The Batman Strikes is 2018 superhero film.


Alfred Pennyworth woke Bruce Wayne from his nightmare on his parents being murdered in the alleyway. It was revealed that Wayne developed a costume identity to keep Gotham City called Batman.

Carmine Falcone invited Wayne to the wedding of his nephew. Wayne knew that as member of a bank, Falcone hoped to persaude him into business with him. But Wayne wasn't afraid to say no to Falcone's. It was because when Luigi Maroni shot Falcone as a teenager, Dr. Thomas Wayne did surgery on him. At his parents' fuelneral, Falcone told Bruce that he if he ever needed anything, let him know.

After an intense discussion with Falcone in his office at the wedding, Wayne meets Selina Kyle. Detective Sergeant Ethan Bennett and Officer Jake Myrell weren't invited, but he went anyway. Bennett was out in the parking lot, jotting down license plates in his continuing effort to bring down Falcone.

Batman later broke into Falcone's penthouse and takes a diary containing enough evidence to put Falcone behind bars. Catwoman tried to take the diary with her but she ends up taking Batman's belt. Batman gave the diary to Commissioner James Gordon as evidence.

Falcone meets with Penguin at the docks to sell him a shipment. But Catwoman interfered with the operation. So Falcone has Bane attack her. Batman saved Catwoman and got his belt back.

Bane killed Falcone. Batman managed to defeat Bane by using The Bat Bot. Later, Gordon made Batman an ally of The G.P.D. much to Chief Rojas' dismay. Benett gives Batman a poker card left behind by Joker at a bank.

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