted to encourage you and your sister... especially after what's happened to himself.

Lyn enters the room.

Lyn Manchester: What happened?

Beatrix Manchester: Nothing, sweetie. Now, off you two go, to school.

Berna Manchester: But people bully me!

Lyn Manchester: Just ignore them, sis. You'll be fine, i promise.

Berna Manchester:(sarcastically)Yeah. Of course i will.

End Flashback


Berna Manchester: Dad, why are you acting so weird today?

Manny Manchester: No reason in particular, Berna.

Berna Manchester: It's Halloween! There's lots of candy and stuff!

Manny Manchester: It must be the candy, then. That's what you're seeing.

Berna Manchester: Oh... okay. I love you, Dad.

Manny Manchester: I... I love you too, Spark.

End Flashback


Manny and 11 year old Berna are inside car in a highway, stopping at a red light. It was raining outside.

Manny Manchester: So, Berna!

Berna Manchester: Y-yeah! Uh, some weather, right?

Manny Manchester: You bet, Spark! Anyways, i like any fudge-except tofu. That stuff is fake. You know your boyfriend Aeolus?

Berna Manchester : Dad! We're just friends!

Manny Manchester: Okay fine! Well, tell him to drop the tofu and get the real stuff, because it's obvious that he'll never become what he wants when he grows up... I mean, look at me! I ate fudge and now i met the girl of my dreams! And I have the perfect family!

Suddenly a car came ramming into the passenger side

Berna Manchester: D-Dad.

Manny Manchester: I'm glad you're okay.

Berna Manchester: Dad, stay awake!

Manny Manchester: I don't think i'm going to make it, Berna.

Berna Manchester:You have to, dad!

Manny Manchester: I, your sister and your mom... very much...

Berna Manchester:(screams)DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

End Flashback


Hunter Jonas: Julie, you're okay! (wrapped her in a hug)

Julie Jonas:(gasps)Hunter!(gasps) Air! (gasps)

Hunter Jonas:(quickly released Julie)Sorry.

I'm sorry. I knew what Celia wanted to do. I knew her intentions...but i failed to protect you. I thought i lost you. I'm afraid...that if i let you out of my sight or if i let you go, I'll never see you again.

Julie Jonas: How long i've been unconscious?

Hunter Jonas: For about seven weeks.

Julie gasped; her eyes widened in horror.

Julie Jonas: Celia! Is she-

Hunter Jonas: (solemnly) I'm sorry Jules...She's...She's gone.

Julie Jonas: You mean...

Hunter Jonas: Yes.

Julie Jonas: So... Celia's dead? I... don't know to react to that. I felt responsible for Celia's death. I could've saved her if i have tried harder.

Hunter Jonas: No one does Julie, No one does. At least you tried your best.

Julie Jonas: What happened while i was unconscious?

Hunter Jonas: Two days, after you were in a coma, The news of Celia's passing had disturbed everyone at school.The lie was that she had a mental disorder, ran away from home and starved herself to death, somehow losing her body in the process. Celia's aunt, who practically raised her, had mentioned that Celia had disappeared for a month or two, and before that she was acting a bit strange. But now she was gone. Only me, the others, Macy, her gang, and you knew the truth. And none of us wanted to tell. The police still wanted to investigate. They'd asked everyone a few questions, especially me, the others and Macy's gang. Macy and her gang had been having therapy. Even though they've been bullying you for so long, I couldn't help but feel bad for them. Me and the others had therapy. It's not fun.

Trixie was at the sink, washing the dishes. She seemed relaxed. Julie cleared her throat making Trixe turned towards them.

Julie Jonas: Hey mom. (fiddles her fingers) Um...before Celia .... died... she said something about Dad... that there was something me and Hunter didn't know about him, and... he killed her mom on purpose. She... said that he was a bad guy.

Trixie Jonas: I... well... that's true, Julie. There... are things your father didn't tell you girls. But he didn't want you both to know. Not until you were older, anyway.

Julie Jonas: We're older now! Was Dad a bad person or not?

Trixie Jonas: Um... er...well...I... he was... I guess you could call it 'a bad person'. But now when you girls were around! He wasn't bad around us! Never!

Hunter Jonas: Mom... Just tell us. We've gotta know.

Trixie Jonas:(sighs deeply) Your father was a criminal. He's been to jail...and he didn't want you girls to be like him. He wanted you two to be happy. That's why... we kept it hidden. I... think that at your school, the knowledge of your father's criminal activity spread... and that's why Julie has been bullied. Over time, it became about her being involved in that car crash. I'm surprised that nobody bullied you, Hunter.

Hunter Jonas: But... Did Dad intentionally... get into that car crash with Celia's mom?

Trixie Jonas: No, But he and Celia's mom had... a rough history. They had a big fight on Halloween, which is why your dad hates it. But it's only a coincidence they crashed into each other. Same with Julie. Before I met him, he was in a relationship with Celia's mother. They first met in juvie. Your father was in love with her but Celia's mother had never cared about him. He had only found out about Celia about 2 years before his death and had tried countless times contacted her but Celia's mother violently confronted him and threatene

But Celia told me dad abandoned her.

He had never abandoned her. Celia's mother kicked him out before he had ever met Celia. On Halloween night, 2 months before his death, Celia's mother came to our doorstep and demand child support money.


Hunter and Julie looked away, refusing to look at their mother.

Julie Jonas: I remember that day like the back of my hand. Dad and i were driving to a grocery store, and turned at a light. Then... this car came out of nowhere. There was a lot of darkness... then i woke up in a hospital. I didn't want to look at myself. It was too horrible. And i didn't realize Dad was gone... and when i did... I don't want to remember that, either. It hurts more than getting bullied.

Is that Berna?

Hi Berna!

Berna Manchester:Um hi.

Hey, um... we just wanted to say that we're deeply sorry about what we did to you for the past four years.

Yeah, we're really sorry.

Berna Manchester:It's okay. I'll gladly accept your apology. Hopefully I can start a new fresh start with everyone at the academy.

Skye Rowan: Wow, Berna! How do you feel?

Berna Manchester: Great so far! Everyone seems to be accepting me!

Skye Rowan: Probably because while you were on a coma, Lyn had surprisingly opened everybody's eyes just to show them how much of a nice person who are.

Berna laughed.

Berna Manchester:Yeah, I really owe her one

Weston: what do you want?

Julie Jonas: I need to talk to you guys, about Celia.

Groupie#3: Celia?

Julie Jonas: Yeah, I'm sorry. I could've saved her. But i didn't because... I'm sorry. You guys must hate me.

Macy Connors: Sorta. Celia told me and the others that after she confronted you about the whole mustard incident, she was encountered by these three witches named Zatavia, Thalia and Serena who took her in as an apprentice. She said that you were a menace in her life. She was always saying that to us. She said that once you were dead, your sister would be vulnerable and she would be next. She didn't say she was going to die.

Groupie#2:We were used to her being a little angry, but even we were concerned when she started acting differently. She was 'showing her true colors'. She was getting excited and evil and a whole lot of things. When she told us about her plan to kill you and your sister so she could avenge her mother's death, we doubted her plan then she got furious and that's the last time we heard and seen from her.

Julie Jonas: I'm sorry...

Macy Connors: No. We deserve it after everything we've done. We didn't even expect you to sit with us. We thought you would chew us out... You have every reason to, after all. looks at Julie Why are you here? Why are you talking to us? We've been absolute monsters to you since you were 11. How can you be so nice to us despite everything we've put you through?

Julie Jonas: Don't say something that isn't true. I've been learning to be stronger. The past still hurts and sometimes my thoughts take a turn for the dark side, but at the base of it all, who i've become and what i stand for act as my crutches, and my loved ones help to hold them up.

Macy Connors: You've changed a lot since we've known you.

Julie Jonas: So have you guys.

Weston:You're not so bad. Honestly, Celia was a little...Unpredictable.

Groupie#2:She wasn't the greatest person.

Macy Connors: We know she was resentful about her mom, but... It wasn't right to torment you for something that's not even your fault. If there's something that therapy taught us, it's that...

Groupie#3:We're sorry, Julie. We were just a group of jerks working for a really messed up girl.

Julie Jonas:(genuinely)It's okay. It was hard for me to be mad at you guys. You're not really a group of terrible people. You all were just trying to be a supportive friend to Celia. Now that i though about it, you were right. Celia really wasn't the best person. Didn't mean she deserved to die. I mean, i could sympathize with her in some places. We'd both lived a similar tragedy but have different reactions. Me, my mom, my dad's family and my sister had shut down. Celia became cruel and hateful. Neither was worse. We'd both suffered. And we both dealt with weird events. It had done wonders for me but definitely not for her. Life is funny like that. Everything and everyone's different. No one's perfect and it doesn't matter what you've been through. We're all in this. So why reject it?(smiles) Hey, My sister and i are going out for some smoothies and chili fries with our cousins Ben, Gwen and Lucy after school, and i think it'd be fun if you guys came along.



Groupie#3:Sounds good.

Macy Connors:We would like that a lot.

The bell rang, signaling the end of lunch.

Julie Jonas: I'll see you guys later.

Macy and the groupies nodded and turned to walk away. They paused and glanced over their shoulders.

Macy and the groupies:See you after school.

Voice Cast

Natalie Palamides- Younger Hunter Jonas

Elizabeth Gillies- Hunter Jonas

Ariel Winter- Julie Jonas

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