The Big Bang Theory Movie is the live-action film of the CBS television show, The Big Bang Theory. The movie, Alongside FROZEN, Is the most famous adult movie of the century, And the film was the hit. The film will appear on The Springville Movie Theater, And in ROJAN theaters. The film was also the first that The Big Bang Theory related types, That first features Howard's mother for the first time in person. Toys will also be at Burger King for this film.

The film is about how Sheldon has a big break, Where if he creates the best scientific experiment by the next day, He will become the most successful scientist of all time, Surpassing Albert Einstein. However, Sheldon lays down on this cloning machine, After all the hard work he was doing, He decides to take a nap, But by the time he woke up, He saw the guys come, To help Sheldon with the experiment, Sheldon was confused that how a clone of him didn't appear at all. But as the team leaves, The clone appears, And tries to track down the team, And traps the team in the new Time Machine they created, And set them to 14,000,000 years ago, Where The Big Bang Theory took place at. Evil Sheldon was trying to destroy The Time Machine so they could be trapped their. They decide to team up to get out of their.


  • Jim Parsons As Sheldon Cooper & Evil Sheldon Cooper
  • Johnny Galecki As Leonard Hofstadter & Evil Leonard Hofstadter
  • Kaley Cuoco As Penny Hofstadter & Evil cigar-smoking Penny Hofstadter
  • Kunal Nayyar As Rajesh Koothrappali & Evil Rajesh Koothrappali
  • Simon Helberg As Howard Wolowitz
  • Mayim Bialick As Amy Farrah Fowler & Evil Amy Farrah Fowler
  • Melissa Rauch As Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz
  • Carol Ann Susi As Mrs. Debbie Wolowitz
  • Toby Turner As Kevin Cooper
  • Tom Morello As The Time' Machine


The story starts off at Sheldon's Dream taking place at the apartment. Sheldon in the dream wakes up, And began calling Leonard to see what the scientist was up to. But then as Sheldon was knocking on the door trying to call Leonard, Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead comes, And tells him that Zombies are lurking in the door, And Sheldon simply replies, "That it is impossible, Leonard, And I were just going to work on The Time Machine that we were doing for The 2013 National Science Convention"

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