The Batman Strikes is a 2015 superhero action film and a sequel to the 2013 film The Batman Rises. It is a loose remake of the 1949 serial Batman & Robin starring Eric Bana, Geoffrey Rush, Bryan Cranston, and Zhang Ziyi.


Two bombs go off at seperate points in Gotham City. Shortly afterwards, the bomber makes a call to the Gotham City Police Department, calling himself 'Hush,' and tells them that he will make Gotham lose control before hanging up. They are unable to trace the call. Commissioner James Gordon speaks to Batman, who decides to investigate.

Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter ego, learns that his old childhood friend, Dr. Thomas Elliot, has returned to Gotham. bruce is overjoyed and holds a party in Elliot's honour at his mansion. It is here that he is introduced to Detective Ellen Yin, a new member of the Gotham Police Force who is assigned to the Hush case. Bruce and Ellen begin to develop feelings for each other.

That night, Gordon's predecessor, Gillian B. Loeb, is assassinated, as is Judge Janet Surillo. Meanwhile, Wayne Enterprises employee Lucius Fox is confronted by his colleague Coleman Reese, who believes he has figured out Batman's identity. He appears on a talk show, offering to keep Batman's identity a secret in return for ten million dollars. Suddenly, Hush calls the show and informs the audience that if Reese is not dead in an hour, he blow up a hospital. As Reese is being transported by Gordon when Gordon remembers that the driver's wife is currently in the hospital. The driver admits that she is and turns to kill Reese, just as Bruce, who has figured out what is going on, crashes into the car, saving Reese's life. Gordon lightly teases Bruce for his speeding while all hospitals are evacuated. Hush then blows up Gotham General.

Rush then launches a series of cyber-attacks against the banks in which the mob launder their money. Hush contacts the mob and offers them a partnership, and then kills a gangster named Gambol who does not agree with the deal. Hush also launches an attack on the stock exchange and tries to assassinate the mayor. 

Hush makes his final play; he rigs two ferries with explosives. One carries civilains and the other carries prison inmates. He gives each set of passengers the chance to blow each other up before midnight, or else he will blow them both up himself. 

Batman uses a city-wide tracking device to locate Hush at a construction site by the docks and goes to confront him. Hush sends rottweilers after Batman but the hero fights them off and then battles the masked villain. In the struggle, Batman rips the mask off and is horrified to find the true identity of Hush; Elliot. Elliot gives Batman a final cryptic message before commiting suicide by jumping to his death. Batman collapses in grief as the passengers on both ships decide not to detonate the bombs and are saved.

A broken Bruce returns home and finds Ellen waiting for him; they spend the night together. The next morning, Bruce finally reveals his true identity and tells her that he has decided to retire following the recent events. Ellen begins to mock him and reveals that she already knew his idenetity; she then drops a bombshell. She is in fact Talia Al Ghul, the daughter Ra's Al Ghul, the head of the League of Shadows. Suddenly she stabs him in the back and reveals her plan to plant bombs in the Batcave and destroy it along with Wayne Manor to take revenge for her father's death. She also reveals that Elliot was in on the entire plan, but she was the true mastermind.

Bruce ultimately perseveres and follows Talia into the Batcave. As he wrestles with her, she manages to detonate the first bomb and they both fall into the water and are washed away. In the confusion, Bruce is flushed out of a drain while Talia is swept away into the ocean. Afterwards Alfred rescues Bruce.

The film ends sometime later with Bruce back as Batman, Gotham's dark knight.


Eric Bana - Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Geoffrey Rush - Alfred Pennyworth

Bryan Cranston - Commissioner James Gordon

Billy Dee Williams - Lucius Fox

Zhang Ziyi - Detective Ellen Yin/Talia Al Ghul

Michael C. Hall - Dr. Thomas Elliot/Hush

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