The flim begans with a dark spere revoling around in darkness and then its suddenly filled with land, water and sunlight. There's a garden with a huge glowing tree in the middle. Suddenly the dust turns into a man. The man walks to three where he mets God who names him Adam and tells him not to eat none of the fruit from the Tree of Life.

Cast in order of story

Adam-Alexander Ludwig

Eve-Trioan Bellesaro

Abel-Chris Colefer

Samson-Joe Pesci


Cain-Alex Pettyfer

Noah-Neil Patrick Harris

Shem-Stearling Beau

Japheth-Drew Van Acker

Ham-Jack Quaid  

Emzarah-Lucy Hale

Abram/Aberham-Shiloh Fetnandaz

Sarai/Sarah-Jane Levy

Lot-Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Isaac-Max Theroit

Hagar-Jessica Lucas

Ishmael-Erik Kudsen

King Melchizedek-Adam Rodriguez

Rebekah-Brianna Evigan

Esau-Max Burkholder

Jacob-Nico Tortellea

Laban-Milo Ventamilga

Teger-Kevin Bacon

Rachel-Janel Parrish

Leah-Isabell Furhman

Joseph-Jonah Hill

Reubon-Channing Tatum

Simon-Matt Bomer

Levi-Rory Culklin

Benjamanin-Sean William Scott

Pharaoh-Lou Taylor Pucci

Tamara-Rummer Wills

Billah-Kayndice McCulre

Ziplah-Sasha Petersie

Seth-Christian Hall

Moses-Jessie Moss

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