The Big is a supernatural comedy horror film


a double person who real of Mariana. Hanna was who is the real Mariana


  • TBS as Mariana/Mariana double
  • TBA as Hanna
  • TBA as Carl
  • Barbara Crampton as Nicka
  • TBA as Karla
  • TBA as Naniel


  • Carl-Mariana double turn into Carl and infected her with poison
  • Nicka-Mariana double hold a axe and make her laugh and bashed Nicka head
  • Karla-Mariana double burned Karla alive
  • Naniel-in the ending she poison by Mariana double
  • Mariana double- Mariana and Hanna open the acid black hole and pushes Mariana double in it


  • Hanna
  • Mariana


not Rated for Bloody Contest, Gore Violence and Strong Violence



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