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The Beak Street Mob is a British animated television series produced by Charles Hill Films for London Weekend Television. The show originally ran from 14 September 1991 to 7 Decemeber 1991 on the ITV network.


A gang of feathered friends have an odd adventure.

Main Characters

  • Hoot the Owl (voiced by James Herbert)
  • Whizz (voiced by Neil Buchanan)
  • Robbo (voiced by Martin Jarvis)
  • Charlotte (voiced by Ruby Wax)
  • Narrator (voiced by Martin Jarvis)


  • The List of The Beak Street Mob episodes


  • Voices: Martin Jarvis, Neil Buchanan, Richard Waites, Ruby Wax, Bruce Thompson, James Herbert, Nigel Cross, Amanda Root
  • Written by Bruce Thompson, Peter Michaelson, James Herbert
  • Original Music by Dave Roylance
  • Design: Brian Cosgrove, Jon Doyle, Paul Harrison, Margaret Riley, Mark Stacey, Mike Whaite
  • Storyboard: Jon Doyle, Jez Hall, Andy Roper, Paul Salmon, Stephen Simpson
  • Layout: Chris Randall, Margaret Riley, Paul Salmon, Vincent James, Dan Whitworth, Ed Williams, Andy Roper
  • Animation: Rosemary Welch, Roy Jackson, Rich Cox, Gillian Holton, Reg Lodge, Patsy Simmonds, Dick Horne, Patrick Savage, Andrew Smith, Janet Nunn, Mike Williams, Sarah Vincent, Malcolm Bourne
  • Backgrounds: David Scutt
  • Special Effects: Alexy Allen
  • Camera: Wayne Alexander, Nick Summers, Les Hall, Tony Green
  • Painting: Dee Lodge, Alina Bailey, Peter Knight, Ceri Griffen, Pat Petronio, Greer Eve, Corina Poore, Shaun Sewter, Lucy Owen, Deborah Thaine
  • Supervised by Alice Clayton
  • Xerox: Brian Scoble
  • Animation Line Test: Trevor Biggs
  • Production Controller: Bob Burrows
  • Film Editors: John McManus, Zyggy Markiewicz, Nigel Rutter, Patrick Haggerty
  • Assistant Editors: Bob Ashton, Lincoln Anderson, Hilary Wyatt, Jane Hicks
  • Dubbing Mixer: Tim Cavagin
  • Associate Producer: Chris Michaelson
  • Animation Director: Barry Parker
  • Produced by Barry Charles and Michael Hill
  • Executive Producer: John Hathcock
  • Directed by Chris Randall