The Beaumont Cliff is a 2010 American Drama film written by David Bourla and directed by Alex Proyas starring Aaron Eckhart, Gabriel Macht, Emma Stone, Joel Kinnaman, Garrett Hedlund, Donald Glover, Liam McIntyre, Dylan Riley Snyder, Adelaide Clemens, Robbie Amell, Georgie Henley, Tyrese Gibson, Luke Benward, Mateo Arias, Donald Sutherland and Michael Caine.

The film follows a group of youths who get caught up in the death of a paedophile who has sexually abused several of the youths and what follows as some of the youths face up to what has happened and others cause further more problems for themselves.

The film is presented as "found footage" filmed from the perspective of one of the youth characters cam-corder.

The film was released theatrically on September 14th, 2010 and was met with great critical response, first premiering at the Tribeca film festival and winning an Emmy For Best Screenplay, An Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay as well as an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actor: Donald Sutherland and winning Two Emmy Awards; The first for Best Supporting Actor Donald Sutherland and Best Original Screenplay.


Adam Marcross (Joel Kinnaman) is the son of a workaholic businessman father Robert (Aaron Eckhart) and the protective, loving older brother to the 16 year old straight A middle school brother Max (Dylan Riley Snyder), drug addict 17 year old brother Tony (Luke Benward) and ADHD aggressive compulsive 22 year old brother Alex (Liam McIntyre).

Adam learns that Max and Tony have been sexually assaulted by local teacher Allan Cauff (Donald Sutherland) who has also sexually assaulted Adam's girlfriend Amie Watts' (Emma Stone) 17 year old sister Amanda (Georgie Henley), his bestfriend Derek Mills' (Garrett Hedlund) 17 year old brother Julian (Mateo Arias), friend Nimble Samuels' (Robbie Amell) 19 year old sister Katelyn (Adelaide Clemens) and fellow painter friend Manson Churn's (Tyrese Gibson) 18 year old brother Lachlan (Donald Glover).

The film is captured through Max's camcorder and a horrifying sequence occurs in the film in which Adam and Derek confront Mr. Cauff at his home and attempt to threaten him about going to the police and find themselves to be attacked and threatened at gun point by Cauff who then proceeds to make them perform fellatio upon him at which point the outside Manson who was recording flees which cuts off the gruesome sexual acts to occur.

He goes the police but seeing as he failed to capture the acts itself on film and that none of the others including Adam and Derek will coroborate his story the police dismiss Manson.

Adam tells Manson that they are ashamed and that none of their siblings should have to get up in court and tell a room full of people what he did to them.

He tells they will take matters into their hands.

They call in as the police and summon him to the Beaumont high cliff with all the others and Adam, Derek, Amie, Nimball, Alex and Manson point guns at Cauff and after Alex engages him in a fight and the others join in to stop it things get out of hand and Cauff spirals off to his gruesome death on the rocks below.

They then conceal what happened and swear to not go to the authorities and keep what happened a complete secret.

However a hotshot detective Inspector Carmine Mills (Gabriel Macht) with a partner filming their little assignment of discovering Allan Cauff's killer comes to learn his brothers were involved in the killing and the whole shocking truth as does the parents of the rest of the youths involved.

Carmine decides to not bring forth what his brothers did despite his partner planning to go ahead with exposing the truth when in a shocking turn when Grandfather Jack Macross (Michael Caine) comes forward and claiming he murdered Allan Cauff.


  • Aaron Eckhart as Robert Marcross
  • Gabriel Macht as Inspector Carmine Mills
  • Joel Kinnaman as Adam Marcross
  • Emma Stone as Amie Watts
  • Garrett Hedlund as Derek Mills
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